iPad mini 2nd Generation Features, Price and Release Date

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iPad mini looks likely to be the next big thing from Apple store after iPhone 5S with rumors running riot of the exquisite iPad mini 2nd Generation features and specs that will define this gadget.

As in case of iPad 5 Release Dte, it is the custom with Apple, that it can never be drawn into any speculation about its upcoming devices. This has not done much in stopping the online world speculating on iPad Mini 2 rumors about the features and specs coming out to define this very popular medium size tablet.

iPad mini 2nd Generation rumors hints that Apple will hit the market with next generations tablets having some attractive designs and technology specifications. However, the first generation Apple iPad Mini was not a huge success, in competition with Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire HD.

Apple iPad mini 2nd Generation Features, Price and Release Date

Apple's new iPad Mini 2 is expected to have furious competition with Google Nexus 7 2 and Kindle Fire HD 2 in the medium size tablet category. To learn how three of these are expected to compete with each other, you can also check iPad Mini 2 vs Nexus 7.2 vs Kindle Fire HD 2 comparison to have an idea in advance.

iPad mini 2nd Generation Release Date 2013

Trusted sources quote the release date of iPad mini 2nd gen as early as October. The release date may also be pushed towards the festive season to try and make huge sales during the festive season.

iPad mini 2nd Generation Price

Apple at its launch events usually loves to boost about a product features and specs and later announce that the price would remain the same as the outgoing model. iPad mini according to trusted sources will go on sale at a price tag of $329 .

iPad mini 2nd Generation Features and Specs

It looks likely iPad Mini 2 will feature the same Retina Display with 2048 X 1536 worth of screen resolution. Sources claim Apple has contacted LG to manufacture the screen in the attempt of trying to push the pixel density to over 400 pixels per inch.

Apple is likely to stick with the 9.7inch iPad’s chamfered design but potentially go for a thinner casing with narrower bezels around the screen. Apple is to deliver a stretched resolution at an aspect ratio of 16:9 as is the case with iPhone 5.

iPad mini 2nd generation looks likely to feature an A7 processor that will transform it to a superfast iPad.. This processor looks likely to be a dual core with quad core graphics. Other sources claim that Apple may stick with the already proven A6 chip which has been proven to be a revelation in providing extreme gaming experience.

iPad mini 2nd gen is to run on the yet to be released iOS 7that is to transfer what we know about operating software to a new ad rejuvenated world effortless. The new operating software will deliver a rebooted redesign with an ultra modern User Interface.

The wall street journal claims that Apple is actually testing multiple colors for the iPad mini 2nd gen to offer customers a good variety to choose from. This clearly suggest Apple is ready to make a major shift in product design for yet to be released iPhone 5C and iPad mini. It will also be available on the normal storage capacities of 16, 32 and 64GB

An upgrade of the camera is almost certain to ensure iPad mini is able to shrug competition from other products. The original iPad mini packed a 5MP camera thus would not be a surprise if iPad mini 2nd generation goes for an 8MP camera. The front facing camera also stands to get an upgrade from the current 1.2MP to the highly mooted 2MP able to shoot 1080p worth of video in contrast to the current 720p.

Some of the other iPad mini 2nd gen features include an improved iSight camera, next generation Wi-Fi and 4GLTE connectivity to guarantee fast internet connectivity speeds.
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