White iPod Touch 5G: Release Date, Specs, Features, Price and Rumors

White iPod Touch 5G: Release Date, Specs, Features, Price and Rumors
With White iPhone and a White iPad already in hand, an idea of a new White iPod Touch 5G does not seems to be fairly tale. But if a White iPod Touch 5G could be next in the line by Apple, how will it look like? and what will be the new White iPod Touch Specs and Features?

Apple's new White iPod Touch 5G Rumors

Apple White iPod Touch 5G wish lists and rumors are hot in the discussion over the internet, websites, blog and forum like MacRumors.com and 9to5mac.com. You can see all these discussion, revolving around and showcasing what a supposed to be next generation Apple iPod Touch 5G would look like.

No doubt, both Apple and its users seem to have developed a taste for white colored gadgets. It all began with the stainless steel Apple iPhone 4 White colored. Although it did not performed well due to three time delayed and back lights leakage issues, which were eventually fixed thanks to a Japanese magical paint, which was still unable to white wash the damage of user annoyance.
iPod5G White: iPod White Screen Touch Rumors and Features
Then after the White iPhone 4, followed a White iPad 2 by Apple in March this year. And now White iPod Touch is next in Apple’s lineup of white colored devices. Though it is not officially confirmed by Apple, but increasingly becoming crazy users are not going to stop and Apple being a business can not just ignore consumer demand and exceptions for an Apple iPod Touch White.

White iPod Touch 5G Specs and Features

However, the question of the new White iPod Touch 5G Specs and Features is still there with what changes will the next generation White iPod Touch would or could bring in, other then a white colored skin?

According to the rumor mill, you can expect the new White iPod Touch 5G to become equipped with a 5 MP camera, 3D screen and a button free face.

White iPod Touch 5G Release Date and Price

For further detail, see our previous post, which summarized them up for Apple iPod Touch 5G Rumors, Features, Price and Release Date.
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