Samsung Galaxy S5 mini Release Date 2014, Price and Specs Review

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Learn when is Samsung Galaxy S5 mini coming out in 2014 with Samsung S5 mini price and review of expected specifications

Samsung Galaxy S5 2014 phone is the esteemed sub version of the highly hyped and anticipated Samsung Galaxy S5 flagship handset.

Samsung has over the years maintained the norm of releasing Galaxy S mini subset devices for their flagship smartphones with the trend having kicked up with Samsung Galaxy S3 mini phone in 2012, followed by Samsung Galaxy S4 mini in 2013.

Samsung Galaxy S5 mini Release Date is much anticipated in Asian markets, as the launch of Samsung GS mini smartphones is usually aimed at attracting the market of people who cannot afford the cost of high-end devices but still want to enjoy their flagship design and brand value.

Samsung Galaxy S5 mini Release Date 2014, Price and Specs Review

Samsung Galaxy S5 mini Release Date 2014

The recent news reports suggest that Samsung S5 variant models including Samsung Galaxy S5 Active, Galaxy S5 Zoom and Galaxy S5 are coming out in within few months.

However, its is sure that Galaxy S5 mini will be released after the release of its flagship version of Galaxy S5 in the effort of Samsung trying to capture a good market share with standard Galaxy S5 phone in the first iteration and than launch its variants before Apple iPhone 6 Release Date.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Release date in the market is expected in early mid march 2014. Samsung S5 mini coming out in May 2014, followed by the rugged version Samsung S5 Active Release Date and ultra cam version Samsung S5 Zoom in June, 2014.

Samsung S5 mini Review 2014

The Samsung S5 mini phone will mostly pack downgraded specs and features as compared to its Samsung S5 flagship model. Let's review Galaxy S5 mini specification:

Samsung S5 mini Specs and Features

  • Display
    The smartphone could go on board with a 4.5 inch Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen within same at 8.9mm device thickness and weight 107g. The 331ppi display resolution is enough for a mini-series with a higher screen resolution compared to its predecessor in terms of the mini-series.

  • Camera
    Samsung Galaxy S5 mini rumors suggest that the phone packs 12MP camera making it arguably the best mini-series phone in the market in terms of taking photos and recording videos. Samsung S5 mini feature a 2MP front facing camera with enough pixel for carrying out video calls and video chats. The Samsung S5 mini camera features including Sound & Shot, Best Photo, Best Face, HDR and Panorama.

  • Processioning
    Other Samsung S5 mini Specs includes Snapdragon 600 Quad core processor able to clock speeds of up to 1.9GHZ supported with 2GB RAM that is good enough for the operation of the phone as it will have limited features and specs.

  • Storage
    Just like Samsung Galaxy S3 mini, S5 mini is expected to come with an internal memory capacity of 8GB and 16GB with the added provision of expansion of the memory capacity to 64GB with the help of the MicroSD slot.

  • Wireless Charging
    Wireless charging is one of the main features that is currently picking up in the smartphone industry and Galaxy S5 mini is sure not to miss out on.

  • Battery Life
    Samsung S4 mini packed a 1900mAh L-ion battery, S5 mini is thus expected to pack an even bigger battery to outdo its predecessor in the market and gain the much needed popularity. An availability of 2100mAh battery for this phone is good to provide the much needed longer battery life.

  • Connectivity
    Wifi, Bluethhoth 3.0, GPS and 4G LTE network capabilities are some of the features the phone would mostly look upon to ensure it has the much needed market appeal and grip. This would be essential to provide the much needed and desired high internet downloading speeds

  • Software
    The phone is expected to run on Android 4.4.2 Kitkat operating software direct out of the box, under customized Samsung TouchWhiz UI.
With lots of features; one hand easy to use, removable battery and microSD support; Samsung Galaxy S5 mini offers many of the benefits of its larger sibling in a lower-cost, pint-sized package.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Price 2014

The Samsung S5 mini price has been leaked online to be $525 in USA for an unlocked handset. The new Galaxy S5 mini availability in two colors black mist and white frost has been confirmed. Samsung S5 mini will also be available at Verizon Wireless for $50 on two year contract.

- Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini cost £390 in UK upon release in the Q2, 2014.

- Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini price in Australia is expected to be $595 AUD.

- Samsung Galaxy S5 Price in India is 39800 rupees approximately.

- Samsung Galaxy S5 Price in Pakistan 65400 rupees approximately.

- Samsung Galaxy S5 Price in Malaysia is 1150 to 1250 RM

Overall, Samsung Galaxy S5 mini manages to slide in at a reasonable price point, offering good value and premium experience, especially for Asian markets.
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