Diamond Quantum Computing: Supercomputer in a single diamond

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An international team, composed of U.S. and Netherlands scientists , has made a breakthrough in Diamond Quantum Computing by building first Supercomputer in Single Diamond. Taking advantage of the impurities of the crystal, have built a CPU composed of two quantum bits (or qubits), capable of overcoming the problems of decoherence that usually make this type of computer machines highly unstable.

Diamond Quantum Computing: Supercomputer in a single diamond

Diamond Quantum Computing: Functional Quantum Computers step closer

The truly functional quantum computers seem a little closer. While this is a type of computer was proposed a few decades ago, the fact is that despite efforts to build a machine capable of performing computations from the strange principles of quantum physics have not yet a complete success. There have been several prototypes capable of performing simple tasks , but generally there are problems of decoherence-produced by the system interaction with its environment-that crash performance. Now a team of scientists consisting of physicists at the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands, Iowa State University (USA) and the University of California at Santa Barbara (USA) have taken an important step in solving this problem by building a quantum computer inside a diamond.

Diamond Quantum Computing: 3x3mm 2 Qbits CPU Chip

It is not the first work of this kind, and in 2006 he had worked with diamonds in this field, but the difference from previous work is the improvement in the protection provided by the diamond against the problems of decoherence, preventing the "noise "environment prevent the equipment to work properly. The work of this group of scientists demonstrates the feasibility of solid-state quantum computers, which unlike other based liquids or gases, can be easily extended to incorporate a greater number of qbits. The computer appears in the Nature article is actually a chip of 3 mm x 3 mm which contains in its center a "CPU" diamond of only 1 mm x 1 mm, consisting of two qbits. Do not make the error assume that this computer by having only two equivalents quantum of "old" bit has little power, as opposed to only the bits that can represent a one or zero, qubits can encode one and a zero at the same time. This property, calledsuperposition, gives quantum computers the ability to perform certain calculations much faster than traditional computers.

Diamond Quantum Computing: Supercomputer in a single diamond

The multinational team, led by Professor Daniel Lidar and postdoctoral researcherZhihui Wang, took the impurities inside the diamond. Although in theory a diamond is pure carbon, always contains impurities inside that make it less attractive as jewelry, as they provide a slightly cloudy. However, these foreign particles, nitrogen nuclei in this case used as a basis to create quantum qbits CPU. To demonstrate that the chip functions implemented an algorithm of searching Grover, which is able to find a particular bit in a register of L bits long (using a conventional computer) to O (L) steps.The quantum algorithm is able to do the same in O (√ L) steps. In tests L was equal to 4, and the computer was able to find the result at 322 microseconds, with a fidelity between 91% and 95%. Recall that quantum algorithms never achieve 100% fidelity. It is assumed that these will replace the current computer in the future, but although this development will surely help that change happen, quantum computers will not see "suitable for all age groups" in stores until several years.
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