WWDC 2012: iOS 6, iPhone 5, Macbook Pro, Apple TV, OS X Mountain Lion

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WWDC 2012: iOS 6, iPhone 5, Macbook Pro, Apple TV, OS X Mountain Lion

WWDC 2012 scheduled on June 11 to 15, 2012 at Moscone West, San Francisco, is hosting a number of important product announcement by Apple, including iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5th generation, iPad Mini, Apple iOS6, new Macbook Pro 2012 laptops, new Apple TV and Apple Mac OS X Mountain Lion along with other announcements.

All the WWDC 2012 tickets, priced at $1599 each, were sold out within hours. This gives us a clue how much world is excited to know what’s new in the Apple’s product basket.

On WWDC 2011, previous year, keynotes were delivered by late Steve Jobs unveiling Apple Mac OS X and iOS 5 along with cloud service, iCloud. . This year, on WWDC 2012, Apple would be go first time without Steve Jobs charisma, so rumors have been making rounds higher than average.

Let’s see, speculate and analyze what Tim Cooke may deliver to Apple fans, when he will take the stage:

What is WWDC?

WWDC is a acronym for Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, a convention held by Apple to get in touch with developers and showcase its new products.

iPhone 5 the new iPhone 2012

The new iPhone 5 release date is unlikely to be expected before September or October 2012, but if Apple is going to increase the screen display size of the next iPhone to to 4 inches, Apple will give developers some clue for the new iPhone 5 application development. You can checkout new iPhone 5 2012 Release Date.

5th Generation iPod Touch 5G

iPod Touch 5G release dependson Apple iPhone 5 release date because these products share some underlying technological structure and framework. After iPhone 4S, Apple is working on hard on both iPod Touch 5 and iPhone 5 with few prototypes already leaked. Please checkout next iPod Touch 5G Release Date and Features.

2012 MacBook Pro Slimmer with Retina Display, Ivy Bridge and USB 3.0

Retina Displays is one of the most inciting hardware updates on MacBook Pro and MacBook after iPhone and the new iPad. Apple also plans to cut down on the dimensions for its new MacBook Pro, thus making it slimmer and similar to the MacBook Air and the Mac Mini. The mission 'Make Mac Pro Slimmer' is achieved by omission of an optical drive.

13 inches MacBook Pro will reported not to get resolution overhaul, rather will stick to existing 1280 x 800 pixel resolution. This smaller Pro model will, though, get the bash up to an Ivy Bridge processor and have its USB ports upgrade from 2.0 to the much-faster 3.0 standard.
WWDC 2012: iOS 6, iPhone 5, Macbook Pro, Apple TV, OS X Mountain Lion
WWDC 2012: iOS 6, iPhone 5, Macbook Pro, Apple TV, OS X Mountain Lion

iOS 6 Features of Apple’s new Mobile Operating System

Apple iOS 6, the next generation mobile operating system is going to rock WWDC 2012. Apple iOS 6 is the next big stride in the progression of the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch platform. Exact features of iOS 6 have not been officially revealed yet, but we can work out few things that are quite likely. The new iOS 6 features could include:
  • Near Field Communications (NFC)
  • dual app multitasking for iPads
  • widget support.
  • Better Siri
  • Apple 3D mapping service
  • AirDrop for iOS
  • Automatic App Updating
  • Face Recognition

Siri on iPad with iOS6

Siri is also expected to land on iPad with iOS6, and core integration of Facebook into the system is another possible feature. An unlikely, but much-wanted feature that could theoretically appear is full multi-pane multi-tasking.

Apple 3D maps service to ditch Google Maps

New Apple 3D maps using Apple's own mapping system rather than Google maps will be release. Apple 3D maps will offer smart 3D view of street and buildings once you get closer, with more smooth and sleek looks, something that could be get popularity in public.

iPad Mini at WWDC 2012

Apple iPad Mini is of the most rumored product and awaited device. A smaller version of the iPad was long rumored. The new iPad Mini, with 7.85 inch display, would be smaller in size but with almost same processing and memory powerful.

Mac OS X Mountain Lion

WWDC 2012 is going to be more focused on software rather than hardware. We already know a lot about Max OS X Mountain Lion, but now it’s definitely going to get even better with things like the notifications system and improved iCloud Tabs support, which will let you sync entire web browser profiles across devices like iPad and MacBook Pro. We expect Apple to officially announce an exact release date for the next version of OS X Mountain Lion.

iPanel: Apple HDTV at WWDC 2012

Apple TV is the less likely rumor of WWDC 2012. But whenever it will come, an Apple-branded TV will be a bombshell product. According to analysts, the Apple TV price will be $1250 and it will be called “Apple iPanel”.
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