iPhone 5 new 2012 Release Date with iOS 6 and Quard-Core Specs

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Apple iPhone 5, the world most popular smartphone, has got a a new 2012 Release Date leak after the launch off Samsung Galaxy S3, most advance Android based phone so far. Apple iPhone in almost every country of availability, is still most important smartphone in the world. Every year, when new versions of the device are launched, people around the globe line up to be the first to get their hands on it.

Alongwith 5th generation iPhone 5, Apple is planning to launch a new Apple iCloud iPhone too. iCloud iPhone is a Low-cost iCloud based iPhone, to compete in markets where the Apple iPhone, being too expensive, had low success rate.Apple new iPhone 5 2011 Release Date, Specs, Features, PicturesApple next generation iPhone 5 2012 Release Date, Price and Features are officially little known. But as the saying says, "Impression is powerful than reality", it is hard to see that the new iPhone 5 to be anything less than mind blowing. Since customer expectation from Apple 2012 iPhone 5 are getting higher day by day.

You can check back, our April 28th, 2012 roundup of Apple iPhone 5 Rumors and Possibilities. If you are tired of the rumors, but can not ignore the potential sightings of the iPhone 5, here is an Apple iPhone 5 Video roundup by CNET TV that covers it really well:

Though Apple is known to keep its cards closed to the chest, but the rumor mill has not been so silent. The speculations about the next iPhone began as soon as the iPhone 4 was released. However, it is important for everyone to keep a level head when assessing those reports.

With the skyrocketing expectations from Apple's 5th generation iPhone, lets parse the iPhone 5 wishlists, expectations, speculation, rumors and leaks data to find a realistic and probable picture:

Next Generation iPhone 5 2012 Features and Specs

iPhone 5 is expected to boast significant hardware and software upgrades, inevitable after Samsung Galaxy S3 harware advancements, the main competitor in the line. Reports have been cropping up, claiming Apple will be delivering several key improvements to the coming iPhone 5 device. However, some of those features make sense, others do not.

Instead of listing every possible update that has been talked about, the following features, enhancements or improvements are the ones that are most likely to be a part of the Apple next generation iPhone 5 2012 specifications:
  1. New Slim and Sleek Design
    The new iPhone 5 will deliver a new design, iPhone 5 may go back to its original design of the iPhone 3G and will have a curved back that will eliminate all the gripping problems faced with the iPhone 4. The iPhone 5 is expected to to be thinner, faster, and lighter similar to the upgrade for the iPad 2. The brushed metal back could replace the glass on the backside.
  2. Apple iOS 6 Operating System
    When Apple unveiled iOS 5 at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, the company said that it would be making its way to the iPhone 4 later this year. However, there is a good chance that the platform will also be made available on the iPhone 5 when that device launches this fall. An iPhone 5 with iOS 5 simply makes no sense. With iOS 5 beta 5 already in hand, the iOS 6 is expected to make some interesting features aviable at iPhone 5 like new Multitouch Gestures, Non-intrusive Notifications with a dedicated notification center, Deep Twitter Integration and lots more.
  3. Quard-Core Faster Processor
    The iPhone 4S is being trumped by competitors that feature quard-core processors. So for Apple its time to go quard-core. The iPhone 5 will come with A9 Quard-core processor to give a stiff competition for other Quard-core Android smartphones found in the market today.
  4. Larger 4+ Inches Screen Display
    Its almost a conses that Apple next iPhone version 5 will come with a bigger display. The top iPhone competitors have already outshined 3.5 inches iPhone display with 4.3 and 4.8 inches screens. Apple iPhone 5 will be the first iOS device with 4 inches larger display (if not the edge-to-edge option that is being rumored) to help itself compete more effectively against devices from Samsung, HTC, Motorola and others.
  5. Improved Graphical Capabilities
    Initially, simple mobile games were made available in App Store. But over time, games have become integral to the iPhone experience. In the iPhone 5, look for Apple to capitalize on that with improved graphical components that will help developers take their titles to a new level.
  6. Improved 8-Megapixel Camera
    Apple iPhone 4 has been criticized for its built-in rear-facing camera. With only 5-megapixels camera and not so great lens iPhone is far behind competitor devices. Apple as a company know to offer the best, can not let this point ignored. New iPhone 5 is undoubtedly expected to come with a vastly improved 8-megapixel camera with 1080p video playback, panoramic photo capture capability, improved dual-LED flash unit and a front facing 5 MP camera.
    Recently, Apple registered a patent referred as "Image Capture Device Having Tilt and/or Perspective Correction". The forthcoming iPhone cameras could use various sensors, including the accelerometer and gyroscope, in order to determine an image shoot. The sensors will instantly make up for positioning as well as range, permitting images to come out flawlessly.
  7. More RAM and Storage
    Digital media is becoming more important by the day. Thanks to improved broadband adoption, video content is becoming more important. Considering how important digital media has always been to Apple, expect the iPhone 5 to come with more storage. A 64GB version seems like a safe bet, but a 128GB option is also possible. More RAM, possibly 1GB, is also expected and will arrive with an improved A5 processor.
  8. Enhanced Signal Quality and Antenna Fix
    One of the complaints most consumers have with the iPhone 4 is that when it is held in a "death grip", it loses some signal quality. With the iPhone 5, expect Apple to fix that problem. Apple has always been a company that likes to address issues quickly. That shouldn’t be any different this time around.
  9. 4G Connectivity and LTE Support
    This might be the long shot of this group, but 4G connectivity and LTE support is possibly going to make its way to the Apple iPhone 5. Looking around the market, there are several devices that are now shipping with 4G because their makers realize that the future is in the ultra-high-speed option.
  10. Near-Field Communication
    Looking ahead, near-field communication seems to be a hot issue in the mobile marketplace. Google earlier this year unveiled a new Wallet service that will allow users to pay for products from their handsets. The company promises integration on more Android devices going forward. Although that market is still in its infancy, Apple would be smart to deliver a payment service of its own now before Google’s gets too far ahead. And Steve Jobs knows that.
The other features of iPhone 5 will most probably remain the same with minor tweaks.

Apple new iPhone 5 2012 Release Date

The new Apple iPhone 5 must ship sooner or later and in September or October this year. But based on the most recent rumors going around the web, It is anticipated that the Apple iPhone 5 is going to ship together with iOS 6 on September 07 2012. Let have a round up of all Apple new iPhone 5 2012 Release Date rumors whizzing around:
  • In April 2012, Reuters confirmed from three different sources that Apple new iPhone 5 2012 Release Date is someday in September 2012.
  • In May 2012, Pegatron, an Apple manufacturer has been reported to receive a massive order to produce 15 million handsets ready for the an autumn launch.
  • In July 2012, Apple seemingly confirmed the new iPhone 5 2012 Release in the market by the end of Q3 2012 hinting a September 2012 launch date. Further more, Digitimes has reported that Apple's Taiwanese component suppliers were gearing up for production of iPad 3 and iPhone 5, adding weight to the theory that the the new gadgets will appear in September 2012.
  • In August 2012, China Times reported that Apple suppliers and assemblers are preparing 400,000 trial run iPhone 5 units, set to launch sometime between September 6 and 15.
  • A week ago, T3 says Apple is also hiring more staff for September, while it's also been reported that US network AT&T has slapped a holiday ban on staff for a possible launch preparation. Some are even saying it could be 5 September.
  • Recently, Japanese website Kodawarisan claimed, Apple is planning a media event for September 7 where it will unveil its new Apple iPod lineup and perhaps the iPhone 5.
  • But another report by AppleNApps says the company will hold a separate event for the occasion, where Apple will not only introduce the iPhone 5 but also a cloud-based iPhone.

Apple new iPhone 5 2012 Price

Apple is aiming for a final price of $400 for iCloud iPhone and $600 for iPhone 5. There is another price scheme with AT &amp T, with Apple new iPhone 5 priced at $199 and $299 for two-year agreements. A strategy Apple has used in the past. Rather than charge more for its devices, it has charged the same price to make people see more value in them. The result has been strong sales.

The carrier subsidization are expected to bring the cost to consumers down to free with a 2 year contract for the iCloud iPhone with the same $199 iPhone cost for the iPhone 5.
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