Apple iPhone 5, iPad 3 Release Date in October 2011,New Reports Says

Apple iPhone 5, iPad 3 Release Date in October 2011New Reports
Thanks to some details from inside sources at a number of Taiwan-based suppliers, DigiTimes has predicted an October 2011 Release both for Apple iPhone 5 and Apple iPad 3.

It is expected that Apple iPad 3 will be thinner and lighter than iPad 2 with resolution of 250DPI, almost double than iPad 2. The Apple iPhone 5 is expected to get A5 chip for 3D games, 8 mega pixel camera, larger screen and many other new features.

The sources of the reports, DigiTimes has cited are the companies that use to supply and/or assembly parts for Apple, including display manufacturers Wintek and TPK, battery suppliers Dynapack and Simplo, chassis supplier Catcher and camera supplier Largan Precision. As expected, the devices will be put together by Foxconn at their plants in China.

The report claims that the production for the Apple iPhone 5 and the thinner lighter Apple iPad 3 will begin in August for an October 2011 launch. It seems unlikely that Apple would roll out another iPad just months after the iPad 2 was introduced, since it has traditionally stuck to the once-a-year product model, but one thing is for certain, iPhone enthusiasts are chomping at the bit to get their hands on what is expected to be the best iPhone yet.

About the Apple iPhone 5, iPad 3 Release Date, DigiTimes sources says:
Apple only plans to launch one model of the new iPhone, while iPad 3 has just recently been added to the production schedule with both set to be produced in small volumes in August and the volume will start picking up in September and October.
Analysts expect that Apple will ship somewhere between 6 to 7 million units of the next iPhone handset, iPhone 5 in the third quarter of 2011. Combined with the still strong-selling iPhone 4, iPhone shipments for the quarter could reach up to 25 million. While there are few analyst reports that include an iPad 3 release in their predictions, with a new iPad launching before the holidays Apple could see 2011 sales top 40 million for their wildly-selling tablet device.

It might be interesting to recall, Apple's unhappy reaction on Samsung's legal request to view prototype versions of the iPad 3 and iPhone 5 has sparked more heat between the two rivals. Now a repartee comes from the Cupertino company calling Samsung “the copyist” and claiming that the Korean company is doing nothing but trying to harass them with unreasonable demands. Apple has filed a case asking the judge to deny information access request by Samsung.

So, its no doubt that Apple will continue its annual release of products this year too. There are already enough indicators to believe that the fifth generation Apple iPhone 5 is set to be released in September/October 2011 as iTechWhiz has already reported in April, in a post Apple iPhone 5G Release Date, News, Features and Specs. Along with iPhone 5 Apple iPad 3 might be released too, but chances of doubt are there for iPad 3. Anyway, both Apple iPhone 5 and Apple iPad 3 are surely going to have have Apple iOS 5 included.

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  1. There is no absolute independence in decision, even for a Superpower like United States. Apple too do have threats, challenges and compulsions and insecurities from competitors and market forces.


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