Xbox1 ONE Release Date and Price 2013

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Microsoft Xbox 1 or Xbox One is almost upon us, sure to lighten our living rooms with some lifetime gaming experience.

The new Xbox1 gaming features are what has made Microsoft label it as "the ultimate all in one entertainment system". Xbox looks likely to shake off the competition from Sony PS4 with its second generation Kinect, powerful specs, complete living room entertainment features and Xbox 1 Games titles coming out at launch including original games Dead Rising 3 and Ryse: Son of Rome as well as familiar names such as Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed 4.

Xbox1 with its black console looks likely to be the one stop entertainment solution for the gamers integrating live TV games, movies and web services like Skype; all this features will be controlled by the upgraded and improved Kinects with improved voice recognition functions.

Microsoft Xbox1 ONE Release Date and Price 2013

Xbox1 Specs and Hardware
Xbox One being the future gaming console will feature a powerful X86 accelerated Processing Unit (APU) specifically designed by AMD based by jaguar processor architecture. This is a 12 compute unit processor compared to the PS4’s 18, thereby bringing disparity in performance in terms of multi format games.

Xbox One GPU will clock a speed of 853MHZ by the time the console goes on sale as compared to the previous thought 800MHZ. This number is enough to give Xbox an overhead for anti-aliasing and perfect embedded graphical effects.
Microsoft have embedded an 8GB DDR3 RAM in Xbox One to ensure it is highly stable providing reliability and efficiency in terms of multitasking. The RAM comes with a 68.3GB/S worth of memory bandwidth along with an embedded 32MB ESRAM. 5GB of the RAM memory will specifically be allocated to games while the remaining 3GB will be set aside for dual operations.

Xbox1 Storage and Blue-Ray
Xbox One will pack an astonishing 500GB worth of storage capacity in its Hard disk complimented with a Blue-ray optical drive for playing games and films. The Optical drive will be able to install games in the hard disk in a similar manner as it is done in Xbox 360. This will be bettered by improved load times while ensuring the console remains as silent as ever as games won’t need to be read direct from the disk during game time.

Xbox1 Controllers
Xbox 360 comes with one of the most comfortable and balanced controller, it is unlikely that Microsoft will change this feature in Xbox One. Its triggers come with a vibration feedback allowing one to make fine an immediate response actions on the fingertips. The only difference will lie on the positioning of the guide button which will be pushed further towards the controller. The start and the select buttons have also been replaced with icons representing menu and multitasking.

Xbox1 Kinect
The voice controlled feature and Kinect introduced in Xbox 360 is to be taken a notch higher by Xbox One. One thing with Xbox One is that gamers will be able to reply to Xbox live messages quicker than before and be able to resume video playback from the point where one was at.

Xbox1 Voice Recognition
Depending on the number of people in a room Kinect sensor will be able to suggest the appropriate multiplayer based on voice recognition of each person

Xbox One smart glass
Smart glass will be deeply embedded in Xbox One allowing for close working between Microsoft’s Smartphone’s and the console and other Android operated devices.

Skype on Xbox 1
Skype video chatting has been added in Xbox one allowing one to have video chatting with other people playing the same game or using the same console. This has been made possible by the Kinect feature. Xbox will allow you to do this whether you are playing a game watching Blue-Ray or watching Live TV.

Xbox1 Release Date 2013

Microsoft has essentially confirmed the console will be on sale well before Christmas to catch up with the buying of the festive period. According to reliable sources Microsoft Xbox1 Release Date in USA is November 22, 2013.

Xbox1 Price and Pre-Order

Xbox will go on sale at a price tag of $499 with Amazon and Zawi already taking orders.
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