Apple iPhone 7S Plus Release Date, Specs, Price

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Although fans have appreciated the iPhone6 and 6Plus and the actual product in hand was not much different from its expecting features but there were some things that Apple need to be changed or improved in coming series of iPhone 7 and 7Plus. iPhone apparent design has got strong criticism from expert’s side. That’s why Apple is expecting to revise some design aspects in upcoming series.

First revision is the removal of the bump created by the aperture on the phones body and the other revision is said to be a change to how the antenna bands work on the handset. At the moment, the bands on the iPhone 6 models create white borders on the rear of the phone, meaning the top and bottom of the handset are divided awkwardly. Critics have called the current design unsightly – a criticism Apple may have taken to heart.

By having a look at previous trend of iPhone series, it can be assumed that iPhone and S Plus come not with huge differences but some functions including an alteration to the camera which will result in a slightly different look around the aperture, are always there. By 6S and 6S Plus , it was the same story. Apple is said to be interested in using a thinner and smaller camera module on the iPhone 7. By doing so would remove the bump the aperture currently creates on the body of the iPhone 6 and 6S, meaning the back of the phone would be smooth and flush.
Apple iPhone 7S Plus Release Date, Specs, Price

Apple iPhone 7S Plus Release Date, Specs, Price

According to the latest rumors, Apple could launch three different iPhone 7 handsets this year. Here you can find all details about one of them i.e. iPhone 7S Plus.

Apple iPhone 7S Plus Release Date

The tech giant is expected to release not only one but three new handset later this year most probably in September 2016 and it had been assumed it would continue the trend established with the iPhone 6. It means , Apple is going to introduce different models including a standard 4.7ins handset and a larger 5.5ins Plus model.

Apple iPhone 7S Plus Specs

If the rumors are true and Apple does decide to bring out three iPhones in September including the standard iPhone 7 and two different Plus versions , it would be the first time the company has offered different hardware options for the same device, aside from storage and the colour of the casing. Following are some specs that are most expected in the iPhone 7 Plus such as:
Camera of upcoming series is one of the focused features. It is expected that the iPhone 7 Plus' CCMs will be 12 megapixel compact image sensors (CIS), one supporting optical image stabilization and a wider field of view, while the other will come loaded for bear with a 2-3x telephoto lens.

  • The dual-camera setup would enable the device to take independent photos from both camera holes and use ŒLinx Imaging¹ algorithms to combine the photo data into final images for users to see. In addition to this, the enhanced camera setup could also give the iPhone 7 Plus optical zoom capabilities. It will also allow the phone to take clear photographs from a distance.
  • Due to the new premium dual-camera option, iPhone 7 Plus is expected to be the most expensive iPhone on sale.
  • We have seen that the biggest different between the iPhone 6 and new iPhone 6s was their screens, likethey both measure 4.7in and have a resolution of 750 x 1334, but the major update in iPhone 7Plus will be 3D Touch.
  • A slight change in the basic design is also expected such as the use of a stronger 7,000 series aluminium to reduce the risk of the phone bending when sat on in your pocket. This feature will add a fraction of a millimeter to the thickness of the handset.
  • Although Apple smart phones have not big storage related issues- like other handsets but fans of Apple were really upset by again failing to increase the minimum iPhone storage from 16GB to 32GB in 6 and 6Plus. But it is expected that the story will be different in terms of storage when 7S and 7S Plus will hit the market. May be the new model will include a microSD card slot to increase this, which is always missing in Apple smart phones.

Apple iPhone 7S Plus Price

By having a look on previous trends of trend of Apple, i.e. iPhone 6 priced at £539 for the 16GB model, £619 for the 64GB model and £699 for the 128GB model. iPhone 7S Plus will be available for a suggested retail price of £739 for the 16GB model, £769 for the 64GB model and £799 for the 128GB model.
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