LeapBand Kids Fitness and Activity Tracker Reviews

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The Leapfrog LeapBand is a wristband activity tracker and watch for kids that aims to get them fitter and healthier while having a load of fun at the same time.

Children are normally active than adults. But sometimes there are occasions where the children are not active and they seem to be bored.

For a child to grow healthy exercises are needed. Not the exercises actually. The important thing is being active. For that exercises are only a part of the routine. There are more things to make a child active. From the birth to death, to have a life with fitness physical, mental and social healthiness is required. To be a person who appears as a well built one in the society, he or she should maintain a good mental condition and a good physical condition.

So to maintain a good mental condition and a physical condition, being active is a must. When someone is active, he or she is happy. Happiness leads to a good mentality level inside a person. Therefore from the childhood children must be taught and practiced for a life with full of activity.

There are tech products for adults to maintain a good physical fitness. Many companies do their best to release the best out of the best to help the health of the entire world. But the products for kids are not that vast as the products for adults.

Activity trackers, from the likes of Fitbit, Jawbone and Nike, are all the rage, and children can get quite excited by the statistics, competition and rewards they offer. But none, except maybe the colourful Fitbit Zip, are particularly aimed at a child’s sense of fun.

LeapFrog LeapBand Kids Fitness and Activity Tracker Reviews

LeapFrog is a company which is popular for kid tech products. They have been in the industry throughout and they have made laptops and tablets for children. This time what they have made is an activity band. This activity band is names as LeapBand by LeapFrog Company. It is a wearable gadget and the kids can wear the LeapBand around their wrists.

LeapBand Kids Fitness and Activity Tracker Reviews

If we consider about the outer appearance of the LeapBand, it is very colorful. The band is used by children. So obviously it has to be colorful to grasp the attention of the children. This activity band is almost a wrist watch. So children can wear it leisurely.

At first glance it’s a bit bulky, but for kids, the bigger the better, right? They come in a variety of colours and there are personalized pets such as a monkey, panda, dragon or unicorn that "live" in the band to help guide the kids through activity challenges.

LeapFrog LeapBand Kids Fitness and Activity Tracker Reviews

To increase the activeness of the children, LeapFrog has included 8 virtual characters. The children can unlock these characters by doing some activities.

Games like Pet Chef (collect the healthy food items), Pet Boogie (a dancing game), and Pet Salon (teaching proper hygiene) provide fun ways for kids to interact with their pets and learn about healthy living, while 14 preloaded challenges command kids to "pop like popcorn," "walk like a crab," and "wiggle like a worm" with the accelerometer tracking their every move. Additional challenges can be downloaded from the company's LeapFrog Connect app. Parents can then track their kids' activity through an accompanying app.

LeapFrog LeapBand Kids Fitness and Activity Tracker Reviews

So the children can do the activities and unlock these free challenges and games. The goal of creating a wearable device like this is to increase the activity of the children by getting their attention.

LeapBand Fitness and Activity Tracker for kids is made in a way that it is hard to break. The kids might fall, spill water and they will do many more things. The band is made in such a way by having a clear protection over those things.

Speaking of which, as a parent, you can lock the watch so that during school hours it’s just a digital watch and then back to it is normal fun self afterwards.

You can buy LeapBand Kids fitness and activity Tracker online at official LeapFrog website, Amazon or on some shops in the United Kingdom.

The colourful £29.99 Leapfrog LeapBand is made especially for kids in that it encourages active play plus healthy eating habits with help from a customisable pet pal and a bunch of appealing rewards.

Overall there is no doubt, you can definitely afford to get one for your kids especially if gets them outside and let's face it some kids need to lose some weight too. We hope that your children will love the LeapBand very much.
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