UPDATEApple has launched iPod Touch 5th Genartion, please check out the details here under:

While previewing iPod Touch 5G features, the next iPod 5th Generation to be released late 2012, we have to go beyond what Apple offered in iPod Touch 4G. iPod Touch version release last year matched much of what dominated the iPhone 4 but there is still gaps between what users want and what Apple may provide.

Apple is purportedly testing a next generation iPod Touch hardware platform for a 5th Generation iPod Touch revision expected later this year. While the external design look and feel is still being worked out, in-house testing based on an iPhone 4S variant module with A5X processor chip is already on in Apple Labs, reported 9to5 Mac.

The iPod Touch 5G rumors, speculation and wish lists are as usual running high, that what features and specs will be included in the next generation iPod Touch 5G, what will be next iPod Touch release date and price. Here under is a generation 5th iPod Touch 5G preview with a look at what we may find in the next version:

iPod5G: iPod Touch 5G Release Date, Features, Price: iPod 5th Generation in 2012

iPod Touch 5G Features: 5th Generation iPod 5G Specs Expected

We are listing down all the Apple iPod Touch 5G Features expectations being predicted in discussions speculation and rumors running around the web.
Please do let us know which of these features do you think will appear on Apple iPod Touch 5G?

Radio without Wi-Fi
Possibly, but could not bet on it. Apple wants people to use the App Store for apps, and one will find a great deal of radio apps there, and that would not go well with all the developers. Apple also seems to think that people would rather listen to their own music than a radio channel, so iTechWhiz not so sure about this.

Better Still Photos Camera 2MP~5MP
Yes, this is probably coming. Apple added the camera on the 4th generation, and it would make sense to get a better camera on the 5th generation, seeing as there's rumours about a much better camera on the new iPhone 5.

Possibility of 3D Camera System with two cameras, one on rear other on back is very low. The market for this is just not big enough, and with the crappy censors in mobile devices that is not going to happen.

Camera with Flash that creates videos in 1080p instead of 720p is no big deal, we may see this as a part of the camera improvement

iPad like 3G Micro SIM Card Service for iPod Tocuh 5G
It is highly doubtful, that would make the gap between the iPhone and the iPod Touch much smaller, especially considering one can Facetime and use VoIP apps, so it would only eat away a larger portion of the iPhone market, and Apple earns more money per iPhone than per iPod Touch.

Built-in GPS for Maps and Other Services
Again a highly doubtful feature, probably not to come out yet.

Separate Orientation Lock button
I doubt this as well, it would only make it seems larger and chunkier, and this can be done from iOS instead.

Facetime Over 3G
This requires you to have a 3G connection, which I think we won't see in a few more years, if ever.

Battery Percentage Display next to the battery icon.
This is not a 5th gen specific change, probably just an iOS change.

Nokia 5233 like Media Bar
Possible change in the next iOS version, but not a specific 5th gen change.

Improved Retina Display
Possibly, but not until the 6th gen. 3D Retina Display Screen to be in competition with the Nintendo 3DS is also not much expected.

Wireless Synch with iTunes on PC & Mac
There are high Possibilities for this, basically its also an iOS change, and they might make this available for 4th and 5th gen iPod Touch customers only.

Apple's A5 Processor Chip with 256MB to 512MB RAM
Yes, definitely will be on board in order to reach required speed improvements.

HDMI Video Output with Mirroring Image
This is probably reserved for the iPad, as it's somewhere between an iPod Touch and a notebook.

More Video Formats and Download YouTube VideosNot so sure about the later, but do not expect more format since Apple likes to control the formats, and they want you to use iTunes and iTMS for most of your media.

Change Calendar sounds, Names of Songs, Videos and Playlists on the Device
Possible iOS change, but that would make iTunes somewhat more oblivious, and that's not something they would want.
The are lot of other thing being discussed around which iTechWhiz do not find worth discussing due to their low possibility or expectancy, like "SD Card Slot for Photos USB Slot", "Memory Card Slot for Expandable Memory" and "A larger 4 inches screen to be in competition with Android"...

Apple iPod Touch 5G Price of next 5th Generation iPod

The basics that we often see with updates around the iPod could include changes in price and storage space, along with a possible increase in iPod Touch battery life.

Now with the iPod Touch 4 price starting at $229 it will be easy to assume that the price may drop below $200 for smaller storage space iPods. This could possibly allow for a more bare bones version for a lower price, but this may end up decreasing the need for the newer iPod Nano versions.

At the same time, the maximum storage space offered in the iPod Touch may increase as well. The iPod Classic size got over 100GB in the later incarnations, and it is possible that the maximum iPod Touch storage size will double from its current 64GB.

iPod Touch 5G Release Date of 5th Generation iPod5G

Precisely no one has supported, but consorting to the gossips, the further iPod touch is going to arrive in September 2012, taking in mind that further iPod models pop out every year in September. Even if there are not approved facts from Apple, gossips are going around, guessing the future of their popular gaming device.
This is just a summery of possibilities and probabilities about next coming Apple iPod Touch 5G. Unfortunately, as far now, no one knows anything with authenticity other than Apple itself, which is known to strongly keep its cards close to the chest.

  1. Anonymous
  2. You should put adobe flash palyer and a 3D stick like on the 3DS and you should put a adobe flash player for the inernet so people can play like webkinz, club penguin and stuff like that!!!!

  3. Anonymous
  4. You should really Put on 3g just because it would boost the number of ipods bought but make one with 3g and wifi and one with just wifi

  5. Anonymous
  6. I want a built in radio for watching tv at the gym! maybe a radio transmitter as well for older cars and around the house.

  7. Anonymous
  8. We NEED a better camera!! I felt like I had been robbed when I found out that they only put a 0.7mp camera on my iPod. Bad Form!!

  9. Anonymous
  10. 5mp camera with LED flash, Adobe Flash Player, 5" LED, 1280x720, microSD, 16mb for $200 model (no more 8gb please)

  11. Anonymous
  12. So his article just say " we have no idea whats in it And we've wasted your time". Thanks for the great big fail.

  13. Dear! we all know that knowledge is a shared asset of humanity.
    The basic purpose behind the invention of languages, communication, television, computers, internet, blogs and the gadgets was knowledge/information processing and sharing among as many human minds as possible. Because none of us is as smart as all of us together.

    There are millions of users, interested and active in discussion and knowledge sharing about 'Apple iPod Touch 5G Price, Features and Release Date'. So I summarized those leaks, rumors and discussions into an article to serve the purpose as food for thoughts for further discussion.
    And it will keep going on until there is an official verdict by Apple itself.

    I respect your words, sense of value for the time and welcome you to share anything worth sharing more on this subject.

    Best Regards
    Adnan Malik

  14. Anonymous
  15. I think they need 3g so we can search the internet without wifi.

  16. Anonymous
  17. They need to put in adobe and stuff like that so we can play things that we cant on normal ipods and ipod touch 4 gen.

  18. Anonymous
  19. The iPod Touch 5g (if released, because I think the 4G will be the last iPod Touch) will certainly have glasses-free 3D while the iPhone will not have this feature because apple thinks that the iPhone is not for gaming.

  20. Anonymous
  21. I just want a long lasting battery and some kind of extra storage device slot. I'm not asking for much.

  22. Anonymous
  23. They should make it glasses-free 3d, better camera, 3G,see through, and that's all I want on my iPod touch 5th gen.

  24. Anonymous
  25. faster, better camera, able to take out the battery like a cell phone, and make it easy to change the lcd and digitizer EASY i have had around 20 ipod touch 4 and it not fun to chang thee screennnssss

  26. Anonymous
  27. make it convex too

  28. Anonymous
  29. Get over yourself, Steve Jobs. Put flash on the next firmware update.

  30. Anonymous
  31. You can forget about 3G, it will never happen, iPod 3G = iPhone. If you want 3G buy an iPhone. Flash, is not going to happen either; flash is buggy and uses lots of system resources. Furthermore, I don't want the viruses, Trojans afforded by flash plug-ins. HTML is the future, even google is getting involve.

  32. Anonymous
  33. I think the new ipod 5g should be better improved with all the power and app glitches the 4g had. And better camera quality! Also I think a GREAT feature would be if the home screen could switch into landscape. Also apple should come out with a stylus for the iPod for drawing ape and everything. Apple should add the feature that you ca draw a line across the letters on the keyboard to make a word like android phones have. And have a choice of different lock screens possibly the pattern lock screen (you can get the pattern lock screen with android hack for your iPod though like I have)

  34. Anonymous
  35. Just make it into an Iphone....that's free, that should work :)

  36. Anonymous
  37. Shadowmare you can play farmville on an ipod touch, it's a free app you can download right to your ipod and log into facebook and play right then and there.

  38. Anonymous
  39. I Think The Ipod 5 Gen Should Get A Better Camera With Better Video Quality And Show Us How Much Battery Power We Have Left plus the est. recharge time would be. They should also add some sort of texting or messaging plan on there. One last thing is make the screen easier to see in direct sunlight.

  40. bre
  41. Overall i want an iphone but my contract isn't over until 2013 sooooo i want the ipod touch instead but i REALLY want 3g, but sadly we dont get what we want all the time so im gonna wait until 2013 and maybe by then the iphone 6 or 7 will be out.

  42. Anonymous
  43. 1280x720 resolution from an anonymous further up. That would make it a higher resolution than the iPad and even some PCs! All I'm hoping for is some better quality cameras and an A5 processor.

  44. Anonymous
  45. Needs a better hands free mic system that will interface with your car radio. Also a system that uses WI-FI to interface with your flat screen TV,this would work well for office document displays,working at home.

  46. Anonymous
  47. It should have a sd card slot for memory..stylus with swipe tec. Faster internet,it should have flash adobe!!!!!!!! Please use all these features... via ipod touch 4th gen

  48. Anonymous
  49. make the ipod touch 5g 3D

  50. Anonymous
  51. are you guys dumb there will be NO 3g, NO 3d, NO 1280x720 resolution screen, NO sd card slot and NO adobe flash

  52. Anonymous
  53. I know exactly what's gonna be on the new iPod touch I have an uncle that works at apple and he sent me pics it's awesome can't wait

  54. Anonymous
  55. Why do they always try to make the iPods paper thin. In the future they should make the iPod touch a little bit bigger but put a faster processor and a bigger battery and flash and a lot better camera.

  56. Anonymous
  57. Apple can allow 3G and lock calling facility ,
    coz 3G allows to search the web and chk mails on the go.
    And Game explorers can be in a playing spree.
    If needed you can lock the Mic to be used jus for Facetime , so that even calling via VOIP will be barred.
    I would suggest this (3G) , as the most wanted facility in Itouch.

  58. Anonymous
  59. they should have better camera, a stylus for the screen to draw things on it (: & it should be faster & the screen should also be like the iphone 5. not able to crack & show percentage battery life.

  60. Anonymous
  61. i dont care about better camera quality i care about it being cooler then the iPod touch 4g.

  62. Anonymous
  63. 3G would suck because than there is really no need for both iPhone and iPod touch. Also 3d will never happen on a device with only a touch screen. That would be horrible to try to use. Anyway they haven't even realized the full potential of 3d anyway. The 3ds makes it look like your seeing more depth than EYE-POPPING 3D. All it needs is software updates and a better camera

  64. Anonymous
  65. What i think is that the camera should be better, make it so it has wifi everywhere you go, have is shaped like the iphone 4, have it in white, and thats all i'm asking for. they have many things to fix from the ipod 4, and i would also like it to have a faster software or something to make it last(: thank you and i hope you take these people's advice to make it the best!

  66. Anonymous
  67. So it begs the question the reason that people would buy iPod Touch 4G now when in a month or so 5G should be available, not to mention the price drop in 4G when that happens.

  68. Anonymous
  69. just release an iPod 4s keep the 4g design but improve things like the camera and microphone if it has 3g it may as del be called another iPhone

  70. Anonymous
  71. I think it should be able to put out 3g as well for the peaple on the go with computers

  72. Anonymous
  73. Apple is never going going to add an SD card slot. Just think, people would just buy the cheapest option and buy an SD card.

    To the person above asking for a 1280x720 screen, that would just really hurt you eyes on such a small screen. And I don't think it is physically possible ( but what do I know, people thought 1 TB of storage was impossible)

  74. Mykel
  75. any update on when the ipod touch 5th gen will be release?


    Mykel from Manila

  76. Anonymous
  77. how much will the itouch 5th generation gonna cost?

  78. Mykel!
    Dear, like I said, other than Apple, no one knows the exact iPod Touch 5G Release Date with authenticity. But there is an overwhelming consensus that iPod Touch 5G is coming within next 2 months, which is late September or early October, 2011.

    We shall release more details on the iPod Touch 5G Price as they become available. Roughly it is expected to cost around $220 for the entry level model.

  79. Anonymous
  80. which means round about 300 € in good old europe, thx a lot ;/.

  81. Anonymous
  82. i think the ipod 5g will not hae any difrace than the old 4g.the things they are most likely to improve are the software and the camra.

  83. Eddie
  84. People who want Flash on their iDevices don't get it...there will NEVER, EVER BE FLASH ON AN iDEVICE THROUGH MOBILE SAFARI!! Steve Jobs says HTML5 is the future, and that Flash is the past.

  85. Anonymous
  86. maybe just 3D VIDEO would be cool there is that new sprint Phone that takes video in 3D so i just think it would be cool and think of all the apps people could make!

  87. Anonymous
  88. I think it should support micro SD cards 'til 8Gb (if they make another 8Gb version it wouldn't be so limited and people would still buy other versions), adobe flash and radio without wifi. It should also have a profile setting menu, like normal and silent (with or without vibration), it would be cool and faster than turning off sounds and stuff. The camera can stay as it is or increase to 2mpx, but they should make it possible to take pictures in HD, since it can record in HD.
    It doesn't need 3G. It's not a tablet pc or a smartphone. Want 3G? Save money and buy an iPhone! Why would they make iPhones if you can have 3G in the iPod Touch and buy a prehistoric phone for calls and text? Or a very low budget phone for calls, text and mms? Honestly...!
    The size could be 16Gb ($250), 32Gb ($320), 64Gb ($420) and a special edition for music lovers, 130Gb ($550) =)

  89. Ujjwal Mishra
  90. My name is ujjwal. Thanks for the information. I wanted to buy itouch 4g but by reading this i'm thinking of waiting for itouch 5g. Thanks alot.

  91. John
  92. I seriously can't understand how people think it will have 3G, that defeats the whole purpose of the iPod Touch, go do the world a favor and save up for an iPhone, because that's exactly what your asking for. I personally think they will only make minor (but much needed) changes, like making the screen 3.7" or possibly a tiny bit larger, they might replace the rear camera with a 1.3-3mp camera possibly with flash, but I don't see them making it anywhere near what they have in the iPhone. If i could ask for anything, it would be to have the body like the iPhone 4, instead of this razor blade that I feel like is gonna snap if I hold it a bit to hard. No Adobe Flash, no 3D, no GPS, no 3G, no 16GB model, no $200 price, no 1280x720 resolution, no expandable memory slot, no convex screen, be real people, this is Apple we're talking about.

  93. Anonymous
  94. why are people dumb on here who keeps saying flash is what they want on the ipod. FLASH IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN PEOPLE. GET YOUR HEADS STRAIGHT!

  95. Anonymous
  96. I hope there isn't any 3G on the 5th Gen... My parents won't let me get a phone!

  97. Anonymous
  98. I wanted to buy the 4g becaus the price might drop to 200$, but seeing radio without wi-fi! That's worth waiting and saving more money.The thing though is that it's not new because the sansa has always had radio without wi-fi and they price it under 90$.A guy took apart the I pod first gen. And showed that the I pod had an empty space big enough To put a 5mp camera.They knew that they could put all this new stuff on the first g., but to save it and put them in different generation slots.I'm shoure by 2013, they will be planing a 7g that's will allow you to eavesdrop on your neibourg!Heard a rumor about a Dead-Serious Mind reading app.....

  99. Anonymous
  100. They should do something about the screens because they scratch and break easy

  101. Anonymous
  102. Okay people seriously we all know Apple is not going to put 3d on a 3" screen because no one knows the possibilities and they don't want to take a major risk having a failed project they just want to get a lot more rich. Also if your thinking of flash, 3G, and expansion for memory better stop dreaming its not going to happen buy an iphone for crying out loud they would ruin their iphone product if they have 3g on an ipod touch. If you think about it we have a better estimation date for the release I am thinking late september or early october maybe even middle october but surely we have to wait and see what they have to unveil. Also it wouldn't be a 5g without the A5 processor.

  103. Anonymous
  104. they should install adobe flash player but i think there is a feud going on with adobe and apple so that's not gonna happen. please be out before Christmas!!!

  105. Anonymous
  106. i think that they should make a fingerprint scanner to unlock the thing instead of the passcode. also they should give all of the features that cydia has for the new ios. that would be great...

  107. shipwreck1028
  108. i think that they should make a fingerprint scanner to unlock the thing instead of the passcode. also they should give all of the features that cydia has for the new ios. that would be great...

  109. Anonymous
  110. i just want the camera to be waaayyyy better!cuz the 4 gen wasnt dat good n it should have a back which is scratch les or somethin ...........come on its the 21st it should be out by now:(

  111. Anonymous
  112. Hey,
    The iPod Touch 5g comes in white and black & release date is Late Sep - Early Oct!

  113. Anonymous
  114. Everyone this is just a bunch of malarkye. The new ipod 5th gen will not be see through. The ipod can only have so much stuff crammed into it and a better camera isn't a good upgrade. A useful addition would be an insert for a memory chip, or a 3g upgrade.

  115. Anonymous
  116. whats up with you guys and the ipod 4g camera its fine to me.... but i still cant wait for the new one.....i cant wait longer!!!!!!

  117. Anonymous
  118. It came out yesterday and disapointed us all. apple is a letdown with no steve jobs.IL get it anyway though for lack of a better way to spend my money.

  119. Anonymous
  120. they should make the itouch 5g just like the itouch 4s

  121. Anonymous
  122. Sony will be offering 3g free with the new ps vita at a 300.00 price tag,3g will be provided through at&t.

  123. Anonymous
  124. Apple Sucks Coz they rob people. Android is much better.

  125. Anonymous
  126. It's obvious why Apple didn't put a 3G feature on the iPod touch 4g. It would be an iPhone! So this would cause a turn to the iPod touch instead of the iPhone, making Apple sales on the iPhone lower. So I do not expect a 3G feature but I expect a better camera, quad core and Retina Display improvement.

  127. Anonymous
  128. I went to Best Buy to get a cover put on my iPod 4th Generation and a guy from the Geek Squad told me that the 5th Generation will have a gorilla glass screen so it won't crack and will be water proof.

  129. Anonymous
  130. ima maf wiz, i tinks weez gonna need ta bi one a dem, day looks nice. 4 + elevindy hundrid = wimple

  131. Anonymous
  132. Guys its all so obvious I work at apple and its gonna be sept. 18, 2012

  133. Anonymous
  134. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.  
  135. Anonymous
  136. you should put a video editor on it to reverse videos and add photo booth

  137. Anonymous
  138. I have to poop, damn u 5g come out!!!!

  139. Anonymous
  140. No one would buy iPhones then. This is the whole reason why Apple won't put a lot of the same features on an iPod touch cause people just buy them. You can always jailbreak it to free wifi where ever you go. I know.

  141. Anonymous
  142. i want to see better cameras with a flash, a bigger screen which i think they will come out with, better bottom-line memory, and the A5 chip.

  143. Anonymous
  144. how manny should the iPod 5G cost in 2012

  145. Anonymous
  146. How Much are they by the way i am Fattsuuola

  147. Anonymous
  148. The iPod touch 5g should have a larger screen. There are so many apps that I deleted just because they couldnt fit the screen. It would help the iPod not get hot to fast. When put large amounts of technology in a small space, just like people it going to increase heat and when something releases heat it will not only mess with the battery, but also with anything around that space, this may explain why our iPod tough 4g camera keeps getting worse. The iPod touch 5g should ether have a larger screen or holes to release the heat. I don't think apple should add 3G to the iPod touch because nobody would buy it people get iPods so they don't have to sign any contracts. 3G would pretty soon burn out the iPod and apple would have to deal with a lot of exploding iPod touch customers. The next iPod should have radio with on wifi so when we get black outs we would still know what is going on.

  149. Anonymous
  150. Awesome now I know wat it is :):)$$!! I'm going to save my money

  151. Anonymous
  152. A 5 megapixel camera would be awesome especially with LED flash. I read on other sites that it might be structured like the iPhone 4, and it could get a 4 inch screen like what's expected on the iPhone 5. But, you really think they'll put adobe flash on the new iPod, but not on the new ipad or iPhone? I doubt it. 3g just isn't gonna happen either. If September 18th is the release date, I'll get it for my birthday :D oh, and please stop calling it an iTouch, its so damn annoying.

  153. where can i get the new generation 5 ????????????

  154. Anonymous
  155. Alright people, if you need 3G and a better camera, a messaging and calling plan, buy yourselves the iPhone. Problem solved.

  156. YO MOMMA
  157. The last one that came out was in October so this one should arrive in September.

  158. Anonymous
  159. Look guys. 3-d or 3g isnt going to happen ok. dont ask for sumthing thats probably going to be on the iphone. If yu want what yu dream, find a way. Besides Apple are not going to create a product that is only going to make yu happy but everyone else. Apple doesnt revolve around yu or me. Its revolves on finding the perfect ipod for all of us. so dont go commenting unreasonable things like a SD solt, 3-d or 3g. Better camera can be made or new A5 chip is fine. Beside this is a product to store and play music and a gaming device.besides 3-d is used in movies and maybe live action role playing but not in this product. GET IN YUR HEAD THIS IS AN IPOD NOT A IPHONE OR NINTENDO AT A LOWER PRICES!

  160. Anonymous
  161. You should have a slot where you can put a memory card in. So we could get all our pictures incase we get a new one we could just switch the memories card!

  162. I hope they add a better camera, possibly a bigger screen 9I here they are making screen from 3.95 to 4.1 inches) and better screen display

  163. Anonymous
  164. I am not sure about the new iPod specs but I want to see better camera with a flash on both cameras And If you want adobe there not putting it on apple is a company that uses there own technology and 3d would raise the price a lot and iPods are high enough as is. Mainly I want better features on it rather than new features like 3d, 3G, and such. New features are good but I don't want anything that will push the price up

  165. Anonymous
  166. I hope they don't put adobe flash it always messes up and get a computer to play web kids

  167. Anonymous
  168. wow dont b wishin on things that arnt goin to happen i just hope they make it better than all the others

  169. Anonymous
  170. Umm idought the whole iphone 6 or 7 thing!!! If the iphone 5 is rumered to come out this year then there will not be a different iphone the next year!!!!!!!!! Geeze ppl learn moreabout apple and their sales

  171. Anonymous
  172. this will be the best ipod touch to date and i have a 4g and it its great {32g}

  173. lil shizzle
  174. The ipod 4g has a camera bug sometimes I.open the app from home screen and it doesn't load, I end up restaring my ipof completly

  175. Anonymous
  176. Siri w/ 3g

  177. Anonymous
  178. I think they should make the screen with something different.. Like so it won't break so easily when you drop it.. Like maybe plexiglass or something..

  179. Anonymous
  180. i would want ios6 on the 5g i pod meaning that the most possible highlight of the 5g will be an improved Siri but i would also want an A5 chip it would make a really better and improved ipod

  181. Anonymous
  182. i think they should make a better camera with light thats all i really want from it

  183. Anonymous
  184. They should also have a built in Android lock for people who don't want to take a chance on jailbreaking

  185. Honesty I don't Apple will give consumers the sd memory slot. Thats why they make the higher price versions with more memory. I really think they won't make many changes. Ipod 5g (if they even call it that, remember what happen with the ipad}i don't expect much because they aren't going to make ipod to much like the iphone, thats what sets them apart, their differences. Truth be told I wouldn't want them to be alike because it defeats the purpose of one of them existing. They are so expensive I doubt they'll include flash and some of the other features everyone wants simply because the price would likely double. Metallic color options would be nice like on the nanos. Cute and colorful is better than boring same old black or white as the only two options. At least a 3rd color, not the entire rainbow. A better camara is definitely going to be added. Thats pretty much a given, any time they bring out a new device the camera is better. I like my ipod 4g.i mainly use it for music in my car. They may change the charger on the ipod 5g since rumor has it that iphone 5 is going from a 30 prong too a 15 our a 9 prong. They'll surprise us in some way we least expect, so surprise me apple!

  186. Anonymous
  187. Hey.. Its not easy making theis..... just give it a break. they would do it but its already making a camera includined. just deal with it. And they should have it clear, how aesome would that be!!!!! (just saying)

  188. Anonymous
  189. I wish they make a new apple ipod touch that you can ring people on
    and browse the web without having WIFI

  190. Anonymous
  191. yeah they really should do that would make life better

  192. Anonymous
  193. It's official the 5th generation doesn't have a radio. This is so annoying and will prevent me from buying it. Don't they realize you don't get wifi @ the gym or the bus. I find it shameful they want you to pay for something that has always been free.

  194. Anonymous
  195. i would say it needs 2 have internet without wifi

  196. Anonymous
  197. why does it not have siri?

  198. The ipod 5g does have siri go on the website and look at all the specs

  199. Anonymous
  200. I hope that it comes out as 200 bucks!!

  201. elk
  202. the ipod touch 5g spes 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi (802.11n 2.4GHz and 5GHz)
    Bluetooth 4.0
    Maps: Location in5-based service4
    Nike+ support in5

  203. elk
  204. 4-inch (diagonal) widescreen display with Multi-Touch IPS technology
    Retina display
    1136-by-640-pixel resolution at 326 pixels per inch
    800:1 contrast ratio (typical)
    500 cd/m2 max brightness (typical)
    Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating

  205. elk
  206. 5-megapixel iSight camera
    Tap to focus video or still images
    Backside illumination
    Hybrid IR filter
    Five-element lens
    LED flash
    ƒ/2.4 aperture
    Face detection
    HD video recording (1080p) up to 30 frames per second with audio
    FaceTime HD camera with 1.2MP photos and HD video (720p) up to 30 frames per second
    Video stabilization
    Tap to control exposure for video or stills
    Photo and video geotagging over Wi-Fi

  207. elk
  208. Lightning connector
    3.5-mm stereo headphone jack
    Built-in speaker

  209. elk
  210. Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
    Music playback time: Up to 40 hours when fully charged
    Video playback time: Up to 8 hours when fully charged
    Charging times: Fast charge in about 2 hours (80% capacity), full charge in about 4 hours
    Audio Playback

    Frequency response: 20Hz to 20,000Hz
    Audio formats supported: AAC (8 to 320 Kbps), Protected AAC (from iTunes Store), HE-AAC, MP3 (8 to 320 Kbps), MP3 VBR, Audible (formats 2, 3, 4, Audible Enhanced Audio, AAX, and AAX+), Apple Lossless, AIFF, and WAV
    User-configurable maximum volume limit
    TV and Video

    H.264 video up to 720p, 30 frames per second, Main Profile level 3.1 with AAC-LC audio up to 160 Kbps, 48kHz, stereo audio in .m4v, .mp4, and .mov file formats
    MPEG-4 video up to 2.5 Mbps, 640 by 480 pixels, 30 frames per second, Simple Profile with AAC-LC audio up to 160 Kbps per channel, 48kHz, stereo audio in .m4v, .mp4, and .mov file formats
    Motion JPEG (M-JPEG) up to 35 Mbps, 1280 by 720 pixels, 30 frames per second, audio in ulaw, PCM stereo audio in .avi file format
    AirPlay Mirroring to Apple TV support at 720p
    AirPlay video streaming to Apple TV (3rd generation) at up to 1080p and Apple TV (2nd generation) at up to 720p

  211. elk
  212. Sensors

    Three-axis gyro

  213. elk
  214. it will be available in black,white,blue,yellow,pink and red.there wil be a 32gb version for 299$ and a 64gb version for 399$.there will be no 8gb or 16 gb version.it will be available for purchase in october but as of yet the exact date of its release is unknown.

  215. elk
  216. and of course it will have the a5 chip and siri.

  217. Anonymous
  218. How much is it?

  219. Anonymous
  220. When is it coming out !??????? How much will it cost

  221. Anonymous
  222. It is October 2012 and the Ipod 5 is still not out.....

  223. Anonymous
  224. will the Ipod Touch 5th Generation only come in black and white, or will it be in pink, blue, lime green, and grey like I've been seeing.?

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