iPod Touch 5G Release Date, Features and Price

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Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation Release Date is expected to be anywhere in September or October of year 2012, the official iPod Touch 5G Release Date is yet to announced by the Apple, a company known to keep things secret till the 11th hour.

However, we are going to present an analysis of when is Apple iPod Touch 5G Release Date as well as what could be the 5th Generation iPod Touch features and price.

iPod Touch 5G Release Date in 2012

As per some of the reports, September Last Week is going to be rocked by the new iPod Touch 5G Launch along with Apple iPhone 5 Release. But they might not come true if Apple deferred the new iPod Touch 5G Release for few week to focus on the new iPhone 5 launch alone. However, Apple iPod Touch 5G Release Date in 2012 between October 8 and 21 is almost certain for the following reasons:
  • First, after the success of arc rival Samsung Galaxy S3, Apple has no choice other than to release Apple iPhone 5, which is going to be launched in September 21, 2012 as per some unofficial sources. Two of these products, iPhone and iPod Touch are somewhat coupled with each other in term of release dates. So along with new Apple iPhone 5 a new iPod Touch 5G is inevitable.

  • Second, Apple iPhone Touch product line, has not been upgraded since September 2010 in term of major hardware software updates, which are expected this fall. The last release of iPod Touch 4G is not a major upgrade. That's the reason we see a lot of users talking about Apple's new iPod Touch 5G Release Date on MacForums, MacRumors and even on the official Apple Discussion Forum. Which strictly prohibits discussing speculations and rumors about unannounced Apple Products, but has aplenty of anxious iPod Touch user who could not stop themselves asking about when iPod Touch 5G is coming out?

  • Third, if we track back Apple iPod Touch Release history chart from iPod Touch 3G launch back in September 09, 2009 to latest event of 4th generation release in October 04, 2011 the next Apple iPod Touch 5G bring out in October 2012 seems to be sure. You can check it yourself in the chart given here under:

    Apple iPod Touch 5G Release Date history chart from 3G, 4G to new Fifth Generation

Apple new iPod Touch 5th Generation Design

While Apple iPod Touch 5G launch date is still few months away, its is to been that whether iPod Touch 5th Generation maintains its own design, look and feel or follow the cosmetic changes of Apple iPhone 4S, the most successful design of all time.

Since most of the user want the new iPod Touch 5G design to be restyled, it is unlikely that the iPod Touch fifth generation design will certainly be a new look. So, there are strong reasons to believe that Apple iPod Touch design team must have burnt mid night oil to redesign the shape of next iPod Touch 5G gadget, to some leaks on the pattern of iPhone 4S design. That's why some experts are naming it Apple iPod Touch 4S.

Apple iPod Touch 4G is available in black and white color models, new generation iPod Touch devices are expected to be available in multiple colors with relatively thinner and more sleek design.

Apple new iPod Touch 5th Generation Design

new iPod Touch 5G Features

Though it sounds bit earlier to talk about the new iPod Touch 5th Generation features and specification. But there is already a lot of speculation and discussions running around over the internet in forums and blogger community about the new iPod Touch 5G Features. According to some of the widely believed rumors, the new model of iPod Touch features to have a iOS 6, Siri, Capacitive Touch, home button, a faster processor and addition of more RAM.

I hope you have checked out the great upcoming 5th Generation iPod Touch 5G Features discussion we had. You can checkout the following video for a round up of Apple iPod Touch 5G Features Expectations, Predictions and Rumors:

Apple iPod Touch 6G

With Apple's new iPod Touch 5G Release Date approaching closer to be announced officially, Apple iPod fan all over the world are actively discussing about the new iPod Touch 5th Generation Release date, Feature and expected Price. On the other hand some of the Tech Gurus are suggesting that Apple may surprise its user with a new iPod Touch 6th Generation instead of iPod Touch 5G.

Whether it is 5th generation iPod Touch 5G or 6th generation iPod Touch 6G, we are expecting some cool stuff and wonderful features from Apple with new Apple iPod Touch 2012 Release this October.

Let see what happens!
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