Nokia Windows 8 Tablets Release Date, Specs and Features

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Find Nokia Tablets Release Date, powered by Windows 8 or probably Windows 9 along with Nokia Windows Tablets Specs and features expected.

Nokia has reportedly decided to venture into the lucrative market of tablets with the launch of its Nokia Windows RT tablet that will run Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro or upcoming Windows 9 operating system.

Nokia Windows 8 tablets were originally planned to be launched in 2012, but dropped due to Surface Tablet launch by Microsoft, with which Nokia made a partnership, to manufacture Windows Phone based smartphones.

Nokia still enjoys the image of a superb hardware manufacturer, but many believe, its preference to Windows Phone over the using Android or its own smartphone operating system, back in 2011, was a wrong turn.

The competition in the tablet market is getting fierce with each sunrise. Nokia will need to produce one of a kind brand in the tablet line of business if they are to beat off competition from other Apple iPad 5, Microsoft Surface, Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy Tab and an armada of Android tablets.

Nokia Windows 8/9 Tablets Specs, Release Date and Price

But why Nokia would come in competition with Microsoft? since they have a partnership. Well, the answer is very simple. Nokia Windows Tablet is aimed at challenging Microsoft surface tablet, in a market situation where Nokia fears that Microsoft could drown its already sinking ship with its own branded Surface Phones.

If Microsoft decides to launch Windows Phone based handsets of its own, Nokia will be free to try luck into tablet market space, and it won't be a far cry that Nokia actually finds some. Fair enough!

Nokia Windows Tablet Release Date, Specs and Features

Nokia is purportedly working on 10.1 inches tablet that is sure to catch the attention of all Nokia fans with its glamorous catchy design, giving the Finish smartphone manufacturer some breathing space. Let find out what we can expect in term of hardware specifications and when will be Nokia Windows Tablet coming out:

Nokia Windows 8 Tablet Release Date

Reports for the release of the Nokia tablet previously originated from DigiTimes which is a Taiwanese website, it is believed that Nokia is working on this device after a long period of inactivity.

The device was supposed o be unveiled at the MWC conference in Barcelona in February. This did not happen, it will not be a surprise to see the device being launched as late as the last quarter of this year. It seems Nokia is still studying the market share of the already released Microsoft surface tablet. The device might be released in the festive period of the year to attract more sales in this case.

Nokia Tablets Specs and Features

Nokia tablet will feature similar display to the Microsoft tablet but will feature good resolution to ensure it is able to shrug off competition. USB and HDMI ports will come with the tablet to ensure it is a perfect tablet for any kind of mass media connection.

AT&T will be the first carrier in the US for Nokia windows tablet; this is also the case with Nokia Lumia 920 of which is being carried by this carrier. With windows 8 making airwaves in the tech world, this has been confirmed as the OS for the new Nokia tablet. Windows 8 Operating software was essentially developed for touch screen devices such as Nokia windows 8.

Nokia is working on an advanced technology as it is reportedly working on a battery- packing battery . This kind of battery is sure to be the best in the market able to accord long hours of battery life depending on what one is doing with the device. The battery packing cover will also sport kickstand and two extra USB ports.

The world of a bigger and stronger processor is on a roll and this will not be a surprise to see Nokia windows tablet with one of a kind tablet into the market. It is being reported that Nokia tablet will feature a Qualcomm's snapdragon S4 dual core processor that is sure to be perfect for all kind of activities that the device will be performing.

Reports are suggesting that Nokia intends to spotlight its power on the surface of the tablet to make sure it is a one of a kind tablet ever produced. The cover will essentially present a keyboard and a kickstand. The cover will feature a battery that is sure to provide longer run time for the device.

The device will feature two extra ports and will be essential for any kind of cellular connectivity modem.
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