MEMI Smart Bracelet Release Date and Price

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Read about MEMI Smart Bracelet Release Date and Price, which combines fashion, technology and function in one cool gadget.

Every person who is so into the technology, loves to see the gadgets that can make life good. Not only boys, but also girls who like to live inside this technology prefer most of the things which have an influence in technology.

From the mobile phone to the clothes, Wearable Technology is available in various shapes. We have already seen Cool Gadgets like Google Glass and Smart Watches.

Health and Fitness bands is another application of wearable technology. MEMI Smart Bracelet is an amazing new gadget that embeds wearable technology in the jewelry as well. The girls today, like technology so much, they will love these kind of jewelery gadgets.

Although, MEMI Smart bracelet is originally intended for girls, as this smart bracelet is especially targeting the young women all over the world. But the company has a male smart bracelet too, wearable by the boys.

MEMI Smart Bracelet Release Date and Price

You have seen Smartphones, Smartwatches and SmartGlasses; now get ready for MEMI Smartbracelet. Presented at the TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2014 by a Startup compay Alley.

MEMI is an incredibly useful device, as it is able to solve some of the issues the male-driven tech world has not been able to solve so far. From feminine point of view, keeping ones cell phone in ones purse is the safest way to carry it around. Also in the markets and crowded places, you don't hear your phone ring or receiving text messages.

Sure, there are Smartwatches already available, but the problem is they are more watches than bracelets. This is where MEMI is the solution, a smart wearable but that look exactly like a jewelry. The MEMI smartbracelet kills two birds with one stone, by elegantly solving technology and style issues. Checkout here MEMI Smart Bracelet idea, design, colors, models and every other information.

Sarah Perez of TechCrunch wanted to buy the device right away, on the spot. While talking Margaux Guerard, the founder of Allay, the company working of MEMI, she said:
The best thing about the MEMI bracelet is that it doesn’t look like a wearable device. It looks like jewelry. It's a tad heavier than a similarly-styled bracelet I have at home, but the weight, explains Guerard, is something they've been experimenting with. She says that when testing prior, lighter versions, some of the feedback they received from women was that bracelets that were too light felt "cheap". So the MEMI, which will be available in gold and silver, is designed with aesthetics in mind. It's the kind of thing you might buy for yourself anyway, even if it didn’t come with its included smarts. And when someone sees the bracelet dangling on your wrist, they don't immediately know it's a device. Which is cool.

MEMI Smart Bracelet Release Date and Price

You can wear this smart bracelet simply as jewelry. You can do whatever you want to this smart bracelet. You can wear it as just jewelry or as a one with lot more functions. Even the MEMI can be connected to an iPhone as well. Let look at MEMI Smart Bracelet features:
  1. Vibration Alerts on Call, SMS and Calender Events

    The MEMI smart phone vibrates in three different ways when getting calls, text messages and calendar alerts. And also it has a discrete side button to turn on and turn off the bracelet.

  2. LED Indications

    There is a LED light available in the bracelet to notify that the MEMI is powered on. And also the LED light will light up when the MEMI is charging itself.

  3. Double-tap Sensor

    Double tap motion sensing is also available in this smart bracelet. So when you want to stop the vibrations from calls, text messages and from calendar alerts, you can simply double tap the MEMI. After you double tap the MEMI the LED light in the bracelet will light up.

  4. Bluetooth and micro-USB Connectivity

    Surprisingly, along with Bluetooth, MEMI Smart Bracelet has a micro-USB port. This USB port is hidden in the bracelet. So when you want to charge the smart bracelet or to update the software inside the MEMI, you can use this micro USB port.

  5. Longer Battery Life

    The MEMI will have a long battery life. Even though you wear it all over the day, the battery of the MEMI will be there for at most five days on stand by. However, the actual battery life will depend on the amount of calls, text messages and calendar alerts.

  6. MEMI Smartphone Compatibility

    The MEMI is compatible only with the iPhone series starting from the iPhone 4S. At present it is not compatible with other smart phones which hold the operating systems of Android and Windows. MEMI is not compatible with Palm phone and Blackberry as well.
MEMI Smart Bracelet Release Date and Price

MEMI Smart Bracelet Release Date

MEMI does not cost a lot of money. MEMI smart bracelet is available for pre-orders for $150, which is quite a good price for a hi-tech style accessory. You will be able to spend your money reasonably to an affordable amount.

MEMI Smart Bracelet Release Date

MEMI Smart Bracelet release date is not yet officially announce, but is expected during the Q4, 2015. So, we have to wait few months to see this brand new gadget. Everyone is expecting the release of this marvelous product and it will be very soon.
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