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Download Apple iOS 7 beta and view new iOS7 Features of the new 7th generation mobile operating system to be used with iPhone 5S, iPod Touch 6G, iPad 5, iPad Mini 2 and/or iPhone 6.

An iOS 7 update for iPhone 5 and iPod 5 touch is also expected by Apple, a major player in the software market along-with Microsoft and Google, with huge fan base for its iOS based products. Apple is also popular for its Mac OS X based MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro personal computers.

June 10-14, Apple software and hardware is under the spotlight internationally, due to Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2013) in San Francisco.

Apple is set for iOS7 release, the launch of next version of Apple mobile operating system. Its is too early to say that iOS7 is do or die thing for Apple, but the truth is Apple really needs to bring something real solid to get out of the declining situation.

In this era of robust mobile devices, operating system plays huge role for success of the device. Several unique feature provided by operating system can attract crowd to purchase the device along with design and hardware residing the devices.

Thanks to late CEO Steve Jobs, despite of falling market share, Apple still enjoys a reputation of excellent quality and usability in its products and services.

The banners outside the event venue of Apple WWDC 2013, with a big number seven on one banner, represent the new iOS7.

iOS7 Features List of new iPhone Operating System

Apple has been carefully analyzing the competitive smartphone landscape in order to maintain parity with its Android and Windows Phone competitors in terms of iOS7 features and functions. Here under is the Apple iOS7 features list that is expected from the next version of iOS:
  • iOS 7 Design, Look and Feel

    Apple definitely took cues from both Metro (Windows Phone) and Holo (Android) in redesigning their phone interface, and I dig it – a clean Helvetica typeface, fluorescent colors, the degree of polish. Nowadays everyone copies from each other, but Apple is definitely good at that, and they always manage to refine it to their own style.

    In late May it seemed that iOS 7 had found its way out into flat redesign. It seems that everything starts with a new Lock screen, where the glossy image and clock have been replaced by a stark black screen with supposed improved gesture controls.

    Even the security code pad has been altered, and instead of the familiar overlay, a new interface with round, black keys with white text has emerged. Apple iOS7 design might surprise users, by replace the vibrant look and feel with a more minimalist, monochromatic approach.
    Apple iOS7 new Design
  • iOS 7 Control Center

    iOS7 now lets you swipe up from the device and get to the controls that you want right away, whether you want to play a song, turn on airplane mode, turn on a flashlight, or whatever else. Users can access it from anywhere, including the lock screen.
    Apple iOS7 Control Center
  • Apple iOS 7 Multitasking

    Multi-tasking came with iOS 4 with select apps, but now it comes with all apps on iOS 7 to try to improve battery life. Say you have an app you are using constantly, then iOS 7 learns what you use often and will give that app frequent background activity to keep it up to date for when you need it. It's like data scheduling.

    The new iOS7 has been built on industrial strength of OS X. Apple says that they’re all about supporting longer battery life when an app is running. With iOS7, multi-tasking will be available for all apps with greater battery life. Including intelligent scheduling, opportunistic updates, adapts to network conditions, and has push triggers.

    The multi-tasking menu itself also shows app cards, so that you can see what each app is doing, rather than a small bouncing tray of icons as before.
    Apple iOS 7 Multitasking

  • iOS7 new Photo App and Camera

    iOS7 comes with new camera support that allows users to swipe between multiple camera apps, whether it’s Instagram, the native app, or any others. Apple also just added filters.

    In order to help better organize photos into Moments, Apple has unveiled a new Photos app that is automatically generated as you shoot. With a retina display, it’s believed that users can make out patterns. The device can help you remember when specific photos have been taken. Photos can also be shared through Airdrop through Facebook, iCloud, Twitter, and email. Shared photo streams can also be made allowing people to collaborate when they’re on trips. Videos can also be shared with friends.
    Apple iOS 7 new Photo App and Camera
  • Apple iOS 7 Siri

    Siri has also been updated with iOS7 with new voices, both male and female, and additional language support for French and Spanish. Apple says that it has gotten a lot smarter and can control device settings like Voicemail, brightness, Bluetooth, and more. Microsoft’s Bing search engine has also been integrated, as has Twitter and Wikipedia support.

  • Apple iOS 7 Safari

    Safari is said to be the most popular mobile browser and now comes with a new full screen. Users can tap at the top to get a smart search field with one-tap access to their favorites and search URLs. It also includes parental controls and iCloud keychain that also comes with Apple’s new OS Mavericks.

  • iOS7 Airdrop

    Apple’s way to share files with people around them. When accessed, the app will pull up a share sheet where you can send photos, videos, and files with your friends and can pass it along to multiple people. In a bit of a pot shot at Samsung, Apple says that iOS device users will not have to bump devices.

  • iOS in the Car

    Apple iOS 7 is set to make a big jump to Auto in 2014. The iOS 7 will allow you to use things like maps, messages and music, in your car. Apple iOS 7 will allows car manufacturers to integrate the operating system with built-in screens in vehicles, as well as full Siri support for eyes-free usage. Cars will be able to read your iMessages to you and allow you to dictate a response, as well as use other features such as accessing Maps for directions and controlling the music player.

    Apple iOS 7  in the Car

  • iTunes Radio

    iTunes Radio is built straight into the music app. It combines Spotify with to bring Apple's own twist on unlimited streamed music. The iTunes Radio home page is all about radio stations. Some are provided by Apple, others you can create yourself. All you need to do is search for an artist and then iTunes Radio will create a station based around them. Like what you are listening to? Then let iTunes Radio know by favouriting a song, it will then in turn offer more similar content.
    Apple iOS 7 iTunes Radio

  • App Store Upgrade

    There's an all new look for the famous App Store, which we found out earlier now has over 900,000 apps, making it easier to find those tiny programs to fritter away precious moments before death.

    You can search for apps based on age range in iOS 7, which Apple is pushing as a great feature for parents, while the 'Apps near me' feature will show you the most popular apps based on your current location. We assume it's a good idea to drive swiftly away if you suddenly near a car park and apps to 'make friends easily' come up on your iPhone.

    And something which will probably please a huge amount of the Apple fan-base: apps will now update automatically in the background. Presumably this can be turned off, or simple changes that wreck an app will leave users helpless to do anything about it.
On WWDC 2013 stage, at Moscone Center while unveiling the iOS 7, after Apple CEO Tim Cook and Chief Designer, Jony Ive; Craig Federighi, Apple's Senior Vice President of Software Engineering offered an in-depth analysis of the iOS 7 with these 24 features:
  1. Enterprise single sign-on
  2. View PDF annotations
  3. Inclinometer
  4. Long MMS support
  5. Per app VPN
  6. Maps bookmark syncing
  7. Phone, FaceTime and Message blocking
  8. Smart download of TV episodes
  9. Notification sync
  10. Night mode for Maps
  11. WiFi HotSpot 2.0
  12. Scan to acquire Passbook passes
  13. Turn-by-turn walking directions
  14. FaceTime audio
  15. New smart Mailboxes
  16. Managed app configuration
  17. App Store Volume Purchase
  18. Tencent Weibo
  19. Chinese English bilingual dictionary
  20. Handwriting recognition for multiple Chinese characters
  21. Improved Mail search
  22. Streamline MDM enrollment
  23. Do Not Track option in Safari
  24. Italian, Korean and Dutch dictionaries

Download iOS7 beta for iPhone 5/4s/4 and iPod Touch 5G

Below are the link to download Apple new iOS 7 beta 1 for your device, if you are an Apple developer: However, not all handsets will have full functionality. The following table shows you what are the features that will work on your device:

Apple iOS 7 Compatibility List
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