Apple iPhone 7 Plus Release Date, Specs, Price

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The story of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus is few of months old, but rumours are already flooding in thick and fast about iPhone 7 Plus. The iPhone 6S is considered as Apple's incremental 'S' release. But iPhone 7 Plus is being expected to bring radical updates to the Apple’s smartphone line-up.

Users are looking forward to have a new generation of iPhone and It seems also from company side that design and components are locked and Apple is ready to launch a new iphone series. With reports stating that Apple's production partners have started to book in production capacity now.

A recent rumour is even suggesting that the iPhone 7 Plus may have built-in Li-Wi. It is a super-fast light-based wireless system that is very similar to Wi-Fi, in terms of operation. However, it's very clear to point out that this technology is not coming in iPhone7, although Li-wi remains an interesting technology. Because there are some limitations that need to overcome before introducing this technology. But it could be possible that we may see such an advance technology in upcoming generations of Apple because Apple has to stay at the top of its game, and to maintain its market dominance.
Apple iPhone 7 Plus Release Date, Specs, Price

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Release Date, Specs, Price

Here you can read everything about the iPhone 7 Plus, what is circulating around so far.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Release date

It is being said that Apple will launch an affordable Smartphone, maybe one more in 6 generation. According to the rumors, it is possible before the arrival of its next flagship Smartphone. The iPhone 6S was released on 9 September, and most probably , user will get iPhone 7 Plus , on similar date next year, i.e. September 2016.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Specs

Apple fans are really expecting some radical redesign, as mentioned above. But the rumor is around that the iPhone 7 Plus will feature a design largely similar to the iPhone 6S before it. Besides small changes, two major improvements are expected to made, the first is removal of antenna lines and the camera set to sit flush to the Smartphones' casing. In addition to this, following features are expected to come with improvements.

More water resistant

The next iPhone will have a strengthened and waterproof frame. This rumor is supported by report from TrendForce, which claims that Apple will come up with huge changes in terms of hardware innovations such as water resistance in a bid to catch up with Samsung in terms of market share.

More thinner

iPhone 6 was the slimmst version of Apple smartphones and it is being said that next generation will be more slimmer, i.e. more thinner than the iPhone 6S, which could be made possible by ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack port.

Advanced Headphones

According to different rumors, Apple plans to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack from its upcoming iPhone 7 Plus. In this way, users will have option of wireless or Lightning-compatible headphones. Apple may not ship a pair of Lightning-enabled EarPods with the next-generation iPhone, instead opting to sell a pair of noise-cancelling Lightning headphones separately.


The most interesting rumour is about iphone 7 is its OLED screen technology. It will be the first iPhone that will use screen technology of Samsung, and that should offer a boost in vibrancy and power efficiency. iPhone 7 Plus is also expected to come up with a higher screen resolution and the displays will no doubt feature the same 3D Touch technology that debuted on the iPhone 6S.

Intel internals

The iPhone 7 Plus could be the first iPhone that may include Intel internals. According to speculations, Intel has a 1,000-strong team working to ensure that the 7360 LTE modem chip makes its way into the iPhone 7 Plus, ousting the Qualcomm 9X45 LTE chip used in the iPhone 6S. As some reports revealed that the next iPhone will ship with 3GB RAM.


As per speculations, the iPhone 7 Plus will come up with a bigger upgrade in the photography department, maybe the 5.5in handset will feature a dual rear camera, using Linx Imaging algorithms to combine the photo data into final images.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Price

As we have seen that Apple has kept the prices same for its past two iPhone releases. So ,it can be expected that Apple will continue the price trend and the iPhone 7 Plus will be available at £539 and £699 for the 128GB model.
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