Apple iPhone 5 Review of Features, Specs and Price

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After the worlds most talked about smartphone, new iPhone 5 has been successfully launched by Apple, now its high time for Apple iPhone 5 Review for the Features ans Specs offered on September 12, 2012.

Apple new iPhone 5 enjoys many boons and features not only over iPhone 4S, but also over other competitors smart phones that may exist in the mobile market today.

Alongside many new iPhone 5 Features, it has been assured that the new iPhone 5 device is redesigned so that it can be stand out from the crowd. But there are few iPhone 5 new features that you should particularly know.

If you are looking for the right Apple iPhone 5 review of features and specs, just keep reading the following review. As an Apple fan, you must be happy!
Apple iPhone 5 Review of Features, Specs and Price

iPhone 5 Review of Features and Specs

Design and Display Screen
The new iPhone 5 will enjoy the overall look of the previous version but with radical changes such as the longer length so that it can accommodate the 4 inch display. Obviously, the silver border will not exist. Generally, the new design promises the user with lighter, thinner, and easy-to-hold mobile. The finish of two-tone anodized aluminum guarantees all these exceptional specifications.

Regarding the connector it is small and for speakers' grills, they are better. Let’s face the fact, all these changes are great, however those who already carrying iPhone were dreaming of more exciting look. Anyway, the new outward look is fantastic can be admired with a ton of people. The new design will be thinner and less weight. These features make the mobile really beautiful and deserve your money.

For more details, the length is 90.3 mm and the width is 50.9 mm. The 4 inch screen gives more comfortable watching experience. The screen is with higher resolution of 640 x 1136 pixels. You will find wider screen. The LED- backlit IPS TFT and the 16M colors make the display screen more powerful.

Processor and Storage Capacity
As expected, the latest iPhone 5 will allow users to store more media whether on its internal memory or on the external memory card. Both of them will be extended. If compared to the iPhone 4, the new edition will support double storage capacity of 1BG. The processor will be 1.2 GHz quad core. iPhone 5 will run the iOS 6.

Camera and Capturing Video
If you one of those who fond of capturing videos and photos, here are some great news. The front camera will feature HD with 16:9 aspect ratios, LED flash, 12 MP. It is said that the lens will be exchangeable type. The Wi-Fi and 3G/4G will enable you to capture videos and photos professionally.

Dock Connector
The size of the dock connector will be less to permit the headphone jack (3.5 mm) on the iPhone bottom. The Nano sim cards are supported and the dock connector is 19 pin. The available Bluetooth is A2DP+ v4.0.

Other iPhone 5 Features and Enhancements
Apple faces a real competition, and they need to release a device that can stand out from the crowd. It should be unique and exceptional in terms of the look, design, functionality, price and so on. iPhone 5 will enjoy several utilities and boons that make current customers and prospects want to buy the new edition.

Let’s mention some of the additional features and characteristics. Some dictation and natural language options are predicted that facilitate the text writing and message connections.

The availability of iCloud proves that the device will be up-to-date, because cloud computing service is the latest technology nowadays. Social network lovers can use Twitter and Facebook easily.

Other advanced apps are supported such as different browsers, PDF reader, TV-out, iBooks, iMaps, and etc.Video fans can expect a lot of improvements although it will be 1080p but the stabilization will be better.

For video call and front camera the situation is improved and the front camera will be 720 p.

New iPhone 5 Features, Specs and Price Chart

Here under is an excellent chart showing detailed Apple new iPhone 5 Features, Specs and Price plans. Please also check out Apple iPhone 5 vs 4S vs 4 features and specifications comparison.
Apple iPhone 5 Review of Features, Specs and Price
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