iPhone 6S Release Date, Specs, Price, Feartures [Rumors]

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Apple had released two new version of iPhones; iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, in September 2014.

In the past few months, news has focused on supply shortages, which iPhone is better, and, of course, #BendGate. Now, the tech grapevine is shifted from the iPhone 6 models to the Upcoming iPhone 6S Launch.

Apple iPhone 6S Release Date, Specs and Price have already been under discussion. Because, in the current era of smartphones, a leading smartphone company has to keep competing against even itself, to outdone and improve its previous products and come up with newer and better phones.

People are full with anticipation while waiting to see what Apple, the great leading company of smartphones, will come up with this time regarding its new product, iPhone 6S. Let’s review the speculation about iPhone 6S Release Date, Specs and Price.

iPhone 6S Release Date, Specs, Price, Features [Rumors Roundup]

With only days to go until Apple releases its latest round of hardware, we round up the latest rumours and leaks from Apple HQ and present you with the fullest picture possible surrounding the iPhone 6S release date, specs and features. Please find below the rumors round up of iPhone 6S Release Date, Specs, Price and Features:

iPhone 6S Release Date

Currently, there are two different rumors regarding the iPhone 6S Release Date. One side of rumor suggests that iPhone 6S will be released in the spring next year together with Apple Watch 2015.

However, according to China’s Economic Daily News, supply chain sources disagree. For, them it will be impossible for Apple to be ready to release iPhone 6S in the spring because Apple would not have enough time to finish iPhone 6S to be released in the spring next year. These prediction hints the new iPhone 6S coming out in September 2015, as per usual annual release cycle.

Nevertheless, Apple has not announced the exact official iPhone 6S Launch Date, and all we have are just rumors.

iPhone 6S Specs and Features

Another highly discussed topic is iPhone 6S Specs and Features. However, there is not much known about the upcoming iPhone 6S specifications.

Even the name, iPhone 6S, is rumored to be changed. Although it is still a great possibility that the name of the product will be iPhone 6S. Some marketing experts believe that people have started to be bored with iPhone 'number' and typical Apple naming conventions. Apple needs fresh, innovative names for its future products. Whatever the name will be, the specs need to be spectacular in order for the product to be a successful sale. Let's review the rumored iPhone 6S specs and features:
  1. iPhone 6S Deign

    First is the physical specs of iPhone 6S. It is predicted that the physical design of iPhone 6S will not be different from the previous Apple's product, iPhone 6. It seems that iPhone 6S will have similar physical design and sizes to iPhone 6 which are around 138 x 67 x 6.9 mm and 4.7 inch display screen.

  2. iPhone 6S Display

    The body will probably be the same as iPhone 6 with smooth and Glossy Metal Unibody construction. However, there is another opposite rumor that suggests that iPhone 6S will have a completely different physical design. The rumor suggests that iPhone 6S will have display screen that curves the side edges of the device, naming it Sidewall displays. Though we think it less likely.

  3. iPhone 6S Sapphire Glass

    Also, there is a rumor that iPhone 6S display screen will be made of sapphire glass. Apple Watch has been advertised as having sapphire glass as its display screen. However, Apple sapphire glass supplier, GT Advanced Technologies, Inc. has gone bankrupt. Apple will need to look for another sapphire supplier to fulfill its already promised sapphire glass display screen of Apple Watch. So, it seems unlikely that iPhone 6S will have sapphire glass as its display screen.

  4. iPhone 6S A9 Chip

    Some other exciting iPhone 6S rumors suggest that the new iPhone 6S will use A9 Processor Chip, though the new technology is still under development currently. It is very rare for the competing companies of Apple and Samsung to collaborate on a project. However, this time, Apple and Samsung work together to create A9 processor by using 14nm FinFET technology. The A9 chip uses 35% less battery and offers 20% more processing power. The A9 chip is based on thanks to the 14nm technology, which makes it 15% smaller than 20nm chips, allowing more space for bigger battery and additional sensors.

  5. iPhone 6S DSLR Camera

    It seems that Apple has decided to upgrade the iPhone 6S camera. The iPhone 6S camera will be Dual Lenses DSLR. Although phone cameras are now generally able to produce an excellent quality photos, none has ever been able to surpass, or even produce the same quality as, DSLR cameras. That is the reason why everyone want iPhone 6S dual lenses DSLR camera rumors to turn true.

  6. iPhone 6S Features iOS 9 Software

    Apple iPhone 6S features new iOS 9 as operating system, although there has not been any official announcement about iOS 9 upgrade.

  7. iPhone 6S Battery Life

    Some recent reports suggests that iPhone 6S battery will be able to be charged wireless or by using reversible USB charger.

  8. iPhone 6S Mini Rumors

    There are some reports about a smaller, 4-inches iPhone 6S mini release, along with the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus in 2015. While most agree that such a move seems unlikely, a new report from analyst Timothy Arcuri of Cowen and Company, with AppleInsider adds weight to the iPhone 6S mini rumors. Under an iPhone 6S design shape, the rumored iPhone 6S mini specs actually includes similar hardware capabilities of the iPhone 5S with some low-cost components, make it as a budget friendly option like iPhone 5C.

iPhone 6S Price Rumors

The last, but not least, iPhone 6S price might be a little more than Apple previous product. Due to the improved iPhone 6S processor and camera. However, looking at Apple iPhone pricing model, we estimate the new iPhone 6S price not to be too different from iPhone 6 price, even with all those great improvements.
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