Toyota Avalon 2013 coming with Wireless Charging Qi

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Toyota Avalon 2013 is coming out with Qi, the Wireless Charging Feature. The Car Wireless Charging Technology has been developed by Philips Lite-on Digital Solution (PLDS) and ConvenientPower, while Toyota has outsourced the parts from DENSO.

2013 Toyota Avalon Limited now offers Qi wireless charging for capable devices, as a part of a Technology Package. Thus Wirelessly Charging your Smartphone in new Toyota Avalon is a pretty straight forward task, which can be done by simple placing the device on the charging mat, accessible through the “ebin lid” on the vehicle’s center console.

Qi wireless charging technology support will be available for both Avalon Limited petrol model and the Avalon hybrid model and the Technology Package mentioned earlier also provides Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Automatic High beams and a Pre-Collision System.

Toyota Avalon 2013 coming with Wireless Charging Qi

After finding their way into our homes and offices, wireless charging systems for cell phones and other electronic devices are now beginning to make their appearance in automobiles. General Motors has already introduced a wireless cell phone mat and so has Chrysler's Mopar division.

Now, Toyota has joined the initiatives to integrate Qi charging in vehicles for the first time. Perhaps it’s a lesson for the Apple, who claim to be the most innovative smartphone technology company and at the same time fears to bring wireless charging features in its iPhones. It’s noteworthy that a lot of users are anxious to see wireless charging in next generation Apple iPhone 6.

If a mobile phone doesn't come with built-in Qi compatibility (like iPhone 4S), then you will have to purchase a separate accessory such as a sleeve or a special back cover, as is the case with the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Randy Stephens, chief engineer of Toyota Avalon, commented on the new Qi feature:
Pioneering the ability to charge with no wires or connectors by simply putting devices in the car console is an intuitive innovation which reflects Toyota’s continuing commitment to improve the consumer experience. We see wireless charging as an important feature that helps enhance the high-technology theme and consumer interface offered by Avalon Limited which is already equipped with three TFT color screens and Intellitouch™ controls.

Qi Wireless Charging Technology

Qi is the universal standard for wireless charging technology, which means any device that is Qi enabled can be charged using any third party Qi charger accessory. Other than smartphones Qi wireless charging is also used to charge many other gadgets such as gaming controllers, wireless speakers, battery and more. At present there are 34 smartphone models that can be charged with a Qi wireless charging accessory.

Recently Nokia, Samsung, HTC and Google have brought out smartphone devices that are capable of kinetically induced or Qi Charging, the future standard for wireless charging. Nokia Lumia 920, Google Nexus 4 and Samsung Note 2 are the example of such wireless charging supported smartphones.

By Nokia introducing Qi wireless charging supported Windows Phone 8 smartphone, Lumia 920, wireless charging technology has begin to come in the limelight, with a number of new Witricity charging accessories and more wireless charging enabled devices reaching out in the market.
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