iPhone 6 Plus Rumors and Release Dates

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New concepts images of supposedly new product by Apple in the name of new iPhone 6 Plus with large screen display, are currently making runs in the internet world.

If these images truly stand for what Apple is making in the background then this is sure to be the most gorgeous iPhone coming out from Apple store.

Like Macintosh Plus, new iPhone 6 Plus is considered as the real evolution of the iPhone concept sure to bring advanced technology ever seen in the growing Smartphone industry.

Thanks to a strategy that relies on large screen galaxy phones, Samsung is enjoying its best time in the Smartphone commanding huge market share.

Apple is also trying to do its best to release products that are sure to compete hand in hand with the ever increasing larger screen phones. This is essentially in comparison with the release of Samsung new flagship product in the name of Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy S5 as well as other large screen handsets like LG G2, htc ONE max and Google Nexus 5.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus Rumors and Release Dates

The rumored new iPhone 6 smartphone is plausible as an additional model in Apple and not intended to replace other products. News making rounds claim new iPhone 6 Plus will command a huge 4.94 inch display making it one of the biggest Smartphone s in terms of display. The new Apple device will have an aspect ratio of 16:9. The new Apple device will have an aspect ratio of 16:9 making one of the top devices in terms of utmost clarity when viewing videos and photos. Its screen resolution will stand at 1136 x 640 matching that of new iPhone 5s.

The new iPhone 6 rumors suggest that it is to feature a liquid metal body one of its kind ever seen perfectly thermoformed on a single plane thus ensuring no junctions are needed, it will essentially make this Smartphone compact with high levels of solidness . Its screen will come with a double alkali-aluminosilicate sheet glass giving it a perfect and unique outward appearance.

Processors are on a rise increasing in size and functionality to ensure they are able to guarantee efficiency of the increased features of the Smartphone. An A6 Quad Core processor to make it happen in new iPhone 6 Plus. The increased features in Apps are sure to be perfectly synchronized with this powerful Quad Core processor.

Imaging credibility of any released Smartphone are a must to be put to test to ensure they meet the current status in the market. It will not be surprise to see new iPhone 6 Plus packing a 10MP perfect for imaging. This camera is sure to guarantee 1080p full HD video at 30frame/s. A front 2.0MP is to be in the offing perfect for video chatting in Skype. The camera will also feature a rear motion sensor with a top pico projector to beam photos and videos on any surface.

4G LTE cellular connectivity is the latest addition in the Smartphone due to the increased download speeds of up 100mbps that it is able to guarantee. new iPhone 6 Plus to command huge sales as compared to iPhone 5 will need to install this feature. Other networks such as 3G should also be present to cater for places where 4G has not reached.

Battery life is another aspect that new iPhone 6 Plus ought to address if it is to get the much needed attention from the market. Galaxy S4 launched into the market with a 2600mAh battery leaving a lot to be desired with the yet to be released new iPhone 6 Plus. Increased features in a phone always call for increased power from a battery

Increased storage capacity is also a must in this highly demanding market industry. Current smart phones are boosting up to 64GB worth of internal storage capacity with an added micro-SD slot. If new iPhone 6 Plus is too much this feature it will have to up its game say up to 128GB perfect for storing all sorts of videos and music.
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