Mink 3D Makeup Printer Release Date and Sale Price

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Learn what is Mink 3D Makeup Printer, its price, availability and release date to know when it goes for sale.

iTechWhiz has been presenting its readers, with the wonderful 3D Future Technology Printers and their applications. But the TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2014 event uncovered an amazing new application of 3D Printing, in the field of beauty and cosmetics.

Girls always love makeup. No matter what the age is, younger or older the feminine always want be beautiful. So makeup matters to everyone. Because People like to look better than others. That is the human nature.

When beauty is the question, Mink is the new answer. Mink is a desktop printer that prints makeup. It can take any image and instantly transform it into a wearable color cosmetic. Makeup Printing technology is such an amazing idea that it got attention of everybody including CNN, Today, Gizmag and Elle.

Mink 3D Makeup Printer Release Date and Sale Price

Mink 3D Makeup Printer Release Date and Sale Price

The world is getting developed day by day. Especially the technology is climbing up hills fast every day. So all the things are getting related with the technology and everything has come to a few second reach. Recently, 3D cloth printing has started successfully. So makeup industry is also got technology touch to make 3D Makeup printers.

With the Mink 3D makeup printer, now you can print the makeup you like at your home in few seconds. Mink makeup printer lets you to select any color from internet or any color from a picture which you have taken as a photo from your Phone. With Mink 3D makeup printer in any colors lipstick, eye shadow, eye lashes or anything can be produced.

The way of getting the output is once you select the color, it is getting along with Photoshop. After the processing mechanism, and previewing, the user is allowed to click "print". Within few seconds, the desired makeup is printed in 3D. That means you will have a real makeup on your hands.

Mink 3D Makeup Printer Release Date

Grace Choi, the founder of this amazing invention and she has studied at the Harvard Business School. According to her, Mink 3D makeup printer will catch the girls of age between 16 and 21 who eagerly like to put different colored makeup on themselves.

The Mink makeup printer debuted at TechCrunch Disrupt 2014, and was picked up in top 3 ideas by the judges. It is seen as one of the most practical applications of 3D printing for commercial and domestic users.

Mink Makeup Printer is currently under development stage and company has opened Developer API Signup at its website:
We are working super hard to bring you only the best possible product but in the meantime we hope you'll join us in the revolution! Please click on the link below to sign up as a software developer or to be notified when the Mink will be available.
Although, Mink 3D Makeup Printer Release Date has not been yet announced by the company, the product is expected to be in Q4, 2015.

Mink 3D Makeup Printer Price for Sale

Well, it is too soon to make such predictions, especially since the beauty and cosmetic industry is worth hundreds of millions of dollars and growing. There are makeup products from low budget to high budget. The common idea among the people about makeup is the high priced ones are better than low price ones. But the Mink 3D makeup printing might become a tough competitor for other cosmetic manufacturing companies, thanks to its personalization features and affordable price point.

The company aims to set Mink 3D Makeup printer price as low as 200 US dollars, when Mink 3D makeup printers go for sale in the public market.

Mink 3D Makeup Printer Cosmetics Quality

Makeup is something which tackles with the human body, it has to be well verified regarding its quality. The printer will use the basic ingredients used to make the makeup in the normal way as pigments. Mink makeup printer will mix up those ingredients and will produce the custom makeup product for user.

According to the founder, Mink 3D make up printer makes beauty products up to the standard of other makeup products which are produced by top cosmetics products manufacturer in the world like Maybelline, Revlon, L’Oreal, Urban Decay, Oriflame, Olay, MAC, Clinique, Lancome and Avon.

3D Makeup Printer Advantages

Instead of being restricted to a limited color palette, users will be able to print (and wear) makeup of any color in the world, from the comfort of their own homes.

Another advantage of Mink makeup printer is time saving. You do not have to go to shop by shop to find the cosmetic which satisfies you. You can produce your own makeup at home easily. So the produced makeup by Mink makeup printer will be unique and customized for you personally. Because of this advantage, Mink 3D printers are expected to be huge hit. Anyone with Mink makeup printer cherish their summer this year with the unique makeup products which are produced by themselves in 3 dimension at home.

Although, the 3D printers for cosmetics is a very interesting application of technology, it needs to be further analyzed and perfected.
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