Xbox One Release Dates in UK, US, Canada, Australia and India

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Check out new Xbox One Release Dates in UK, US, Canada, Australia, India and Pakistan.

Microsoft Xbox One 2013 console, previously referred as Xbox 720, is the next generation of current Xbox 360 gaming console with built-in Kinect motion and gesture control.

Next Generation Xbox One is officially announced on May 21, 2013 in an exclusive event by Microsoft. The new Xbox console integrates TV, internet and gaming. It can also measure your heartbeat and recognise your voice.

Upcoming Xbox One will come out in two models and will go on sale in the Christmas season 2013.

Xbox One price will go around $500 and other will be available at a cheaper price of $300 with a two year contract of Xbox Live Gold account. While a third variant is also expected to release sometime later.

Xbox One Release Dates in UK, US, Canada

New Xbox One/ Durango/ Loop/ 720 Console names

Before it was officially announced to be pronounced as 'Xbox One', there was a lot of speculations on the name of next generation xbox console.
Microsoft recently had registered a whole bunch of domain related to Xbox. One of domain was, to some which meant that next Xbox will be named Xbox Infinity.

MS Nerd, the famous Microsoft blogger hinted the name Xbox Loop, for the upcoming xbox, claiming that it will be much smaller, cheaper and Kinect focused. On the other hand, its no secret that Microsoft internal codename for the new console is Xbox Durango.

Although Xbox 720 was the pretty illogical name for the next generation Xbox Console, it was most commonly being refereed by this public name. Microsoft Xbox 720 as a name had got no sense keeping in view that 360 are the maximum degree angles, as Xbox 360 was named after. There is nothing left beyond 360, expect 'infinity'.

Thus Xbox One seems to be the most logical name for the next Xbox console, aimed to integrate an the living room room entertainment into one box.

Xbox One Release Dates

Several Xbox One Release Dates have been circulating on the internet and Xbox One rumors mill is running very highly throughout the gaming community. There has been not been any official words from Microsoft about the next-gen Xbox One Release Dates so far. Here under are the Xbox One launch dates that has come from credible sources:
  1. Xbox One Release Date US

    Xbox One release date of pre-Christmas 2013 is confirmed by several sources, by the end of November 2013.

  2. Xbox One Release Date Canada

    Xbox One launch in Canada will follow the Xbox One launch date in United States, scheduled somewhere from November 22 to November 30 of 2013.

  3. Xbox One Release Date UK

    Xbox One will be available in UK in early December 2013.

  4. Xbox One Release Date Australia

    Xbox One Release Date in Australia and for xbox fans in Europe we would expect the near similar release dates to England for the new xbox console, to draw maximum sale from Christmas shopping season.

  5. Xbox One Release Date India

    The official launching date for Xbox One in India is yet to be declared, but new Xbox is likely to be available in India in the mid of December, 2013.

  6. Xbox One Release Date Pakistan

    Xbox One will be available in Pakistan, the same week it hits India, which is 2nd or 3rd Week of December 2013.

Thus, new Xbox One in most part of the world will arrive in time before the Christmas shopping season. The only issue would be, Microsoft will have to manufacture enough to meet the supply challenges, keeping in view that a huge demand is expected worldwide.
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