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Want to Buy Cellphone? Check out our list of Best SmartPhones of 2012, an exclusive list of Top 10 Cellphones Launched in year 2012 with highly positive rating and reception.

2012 is a milestone year in the history of SmartPhones for two of the most notable and greatest Cellphone launched in this year, Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3.

The year is not over but the hype that Smartphone’s have been able to generate throughout the entire year has been out of this world with even more models still in the pipeline yet to be released. Rumor and speculation will always be there as soon as a company announces it is going to release its new brand into the market. It would be fair to analyze the already exquisite smartphones that have hit the road running

Apple iPhone 5

Apple essentially kicks the countdown with their most anticipated iPhone 5 that essentially stands out at the top of the list with some of the finest specs and features. It comes with an A6 CPU that is up to the task of multitasking efficiently. IPhone 5 is essentially the smart phone that we did want as it is light thin and comes with a retina display screen that provides perfect clarity and vividness. iPhone 5 comes with a 1GB RAM with fast data speed connectivity enabled by the highly capable 4G LTE networks. It comes with two cameras one at the rear which stands at 8MP while the front one is at 1.2MP. These kinds of features are what make it stand out as one of the best Smartphone’s of 2012. You can check out detailed information on iPhone 5 and an iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S Features and Specs Comparison Chart.

Best SmartPhones 2012: Apple iPhone 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

With strong configuration, fashion design and super large screen makes this smartphone creates big craze. For users who just want a phone and just want a tablet but do not want to take up a variety of devices, Note II is probably the best choice. Large screen suitable for surfing the web, watching movies, playing games. Check out Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Specs and Features in detail as well as how good it is in iPhone 5 vs Galaxy Note 2 Specs Chart and Features Comparison.

Best SmartPhones 2012: Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy S3

It held the number one spot till the launch of the new iPhone 5 by apple; it still stands out as one of the best Smartphone’s of 2012 due to the one of kind features that it does offer. Galaxy III comes with a 4.8inch 720X1280 super AMOLED touch screen that is sure to provide ultimate clarity. Speed is also at its best as compared to other smart phones as it incorporates a 1.5GHZ dual core processor with a 2GB RAM. It also comes with an n 8MP rear camera with a 1.9MP front camera .Data connectivity is also at its best as it incorporates the new 4GLTE. It’s one of a kind unique feature is its ability to sense you want to make a call as soon as you lift it up to your ear. You can check out our iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 comparison chart.
Best SmartPhones 2012: Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy Mini

Fans of compact devices can consider getting a new smartphone by Samsung, Galaxy S III Mini, which is released by the company as an elegant yet practical handset with a 4.0-inch screen and Dual Core 1GHz chipset. Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is a smaller version of its bigger “bro” Galaxy S 3 with a similar design, performance and intuitive usability.
The new smartphone mini display lets you enjoy pictures, videos and web content in beautiful colors and clearness. Because the WVGA Super AMOLED screen is only 4 inches, customers can enjoy a secure grip along with easy and relaxing operation with one hand. Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini will come with Android Jelly Bean.
Best SmartPhones 2012: Samsung Galaxy Mini

Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920 comes at number 3 with its 1.5GHZ processor that is sure to guarantee absolute perfect speeds especially when multitasking. It comes with a 4.5 inches AMOLED clear back screen display with a 720p resolution, a number of camera features including a new optical image stabilisation system and a built-in wireless charging system are the key features of the Nokia's new flagship Windows Phone, the Lumia 920.

Best SmartPhones 2012: Nokia Lumia 920

HTC One series

Being carried by the major carriers just like Galaxy III made it to stand out as one of the best Smartphone’s of 2012 complimented with some of the best features and specs. Ones you hold it in your hands you will know it is one of a kind Smartphone as it provides a perfect feel due to the build quality material. It comes with as S4 dual core 1.5GHZ processor just like the other top Smartphone’s. Its data network is also one of the best as it incorporates the 4G LTE and also comes with the HTC Sense 4.0 with ice cream sandwich. 8MP rear camera would also be something to smile about. Its display varies from 4.3 inches to 4.7 depending on which you would wish to buy.
Best SmartPhones 2012: HTC One series

Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD

The Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD has a 4.7-inch Super AMOLED HD screen, 1.5GHz dual-core CPU, LTE, and an 8-megapixel shooter, but it upgrades the onboard storage to 32GB. And the main event with any RAZR Maxx is, of course, an upgraded 3,300mAh battery that promises up to 21 hours of talk time, 13 hours of video playback or eight hours of web browsing on LTE.
Best SmartPhones 2012: Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD

LG Optimus G

Another best smartphone of 2012 is LG Optimus G. LG gathered industry-leading partners and technologies to develop the Optimus G, a high-end smartphone that offers powerful performance, an elegant and sleek design, and an innovative user experience. The Optimus G will be the first commercial and global smartphone to offer the Snapdragon S4 Pro (APQ8064) processor with a Quad-Core Krait CPU, LTE supported capabilities, and the newest generation Adreno 320 GPU. It has a 4.7-inch True HD IPS+ display with a 720p HD resolution of 1280×720, 1.5GHz processor, comes with 32GB of internal memory and has 2GB of RAM.
Best SmartPhones 2012: LG Optimus G

Sony Xperia S

Sony Xperia's features have the advantage of a 12.1 MP camera with features that can take pictures quickly. Qualcomm Dual Core1.5GHz processor produces fast performance. 4.3-inch display screen Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA Engine is capable of displaying the image quality is sharp and clear.

Sony Xperia's features supported three accessory Smart Extras,namely SmartTags to divert your smartphone settings with a single tap, Smart Wireless Headset for Bluetooth headsets pro users can read text messages, view incoming calls, access the calendar notification, and SmartWatch to access applications and features on the micro-screen smartphone with Android.
Best SmartPhones 2012: Sony Xperia S

Nokia 808 pure views

Nokia 808 pure view could simply not miss from the list of the top Smartphone’s of 2012 coming with a 3G network that is sure to provide fast speeds. Its 41MP camera is one of a kind that you can never find in any other Smartphone’s thus able to capture some of the best photos. It also comes with one of the brightest displays complimented with a touch screen that is fast and hyper sensitive.
Best SmartPhones 2012: Nokia Lumia 808 Pure views

Huawei Ascend G300

Huawei Ascend G300 is worth including in Best Smartphones 2012 list, especially for a budget handset. The 4-inch screen has a resolution of 480x800, that's 233ppi, if you're counting, which might not be spectacular - the iPhone 4S is 330ppi - but certainly gives the phone plenty of detail. Its colours are incredible, something we think is a testament to the quality of LCD screens over AMOLED panels. While OLED is all the rage, and much brighter and more colourful, we don't think it is especially accurate or true to life.

Best SmartPhones 2012: Huawei Ascend G300

These are some of the best Smartphones 2012 but with this industry being highly dynamic there will always be an improvement of this versions especially with the ripe competition among the companies.
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