CES 2015 Exhibitions Highlights, Preview and Predictions

Checkout CES 2015 Exhibition highlights, preview and our predictions about the new Android SmartPhones, Smartwatches, TV and tablets Samsung, Sony, LG, Huawei, ZTE, htc and Motorola coming out in Las Vegas, Nevada, on January 6th to 9th, 2015.

Although, CES 2015 has been scheduled to be on January 6th, there are already be some CES activities taking place since January 4th. The activities includes seminars by professionals and press conferences by the leading electronic and technology companies that will exhibit their newest products in CES exhibition.

Consumer Electronics Show (CES), is one of the largest international exhibitions featuring technology from phone, personal gadgets to home appliance, cars and commercial systems. The tech products showcased on CES 2015 includes new televisions, computers, notebooks, tablets, mobile phones, connectivity devices and other gadgets.

The crazily fast development of technology makes everything seem possible, and CES 2015 Previews those amazing possibilities with technology innovation. A lot of great electronic and technology companies participating in CES 2015 exhibition, makes people excitedly about CES 2015 Preview and Predictions.

CES 2015 Exhibition will take place in several places in Las Vegas such as Mandalay Bay, LVCC (Las Vegas Convention Center), ARIA, Sands, Bellagio, 4 Seasons Hotel, Venetian, Westgate.

CES 2015 Exhibitions Highlights, Preview and Predictions

CES 2015 Exhibitions Highlights, Preview and Predictions

Although it sounds very exciting, unfortunately, CES is a trade-only trade show that is not opened to the public. CES is the opportunity for electronic and technology companies to show and promote their latest high tech products, learn about the latest development on the technology market and the current trends, and discover the latest product of their rival companies.

CES 2015 Exhibitions

CES 2015 exhibition will be divided into three different exhibitions called CES Tech East, CES Tech West, and C Space to make it easier for the participants to navigate the exhibitions.

CES Tech East will be located at LVCC, Westgate Las Vegas, and Renaissance Las Vegas. CES Tech East will host the exhibition of the latest development in internet services, video, digital imaging or photography, automotive electronics, gaming, computer, audio. Apple's product such as iPod, iPhone, and iPad can be found and bought in CES Tech East, particularly in LVCC.

CES Tech West will be located at Sands Expo, Venetian, Palazzo, Wynn Las Vegas and Wynn/Encore. CES Tech West will host the exhibition of the latest technologies in education and kids, fitness and health, sensors, robotics, wearables, etc. The products and developments of big companies such as Bosch, Robotics Trends, Living in Digital Times, National Science Foundation can be found in CES Tech West.

C Space at ARIA is the official CES destination for creative communicators, brand marketers, advertising agencies and digital publishers. It is the place where, CES participants have the opportunity to increase their social networks and knowledge. Conferences about marketing and technologies, events, and activities will be carried out in C Space. Participants can move freely to the three exhibitions by a transportation system provided to connect the three exhibitions. As long as a person has a CES badge, he/she can attend the three exhibitions and use the transportation system to visit all three exhibitions.

Smartwatches, Smartphones, Tablets

It has not been long since people are being amazed for the first time by the creation of smartphones and tablets. Now, they should be prepared once again to welcome another leap of technology development in the form of smartwatches that is predicted to be a common device in the next decades. The idea of smartwatches have been present since years ago, but it is only recently that smartwatches can do more than as a calculator or a device to measure hear rate. Recent smartwatches can be used to make calls and send text and voice messages, do some internet browsing, etc.

Apple Watch in CES 2015

Indeed, in CES 2015 Preview and Predictions, smartwatches are presumed to be the center of the exhibition. Since it is still a new, fresh technology, and people are full with anticipation over the first release of the new smartwatches, many great companies are racing to top each other in developing the most high end smartwatches. There is the much talked Apple's smartwatch, Apple Watch. Apple Watch has been announced to be released in the early 2015, but, unfortunately, it seems that Apple Watch will not be presented at CES 2015.

Bosch and Whirlpool will exhibit connected home products, and FitBit, UnderArmour, and other wearable makers will set up shop in Tech West. In fact, we also expect the first Apple HomeKit product to show up at CES 2015 from iDevices.

Smartwatches in CES 2015

Nevertheless, other great companies, such as Samsung, Motorola, LG, Lenovo, are expected to display their newest smartwatches in CES 2015. Samsung will be likely to show its new version of Samsung Gear S, the brand of Samsung's smartwatch. Motorola and LG are also likely to show their new version of Moto 360 and LG G Watch R, the brands of their smartwatches respectively. In addition, CES 2015 is predicted to be the event when Lenovo display its first smartwatch product.

Samsung Galaxy S6 in CES 2015

Smartphones and tablets are also hotly discussed in CES 2015 Preview and Predictions. Many people predict the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Release in CES 2015, but later rumor says that this might not happen. It seems that Samsung Galaxy S6 is more likely to be presented in MWC (Mobile World Congress) that is scheduled on March 2nd - 5th, 2015 in Barcelona.

Flexible Smartphones in CES 2015

However, we can still expect another hot development from Samsung in CES 2015, which is Samsung Youm flexible screen. Another anticipated new product is the phablets by Sony, namely Sony Xperia Z4 Compacts and Sony Xperia Z4 Ultra, in CES 2015. Furthermore, LG is also expected to display the new version of LG G Flex 2 (LG flexible smartphone) in CES 2015.

Virtual Reality Headsets at CES 2015

CES is as much about entertainment as it is anything else, so Virtual Reality innovations are well within the scope of the show. At CES 2015, this is the year virtual reality goes an even big highlight. We expect to see more from Oculus, more details about the Samsung Gear VR, Valve VR headset and Sony Morpheus. We also see others companies designing new VR hardware or working on content (games, apps, movies) experiences for the early headsets already available as previews.

TVs at CES 2015

We expect to see some real television innovation that truly improves our viewing experience beyond bends and curves. CES 2014 was all about the curved TV screen for big guns Samsung and LG - who could make it bigger, thinner and curvy. But do we really need a 105-inches curved Ultra HD TV?

There's currently no reason for the average person to buy a pricey 4K TV because there simply isn't that much 4K content to watch on them. This, instead of trying to lure us in with more bends and curves, we want Samsung, LG and others to announce more 4K content and a viable system to deliver it to consumers at CES 2015.

Android Auto, Apple Car Play at CES 2015

Besides smartwatch, smartphones and tablets, there are many other categories of products that will be displayed in CES 2015. Increasingly, car companies comes to CES to talk tech and share the hundreds of ways in which today's cars must work as safe and seamless platforms for our mobile apps. At CES 2015b show check out the presentation by Mercedes, Toyota, Ford, VW and Audi. Some of them are there with new car concepts, while other manufacturers tell us how they are integrating Android Auto and Apple Car Play into their vehicles.

With the fast advancement of technology, people have high expectations in international technology exhibitions, including CES 2015. In return, the annual international technology exhibitions make companies race against each other to develop new innovations each year.
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