Sony PS4: PlayStation 4 Release Date of the New Console

Sony is planning PS4 release in 2013, report by "Digitimes", The Taiwanese Daily based on leads provided by well positioned equipment manufacturers for Sony. Foxconn and Pegatron, the two assemblers for Sony has claimed that they are going to start PS4 assembly line in late 2011.

According to DigiTimes, Sony has high hopes for its next console, expecting 20 million units shipment on launch next year.

Sony did not immediately respond to a request for comment. But in a telephonic interview with "Investors Today", Sony Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Masaru Kato also indicated toward New Sony PlayStation 4 Vita game console:
For the home equipment the PS3 still has a product life. But this is a platform business, so for the future platform - when we’ll be introducing what product I cannot discuss that - but our development work is already under way, so the costs are incurred there.
Though there are no confirm reports available on the graphical capabilities of new Sony PlayStation 4 Vita device, but the sources said that console will boast a Kinect like feature, allowing users to play games with only the movement of their bodies.

Sony PS4: PlayStation 4 Release Date of the New Console

Sony PS4: PlayStation 4 Release Date of the New Console

Here under is a Sony PlayStation 4 leaked launch trailer to be watched for you:

It should be noted that earlier reports suggested both Microsoft and Sony would launch their new game consoles in 2014. Officially, Sony and Microsoft still stand with their stance of not launching new consoles anytime soon, so that they can milk enough their existing PS3 and Xbox360 console.

But seeing the user expectations and excitement at E3 2011, it seems that market forces and factors will compelled the world largest gaming giant to revisit their strategies.

However, it is clear that, if Sony does release its new PS4 console next year, it will have to face very tough competition by upcoming Nintendo Wii U and Xbox 720, as Microsoft too will not be able to afford sitting out of the race, in this case. Nintendo Wii U, already announced to be released, promises better graphical capabilities and a new controller that boasts a 6.2 inch touch screen.

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