Apple iPhone 5 new Features, Price in USA and Release Date

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Lets preview the Features and USA Price of the Apple's new iPhone 5, the most hyped and talked about smartphone of 2012.

You can tell something great by the amount of hype and publicity it is able to generate even before it gets the full official glare of the public; this is what perfectly describes new iPhone 5 from Apple store.

Apple iPhone 5, the kind of features that this one of a kind phone is thought to come with seem to be the epitome of its widespread hype and it is thought to be the only phone that will change the way smart phones operate.

Apple iPhone 5 new Features and Specs

One of its most outstanding features that would make it stand out is the much talked about A5 processor. AS apple had essentially introduced dual core in Apple iPad 2 it would be a perfect guess that iPhone 5 would come with this kind of processor. Apple is thought to want to do away with the home button thus would be highly fabulous to see new iPhone 5 coming with a more gestured interface. The dual core processor would also perfectly fit with a more increased RAM space thus bring into the picture a 1GB RAM rather than the normal 512MB.

Apple iPhone 5 new Features, Price in USA and Release Date

What is thought to make it different from iPhone 4 is its metallic body coming with no square curves but mainly adapting the exquisite curved edges. Having a larger display area of up to 4 inches would also make it defy all the other smart phones. Apple having bought 300 glass cutting machines it is thought that iPhone 5 would come with 4 Inches Glass Display thus making it to stand out from the rest of the competition.

Good quality pictures are what many people are usually known to look for in any smart phones and that is what is thought to be the driving force in apple ensuring iphone5 comes with a 8MP Camera with a dual flash on the rear. This would be highly useful in taking high resolution pictures even on the lowest amount of lights. Being highly fire proof is another ecstatic future that this top of technology smartphone is essentially known to come with and the material that is widely thought to make this come true is the halogen-free flame retardant.

A wide variety of swift applications are some of the main features that perfectly describe smart phones and the new iPhone 5 would essentially be no exception. It is also rumored that Apple iPhone 5 would come with SIRI voice recognition system that was also launched in iphone 4. Having SIRI API will essentially make it stand out especially with application developers who would be able to produce apps to use with the SIRI software’s. This would also be beneficial to people who would love to control games and be able to trade stocks just at the sound of their voices, control of home automated systems is also thought to be a possibility with these voice recognition system.

Unique security features are also thought to be some of the traits that would make iPhone 5 stands out, this new design of smart phone is thought to come with a Face and Gesture Recognition security feature that would essentially make it stand out. With these you would need not to worry about people stealing it as they would not be able to log into it. 4G LTE networks are another lovely feature that one would be able to enjoy especially with the high speed data access if it does come true with latest iPhone 5.

Increased Internal memory is what many people have been crying about and it is widely rumored that iPhone 5 would come with a memory capacity of up to 32GB. Longer life battery of up to 14 hours talk time is also thought to be guaranteed. High quality sounds would also be certain especially with the installation of the HD audio. Shatter Resistant and Scratch Resistant screen would essentially make this one of a kind smart phone maintain its sparkling nature for a long time.

Apple iPhone 5 new Features, Price in USA and Release Date

New iPhone 5 Price in USA

What will be iPhone 5 Cost in USA? well an abevious question. The answer is, sources from a well reputed Apple US retail chain have indicated that Apple has directed them for same new iPhone 5 price plane, equal to that what of the iPhone 4S costs offerings. Here under is new iPhone 5 price codes matrix:
  • N42A-USA : $199
  • N42B-USA : $199
  • N42A-USA : $299
  • N42B-USA : $299
  • N42A : USA-$399
  • N42B-USA : $399
Please note that code N42 is retail version of the Apple's iPhone 5 device in the chain. While A and B after N42 in the code, indicate the new iPhone 5 colors, white and black respectively.

iPhone 5 Release Date in USA

Apple iPhone 5 will be revealed at Apple's September 12 press conference located in the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, California. Later the iPhone 5 is expected to be available to consumers at store around 21 September, with estimated sale around 10 million with first month.

So, the waiting games have started and speculation will even get riper on which kind of features iPhone 5 would come with. It is just a matter time before Apple role outs iPhone 5 into the market.
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  1. iPhone5 seems to be very much cost effective with lots of nice features. It's a great revolution in terms of technology. Thanks for sharing this informative post.


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