iPhone 6S Plus Release Date, Specs, Price and Rumors

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It may be some time off, but rumors about the next iPhone 6S plus are already there. We bring you all the latest information on the iPhone 6S Plus Release Date, Specs and Price as it is worth all the buzz.

Apple is sure to create an unmistakable buzz with every product that it brings forth. When it comes to iPhones launched by Apple, there is always a fad. Particularly, the tech aficionados feels it the strongest. Yes, the recent launch of the Apple’s new iPhone – the ultimate modern-day device evokes the most excitement.

This time it is due to the iPhone 6S Plus from Apple, which has marked its entry into the phablet market. The company has brought into the market a plethora of trend-setting features in the past few decades – and this one is no different.

iPhone 6S Plus Release Date, Specs and Price

Going by the pattern seen in recent years, the iPhone 6S plus will be outwardly similar to the current models fron design point of view. Most of the iPhone 6S plus specs upgrades and features will be internal.

iPhone 6S Plus Release Date

The long awaited iPhone 6S Plus was unveiled by Apple at Cupertino event on 9 September 2014. Apple will be looking to expand its focus on smartphones in phablet class with an upgrade of the Apple iPhone 6S+ Phablet. Apple will continue previous trend, with new iPhone 6S Plus Release Date in September, 2015. With the device going on sale by the late September 2015.

iPhone 6S Plus Specs and Features

There have been lots much hearsay before the iPhone 6S plus mobile handset was unveiled. Does the second iteration of iPhone 6 phablet succeed to satisfy everything a customer aspired for? Let's have a look at iPhone 6S Plus Specs and Features, to find more about upcoming phablet from Apple:
  1. iPhone 6S Plus Design

    The design of iPhone 6 plus was truly stunning with curved glass ends that meet seamlessly over the thin surface. The anondized aluminum back is completed with a simple stainless steel Apple logo. Going back to the build quality, the density and display for the iPhones is just in the middle of the road for many flagship smartphones.

    The new iPhone 6S Plus sports same design pretty slimy body of 7.1mm. Having a larger surface, this thinner design can bring convenience to the users, making it easier to hold in one hand.

    The dimensions remains the same 158x78x7.1mm and with weigh reduced to 165g compared to 172g of iPhone 6 Plus, 129g of iPhone 6 and 122g of iPhone 5S.

  2. iPhone 6S Plus Display

    The same big screen 5.5 display of iPhone 6S Plus is Retina Plus. The screen resolution of the model is 1920x1080 with a pixel density of 660ppi. This is indeed the highest of resolution so far in the Apple models.

    Coming to the display screen that Apple offers, the Quad HD screens offer sRGB accurate colors with thinner backlights. The LCD screen is made with a new tech which is called the dual domain pixels, allowing the user to have a broad view of angle.

    The brand new gesture called Reach-ability provides easy swiping back and forth. On double touching the Touch ID button, you can have easy access to the top screen content without taking hands off the bottom. This provides a perfect one hand in the big screened phablet, which is an added advantage.

  3. iPhone 6S Plus Sapphire Glass

    Sapphire glass is a scratch resistant material used in screens, which is is another likely iPhone 6S plus feature. It was considered in iPhone 6 plus but manufacturing problems reportedly got in the way.

  4. iPhone 6S Plus Camera

    The current iPhone 6 plus features 8MP iSight camera lens with True Tone flash, which is claimed to have a high level of capturing capacity. The next version, iPhone 6S plus camera will see the big jump, offering Dual Lense DSLR rear camera.

  5. iPhone 6S Plus iOS 9 Software

    The iPhone 6 series will be running with the new out of the box – iOS 8. The best part of the software release is that it provides integration with health devices and many smart home appliances such as Homekit, Healthkit. OS X Continuity is a notable feature that bridges all of the Apple devices and its previous versions. Users would be able to swing along between their apps and data on various devices and Mac OS.

  6. iPhone 6S Plus A9 Chip

    The iPhone 6 plus was packed with a new Apple A8 processor, the phablet is expected to deliver enhanced speed and performance. This has a 20-nanometer 64-bit CPU along with 2 billion transistors. Apple claims that this processor would provide up to 25% increased speed and significantly a faster GPU performance. Combined with M8, the motion co-processor, it helps to track movements using the barometer sensor.

    Built on 14nm technology, the new iPhone 6S plus A9 chip is co-produced by Apple and Samsung. It will be roughly 15% smaller, faster and less battery hungry, compared to previous A8 processing chip, which used 20nm technology.

  7. iPhone 6S Plus Battery Life

    The battery life in iPhone 6S Plus is further improved, promising a 20% boost in comparison to the previous models. It claims to provide 90 hours of audio playback, 30 hours of constant talk time and 16 hours of LTE browsing. Though bold in its takes, Apple has constantly been honest in this issue.

  8. iPhone 6S Plus Connectivity

    The phone has new wireless connectivity features. The LTE is 150 Mbps LTE and supports more than 20 LTE bands, which is truly higher than any smartphone could afford. It has the capacity to take voice off 3G and change to LTE for clearer calls sounding. Apple has included the NFC capabilities with its phone. The feature is a prominent part of its Apple Pay roll-out, a new payment system from Apple. Its possible connectivity with Apple Watch and Apple Pay wallet integration makes it a cut above the rest.

  9. iPhone 6S Plus Memory

    In terms of its storage capacity, the iPhone 6S Plus provides 16/64/128GB models options. As known, Apple does not provide any expandable storage options.

  10. iPhone 6S iOS 9 Software

    Apple iPhone 6S features new iOS 9 as operating system, although there has not been any official announcement about iOS 9 upgrade.

iPhone 6S Plus Price

After iPhone 6 plus launch on September 12, iPhone 6 plus pre-orders were started by the end of the month. Despite high Apple iPhone 6 Plus price (most expensive one of its rivals and co-series models) company had the greatest record in its sales, hiking more than 10 million units sold in the first three days. iPhone 6 Plus Price in UK started at £619 for the 16 GB models, while the 64GB and 128GB are priced at a whopping £699 and £789 respectively.

The new 2015 iPhone 6S Plus Price tag is expected to same around $900 (16GB) to $1200 (128GB) in US for a factory unlocked model. Apple iPhone 6S Plus will cost $399 on two year contract at Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-mobiles.
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