iPad 5 Rumors, Features, Release Date and Cost

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The ringing bells are up again signaling the release of a brand new 5th generation of the iPad.

Trying to keep up with competition from other companies like Samsung, Apple is sure to release a thinner and lighter gadget sure to catch the eye of tech fanatics.

Microsoft surface tablet has enjoyed good success in the market commanding 7.5% of the market share of which Apple would love to topple.

After iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C launch event on September 10, latest iPad 5 2013 Rumors have suggested that Apple iPad 5 2013 is coming out as a thinner full-sized iPad 5th generation along-with iPad Mini 2nd Generation, in the final three months of this year, at a separate media event.

iPad 5 2013 Rumors, Features, Release Date and Cost

iPad 5 Rumors 2013

Sonny Dickson, a blogger known for the early scoops at Apple hardware in the near past; has again leaked some iPad 5 photos. The leaked iPad 5 images reveal that new iPad 5 is be significantly smaller than the iPad 4. Here under are the further details what we are seeing from the iPad 5th generation rumors:

iPad 5 Size
According to pics making rounds in blogs it is likely the tablet will retain a 9.7inch screen size making it one of the biggest electronic gadgets. iPad 5 will be lighter and thinner as compared to the previous version, standing at 7.2mm tick as compared to the current generation which stands at 9.4mm. Some reliable sources claim iPad 5 will measure 232mm by 178.5 by 241.3mm

iPad 5 Display
iPad 5 is rumoured to be packing a GF2 touchscreen technology which will essentially make it be extremely thin at 53% lighter as compared to the previous versions. Its screen aspect ratio will essentially stand at 16:9 perfect for watching movies. It is rumored that Apple is working on a feature that will allow users operate their screen even if they are wearing gloves

new iPad 5 Processor
iPad 5 will feature an improved version of the A6x processor . The major news on the processor is based on the fact that Apple has relieved Samsung of its duties of producing it opting to look for a new partner. The processor will be an improvement of the already operational A6 processor with small added features to guarantee even faster speeds. Other news seem to suggest that iPad 5 will spot a rather new processor in the name of A7X variant.

iPad 5 will incorporate Bluetooth 4.0 able to guarantee fast connectivity speeds. With 4G LTE connectivity being the latest additional in terms of internet connectivity, iPad 5 is sure to come with this feature. If this is the case then iPad 5 is sure to guarantee reliable and fast internet connectivity speeds.

Apple is likely to keep up with the norm of producing a good variety of their products in terms of storage capacity. It won’t be a surprise for iPad 5 to come with options of 16, 32 and 64GB, an additional feature in the later stages will likely lie on a 128GB option.

iPad 5th Gen with Wireless charging
Wireless charging is the real deal in modern Smartphone’s enabling phone manufacturers to do away with cable charging. Apple is rumored to be equipping iPad 5 with induction coils to allow for wireless charging ones the cover is closed

iPad 5th Accessories
A report by pocket gamer claim that iPad 5may launch with a an official Apple gaming joy pad, that is sure to take the gaming experience to another new level. Another thing worth noting is that iPad 5 will have thinner bezels also retaining the home button and a front facing camera.
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