Biometrics Technology Applications: Passports, Gun Safe, Door Locks, Phones

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Biometrics Technology Applications: Passports, Gun Safe, Door Locks, Phones

Biometrics Technology is a new technology being rolled out by unique identity security and identity theft prevention technology firms. In the Future, Biometrics Systems and Biometric Devices may be able to help reduce the incidences of security breach and even identity theft. It is a potential Future Technology to secure the physical as well as electronic information theft in the time to come.

What is Biometric Security System

Biometrics Devices are live scan systems that digitally capture Fingerprints scans, Iris Scan, Retina Scan or other Facial Recognition Information and register that personal recognition information within their databases for future identification requests.

Biometrics literally means life measurement and is associated with utilization of distinctive physiological characteristics for identifying individuals. Though most important application related with biometrics is that of security, it is used as the computer interface too. A range of Biometric applications are being used for authenticating person’s identity. With the use of various features including fingerprints, face, signature, and iris, a person is identified.

Identification method using biometric characteristics is being preferred over conventional PIN and passwords based methods. Due to various advantages, biometrics technology is gaining popularity. The need of physical presence at the time of identification with these systems makes identification even more authentic. Use of this technology also overcomes necessity of remembering passwords and Pins. This automated technology thus makes verification and identification easier by identifying behavioral and physiological characteristics.

Biometric Screening by FBI and Homeland Security Department

FBI, as part of the Department of Homeland Security, was the first user of Biometrics Programs. The fingerprint data is used to check criminal records and further background checks and a part of clarification process to determinations the clearance of immigration applicants.

Biometric Passport at Customs and Immigration Service

The first wave of Biometrics devices to be created under the contract will make their debut in the next six months astatine all 134 U.S. Customs and Immigration Service Application Support Centers in the U.S. and its territories of Saipan, Guam, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

Biometrics Gun Safe, Door Locks and FingerPrint Readers

While the Biometrics Security Program at FBI, Homeland Security Department and U.S. Customs and Immigration Service are intentional specifically for immigration use, the scope of fingermark technology is endless. It can be utilized to protect suitcases and laptops that could contain important information that are often stolen by thieves looking to commit identity theft.

It could be a Fingerprint Gun Safe or Biometric Gunvault. It can be a Fingerprint or Retina scan based Biometrics Door Locks at your home or office. It can be an Android or iOS based smartphone app that unlocks through the recognition of your face or fingerprint. It can be a highly secure online website that can accessed by the person authorized through Biometrics identity check.

Last week, a Medical Insurance Firm reported a laptop computer missing, which contains information regarding thousands of patients, including their personal, financial, credit card and billing information. While infirmary officials are unsure if any personal recognition information has been accessed since the theft, a Biometrics device that requires a fingerprint scan to access the information would be sufficient bar for such identity theft.

Future Biometrics Technology Systems and Devices

A lot of companies, universities and inventors are continuously searching for frontier for upcoming biometric, showing prospects of being the best. Upcoming biometrics would have infancy stages of proved technology maturation. After proving themselves, following upcoming biometrics systems can become established systems too. DNA identification, Body salinity testing, Body odor detection, Gait recognition, ear pattern identification, Brainwave biometric and handgrip recognition are some of the emerging biometrics.

Future Biometrics Technology Systems and Devices Traits Classification

Robert V. LaPenta, CEO of L-1 Identity Solutions Inc, a technology firm that offer Biometrics Technology Based products and systems, said:
Our technology is flexible, scalable and well deployed in any customer environment as a state-of-the-art system for solving identity-related challenges, of particular grandness today given national security concerns.

Furthermore, our field service and support organization is second to none, and the dedication and skill the team brings helps ensure that we can stand up these sophisticated systems quickly and provide optimal value to our customers in support of current and future program requirements.
Future of this smart technology holds promise for the law enforcement purposes and for private industries too. Surveillance system can easily identify the suspects against features stored in database of security system. Biometrics are perceived as future of security industry and getting popular as accurate verification technology available in the market.

Future Biometrics will include ecommerce features for added security on checkout page and will also safeguard against unauthorized cell phones and car access. This technology will develop useful 3D facial recognition infrared access control, visitor management and face recognition surveillance. Already identification software, 3D face scanning, A4 Vision uses special algorithms for interpreting conventional 2D camera images and transfers it to 3D registered face representation. All this makes it impossible to mislead biometric systems with images and pictures. With new inventions in the field, future of biometrics is bright.
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