Most High Paying Computer Science Careers and Jobs with Salaries

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Most High Paying Computer Science Careers and Jobs with Salaries

We are presenting a career overview of some of the Most High Paying Computer Science Jobs alongwith their Salaries prospects for all of you who are considering a degree in computer science, are computer science students, computer science graduates looking for job or are computer science entry level professionals.

Every body uses computers. Movies get made on computers. Cars get designed on computers. People invest and get their news using computers Computers are critical to everything we take for granted in modern society. Because of their centrality, there is a huge demand for jobs for people who unique or rare technical expertise. Even a programmer of some rare but critical programming language (for example Assembly, Cobol, Delphi) can become one of the most high paying computer science professionals with exceptional salary package, thanks to the technical nature of the computer science field.

But you may be wondering what the best paying job opportunities are and what career path to take. Here are few of the most high paying computer science careers and jobs with salaries you can get with a computer science degree. You can shape your education and internship experience to prepare yourself for any of these careers.

Most High Paying Computer Science Careers and Jobs with Salaries

Understanding which are the top jobs for the future will affect your career drastically. It's not a secret that IT industry employs more than 7 million people alone in the US and computers are just not used in the IT department, they are used almost everywhere. So when you talk about the best computer jobs for the future, you talk about the best jobs for the future which just cannot function without computers.
  1. Computer and Information Scientists and Researchers can earn $100,900 as a yearly base salary. Computer and information scientists and researchers solve or develop solutions to the problems related to computer hardware or software. Computer and information scientists and researchers act as theorists, designers, and inventors in their field. They are the innovators and problem solvers of technology, the delegators of responsibility, and analysts of business, scientific, engineering and other computer issues. A strong background in mathematics, computers, technology, communications, English, business management and design are fundamental to success as a computer and information scientists and researchers.

  2. Systems Software Engineers who develop systems software have a slight earning advantage over software application engineers. They earn $94,520 as a yearly salary. Software engineers design and develop software by applying theories and principles of computer science and mathematical analysis to invent, test, and monitor software systems that make computers work. Software engineers in systems software are among the largest, fastest growing career path in the history of the technological age. Software engineers must stay informed of advances in technology, specialization and the practices of employers. Software engineers are the creators of computer games, business applications, operating systems, network control systems, and middleware.

  3. Business Intelligence Analyst
    The world is becoming a scary place to live in and intelligence analysts ensure that the common man gets his good night sleep. With one of such best jobs for the future, you usually wok for the military and for security agencies. Your main job is to cross check the information from different intelligence agencies and make sense of the information and decide what would be the new move of the enemy. Being one of the top paying computer jobs, an intelligence analyst saves the day by encrypting dangerous files. They draw a salary of more than $90,000 annually.

  4. Software Application Engineers in the applications field earn slightly less than software systems developers. Software engineers who create applications have a base pay of $87,900 per year. Software engineers develop and modify general computer applications software as well as specialized utility programs. Software engineers focus on designing and customizing software for clients with the general focus on optimizing operational efficiency. Many software engineers within the applications field analyze and create databases with individually within a team. A background in computers, technology, mathematics, English, and engineering is required for this career.

  5. Professional Hackers have the potential to earn a base pay of $85,000. Despite the malicious title. professional hackers are committed to ethically assist governments, law enforcement, and private companys to prevent computer hacking and illicit or criminal computer activities. A professional hacker is often called a “sneaker” in the IT industry.

  6. Computer Systems Analysts earn $78,830 yearly. Computer systems analysts generally customize computer systems to meet specific information technology needs dependent upon the field of specialization. Computer systems analysts plan, design, install and develop new computer systems as well as update existing ones. Computer systems analysts test and debug new or reconditioned computer systems as well as the networks they communicate with. Computer systems analysts customize cost benefit and return on investment reports and relate the information to management. A computer systems analyst also serves as a coordinator for programmers, software engineers, and network security specialists.

  7. Computer Network Security & Configuration Specialists generally earn a salary of $76,000 per year depending upon field of specialization and job experience. Computer specialists can work as network architects or network engineers, as well as in security. As the designers of computer networks, computer specialists set up, test, and evaluate systems that run on both LAN or WAN networks, the Internet, intranets, and data communications within an organization. Computer specialists also research and install hardware, configure software, and address or resolve information security issues.

  8. Network Systems And Data Communications Analysts have an earning potential of at least $73,830 depending upon job experience and field of specialization. Network systems and data communications analysts study, design, test, and evaluate network systems. Network systems and data communications analysts research and recommend network and data communications hardware and software and may supervise computer programmers. Network systems and data communications analysts focus on the interface between computers and communications equipment.

  9. Game Developers
    The job of a game developer is one of the best computer jobs for the future and is sure to become the highest paying jobs in the coming years. The gaming industry is going through a major change with the release of different video game consoles in the market. This means more and more development of video games. A game developer earns up to $80,000 every year.

  10. Computer Programmers earn a yearly salary of $73,470. A computer programmer writes software either for one area of computer programming or codes many different types of software although job duties are largely dependent upon field of specialization and the organization employing the programmer. A computer programmer uses a primary computer language to write, test, debug, and provide maintenance for computer programs. Computer programmers design, create, and test logical structures for solving problems through the use of a computer for a variety of businesses.

  11. Database Administrators earn a salary of $72,900 per year. A database administrator stores and organizes information within a business or organization. Database administrators design, implement, maintain, and repair a company’s database. Database administrators develop plans to increase or improve database performance and capacity. Database administrators plan, coordinate, and implement security measures to ensure safety of the database and resulting company information. Database administrators define database layouts and ensure optimal system performance.

  12. Technical Writers
    Among the best computer related jobs, the career of a technical writer is definitely a good one. There's a high demand of technical writers in the information technology sector due to their expertise of transforming technical information into simple English. Technical writers help in creating user manuals for the effective usage of software and other computer related tools. A degree in computer science and a course in technical writing is more than enough to get you a salary of more than $70,000

  13. Computer Support Specialists earn a base pay of $46,370 per year. Computer support specialists provide technical assistance to computer system users. Computer support specialists resolve computer problems and answer questions for customers through phone calls or from remote locations. Computer support specialists can also offer assistance with computer hardware and software, including printing, installation, word processing, electronic mail, and operating systems.
So these are some of the Most High Paying Computer Science Careers and Jobs with Salaries for the future career path consideration. With increasing digitalization and computerization of the whole world, it can be safely said that we see a lot horizontally and vertical  growth, expansion and diversification of computer careers and jobs in the coming future.
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