How iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner Touch-ID Works

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Following Apple iPhone 5S and 5C launch on September 10, the iOS 7 Golden Master version is coming out on 18th.

The new iOS 7 Features List includes support for fingerprint technology which open a panorama of new fingerprint security apps.

Like iPhone 5S fingerprint sensor integration in home button, we can expect fingerprint scanner technology coming to other iOS devices too. Perhaps an iPad 5 fingerprint reader is also not too f

iPhone 5S Fingerprint system, officially named Touch-ID Works, so far let you unlock your phone by simply placing your finger on the home button. With iPhone 5S TouchID, all you have to do is touch your finger to the home button to unlock your phone using fingerprint recognition security instead of conventional pin or passwords protection.

How iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner Works

Regardless of the fact that Apple iPhone 5S is world first smartphone that has fingerprint sensor feature (TouchID). Lets dig on what is Apple TouchID? and how down how iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner works?

What is Apple Touch-ID Fingerprint Security

Apple iPhone 5S TouchID is the fingerprint security system functionality that allows a user to open an iPhone by identifing their fingerprint.

That means now you need not to remember your password to unlock your iPhone. Your fingerprint will act as an identity proof for you.

The new Touch-ID Security also means more secure access to your private phone data, banking and credit card information, mobile commerce and online shopping.

With Apple Touch-ID Fingerprint Security, you need not to enter your password while making a purchase from iTunes Store, The App Store or iBook Store. Your TouchID will approve all your purchase.

The new Apple TouchID fingerprint system has a 360 degree readability feature; which means no matter what its orientation i.e. portrait, landscape, or anything in between; your iPhone reads your fingerprint and detect your identity.

Apple Touch-ID Fingerprint security system also support multiple profiles, which means you can store separate fingerprint sample for multiple user of a device.

But in order to use the new Touch-ID fingerprint security system, you need to first scan your fingerprint sample while configuring your iPhone to allow its use instead of your Apple ID password. Let's how iPhone 5S Touch-ID works technically:

How iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner Works

Apple is smart enough as they have implemented this TouchID functionality on most used home button. It is not easy to fit a perfect fingerprint sensor system in such a small place.

How iPhone 5S Touch-ID Works

In iPhone 5S they have created the home button from laser-cut sapphire crystal. Here under is how iPhone5S fingerprint identity sensor system works:
  1. User put its finger on home button.
  2. The surface of the button directs the image of user’s finger to a capacitive touch sensor, which reads beneath the outer layers of your skin to get a detailed print.
  3. Surrounding the home button there is a stainless steel ring that detects the user’s finger, wakes the sensor, and improves the signal-to-noise ratio.
  4. Finally software reads the finger print and if it finds the perfect matching fingerprint in the system then it unlocks the phone.
Architecture of fingerprint identity sensor has the following four basic components:
  1. Laser cut sapphire crystal (home button made of it)
  2. Stainless steel detection ring (it detect your finger and start the sensor)
  3. Capacitive single touch sensor
  4. Tactile switch to toggle
We have been writing about Biometrics Technology and its future applications in electronic Passports, Gun Safe, Door Locks and Phones industry. Apple new iOS 7 is in fact the first smartphone operating system to feature this Biometrics Technology, a trend experts anticipate to be followed out a standard functionality in other mobile operating systems like upcoming Windows Phone 9 and Android 5.0 as well.
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