Moto Droid 5 Release Date, Specs and Rumors

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Moto Droid 5 is the next model of Droid phone by Motorola that is to kick off this Android 5 phone.

Motorola Droid 5 news reports an exciting and rejuvenated design complimented with top notch Droid 5 specs. The new Droid 5 release date is expected to be in late 2013 or Q2, 2014.

There is a whole pack of Droid 5 rumors including suggestions like QWERTY Droid 5 keyboard and 5 inch screen. Verizon Droid 5 leaked images show that company is going to continue the classic QWERTY Droid series.

With Moto Droid 5 Images circulating Online envision the next generation smartphone with a new look made possible by droid 5 with keyboard. You might be thinking why is Motorola bringing back the QWERTY feeling again? it looks like it’s not only Google that are thinking of the qwerty feature alone. Recent revelations also indicate that LG may also be in line to launch a QWERTY line of product of their own.

After Google took over, Motorola brought back the sleek and sexy Droid brand by releasing three new Droids. In USA, Verizon was the wireless carrier network that particularly launched Motorola Droid Ultra for $199 and Droid Mini priced at $99. The Verizon Droid Maxx costs $299 and came out as most impressive one with big 5 inches screen, Gorilla Glass, Motorola X8 processor, 32GB memory, wireless charging and amazing 48 hour battery life.

Motorola Droid 5 Release Date 2013/2014, Specs and Rumors

Motorola Droid 4th Generation released to the market in 2012 with a little difference from its predecessors. Unlike Droid 2 or Droid 3 which come with 4 rows Qwerty Keyboard with Touch Bar form factor, the Droid 4 featured the Slide Slide Touch form factor body design with 5 rows Qwerty keyboard. The Verizon Droid 4 came out with 4G LTE supports.

Verizon Droid 5 Release Date, Specs and Rumors

Motorola Droid 5 Specs and Features

Looking at Motorola X launch and Verizon Droid love, it is expected that upon the Motorola Droid 5 launch, it will be one of Verizon top of the line smartphones. The rumored Motorola Droid 5 specifications features the following:
  1. Droid 5 Design and Display
    Reliable sources claim the device will boast of a 720p display at 342 ppi for clarity. Droid 5 will be thinner as compared to the previous versions thereby making it to be extremely lighter.

  2. Droid 5 Processor and RAM
    Droid 5 will come with a snapdragon 800 quad core processor sure to provide reliable speeds regardless of what one is doing from playing games to watching movies on it. A 2GB RAM is also rumored to be in the offing to ensure good levels of multi tasking especially when one is playing games although it is a complete down grade as latest Smartphone’s are packing up to 3GB worth of RAM. The RAM will be able to clock 2.3GHz worth of speeds

  3. Droid 5 Keyboard
    Recent Droid 5 pictures leaked out, clearly show Droid5 with a screen size ranging from 4.5 to 4.7 inches. This is the age of touch screens but Motorola Droid 5 looks set to retain a slide out Qwerty keyboard perfect for people who do not like touch screen interfaces or still want a dedicated physical keyboard.

    Moto Droid 5 Specs and Features

  4. Droid 5 Wireless charging
    Wireless charging is a feature that will not miss on this Smartphone as companies try to do away with the cable charging techniques that seems to be extremely outdated.

  5. Droid 5 4G LTE
    4G LTE is another must have feature that Droid 5 will perfectly embed. This technology guarantees download speeds of up to 100Mbps perfect for downloading movies and videos without any downtime.

  6. Droid 5 Phone Memory
    Droid 5 will be available in the normal options in terms of storage capacity of 16, 32, and 64GB. The current trends features smart phones with a microSD slot that enables user to boost their storage capacity when need arises. This will be a good additional feature that is sure to propel Droid 5 to a new high level.

  7. New Droid 5 NFC
    The new Droid 5 will features near field communication technology perfectly embedded in it.

  8. Dust & Water Resistant
    The device looks set to be dust and water proof, following the footprints of Sony Xperia Z and Samsung Galaxy S4 Active.

  9. Motorola Droid Battery Life
    The Droid 4 featured 1785 mAh battery able to be used up to 750 for talk time. The new Droid 5 phone battery is expected to be around 2000 mAh. Smartphone’s have always had a problem with battery life, it will be good to see what optimizations Google intends to do in this aspect in Android 5.0 Lime Pie. A powerful battery will be essential to provide users with improved battery life.

  10. Droid 5 with Android 5.0 Lime Pie
    The new Motorola flagship Droid 5 phone might possibly run on the Android 4.4 Kitkat Operating software, if Droid 5 release date is in November 2013. In-case, it skip 2013 and with a Motorola Droid 5 coming out in February 2014 or let it is essential to run on Google Android 5.0 Lime Pie.

Droid 5 Release Date 2013/ 2014

Despite of all the leaked specification and images, market experts are still skeptical about the Motorola Droid 5 release date in 2013. For starters, the software seems to be a tad outdated and doesn’t reflect the latest experience Motorola has to offer, especially always on Google NOW voice interface we have seen with Moto X.

No Droid 5 in 2013 does not mean the Droid 5 phone will never come out, but Motorola requires time to plans, prepare and bring it out.

Verizon is also not expected to drop the DROID brand off, and if its has to go with the Droids the line-up must be refreshed with a new flagship device coming to it.

We could probably expect to see Motorola create a new model of the Moto Droid 5 at some point in the 2014; may be February 2014.
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