iPhone 5 Launch and Apple September 12 Event: What to Expect?

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Apple used to hold all the news to the last moments of any new release. It may be a certain policy and marketing strategy. But in the down side, this creates an atmosphere of rumors and anticipations.

Whatever its critics would say, Apple has changed the way we entertain and the way we connect each other by producing iPhones, iPods and iPads. That's why every year its fan curiously and anxiously wait for the next version of the favorite Apple device.

Year 2012 is expected to witness some of the most awaited gadgets in the history like Apple iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5G, iPod Nano 8G, iPad Mini and may be iPad 4.

Apple iPhone 5 is the crown jewel, world most anticipated smartphone without doubt. When apple first produced this smartphone, it rapidly developed over a few years, and therefore apple was able to attract more royal users.

Whether you are carrying iPhone 4/4s or you are using android and want to switch to Apple devices, then you must be keen to learn more about what new Apple iPhone 5 is bringing with it, especially now when it has a solid competitor in the form of Samsung Galaxy S3. Lets checkout what to expect from Apple iPhone 5 Launch and September 12 Event?
iPhone 5 Launch and Apple September 12 Event: iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPad 4, iPod Touch 5G, iPod Nano 8G

iPhone 5 Launch on Apple September 12 Event

Teardrop Design
Being a handheld device means lesser weight and slimmer devices will always better. This is what we can expect for the fifth generation: slimmer and lighter as well. What assures this expectation is the teardrop design. Additionally, some anticipations claim that an aluminum plate will replace the glass backing.

Larger Display Screen Finally
It is highly predicted that the new screen will enjoy more privacy than the previous version, as it will be a curved glass; this is better when opening the device in public places. Also all users are caring about the size; the coming screen will be 4" which means wider screen and more comfortable watching experience. With OLED screens, the integrated Quantum Dot LED system is an added advantage that uses less power and gives high quality at the same time.

Powerful Processor
The majority of Apple competitors upgraded their devices to have the dual-core processor. So, logically Apple needs to do the same to stay in the race. LG Optimus 2X was the first to use the dual core since 2011. And recently, Samsung and HTC are working hard to produce devices that integrate and apply the quad-core processor. So, in all likelihoods, Apple will release the new iPhone with dual core like iPhone 4s, but with larger chip of 1GHZ, it may open the door for the quad-core processor.

It is true that a powerful processor is always better for any devices. Higher processor gives the device the capability to do more tasks and withstand more duties. The chances are more applications and programs can run smoothly. The processor also affects the screen resolution. For more capable processor, the device can enjoy better screen resolution.

Improved New Camera
Apple faces a real tough competition and to stand out from the crowd, it should produce a device that has at least an 8MP camera, not a 5 MP camera. This expectation arises when knowing that Apple is corporate with Sony. Therefore, the new camera may enjoy superior quality; as we know about Sony products generally. Some anticipation also assures that the new camera will has 1080p video recording and LED flash. All these features enable HD video footage in 1080p shooting experience and a bigger aperture to pick more light per pixel. This enhances the brightness and sharpness of the photos. The device will come with advanced multimedia tools like wireless streaming to support digital TVs and supporting more video formats.

4G Network
Although many Apple rivals already applied the 4G capable network, a lot of experts agree that Apple will not apply this technology for the coming generation which will put Apple a step back.

The iCloud
iCloud service is very useful for wonderful wireless access to music experience. iPhone 5 will enjoy this service along with the iTunes one. It is an amazing remote serving that enable users to save all their digital data like photos, videos, music, apps, documents, without consuming the physical memory of the device.

All what we have mentioned are just expectations and anticipations. We all should know that the exact features of iPhone 5 are waiting until the device hit the market.
iPhone 5 Launch and Apple September 12 Event: iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPad 4, iPod Touch 5G, iPod Nano 8G
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