Samsung Galaxy S3 vs New iPhone 5: Release Dates and Specs

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Smartphone lover are getting for the Samsung Galaxy S3 vs New iPhone 5 battle. However, Apple does not provided any comments on the New iPhone 5 Release Dates and Specs rumors. Samsung, who quickly learns, also manages to maintain the suspense around the its next smartphone Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Dates and Specifications.
Samsung Galaxy S3 vs New iPhone 5: Release Dates and Specs
Apple, the American mobile phone manufacturer, does not make major announcement during the fairs. For the Mobile World Congress last week, Samsung had a few appetizers, the tablet Samsung Galaxy Notes 10.1, the Galaxy Beam, to present. But for the main course, the Galaxy S3 release date, please wait for few more weeks. Meanwhile, Apple is also silent after giving us the blow of its new iPad 3G last month. The name of the product being installed well in the market. For customers (fans) do not have a smartphone but an iPhone for some, a Galaxy S for others. And we decline the range.

There is a great buzz about the the features, specs and characteristics of the two new devices. What OS, what camera, what size, shape and form factor? Since the lessons are well learned and as Korean Samsung as the U.S Apple strive to offer their fans the best technology smartphones in the market and concentrate on the latest trends.

Yet one can even have fun to imagine the worst. A camera of 41 mega pixels, stuck in a smartphone waterproof and shock, which would be LTE, NFC and read the braille (for surfing the success of Untouchables). Just kidding, of course. Although it is highly likely that Apple is working to improve the quality of its cameras on the new iPhone 5 for a 2012 release, while making a point of honor not to communicate it. Then comes the avalanche of speculation about the characteristics of micro-processors. I leave it to experts to your techno imaginations.

Both Samsung and Apple have preferred to maintained the doubts about the release date of their phones. It lets in a few dates, approximations. We must maintain the speculation, whatever the subject. The whole background of rivalry between the two mobile technology stars set to release their new mobile phone models, Samsung Galaxy S3 vs New iPhone 5, that are competing to be the world number one smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Specs and Price

Samsung has disclosed nothing further along with away with the official invite, with no image, video or teaser released for its hotly anticipated smartphone and there is no official news on s3 specifications and price yet. Therefore Galaxy S3 specs and price details are still unclear, with rumors and leaks suggesting a 4.6 inches super AMOLED III display screen with 5 column menu, running Android 4.0 ICS with Touchwiz 5.0, powered by a 1.5GHz dual-core processor along with add-on technologies like NFC, 4G and wireless charging. Other Galaxy S3 specs features 1.5GB RAM, 32GB Internal storage memory, 10MP camera, 1080p video recording at 60fps and 2250mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Date

After making its fan waiting for months with a bunch of rumors, leaks, hype and excitement, Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Date has finally officially be announced. The new Galaxy S3 will be unveiled on May 03, 2012 in London. An official invite of Samsung Galaxy S3 launch event has been finally sent to selected privileged ones. The invite states "Come and meet the next Galaxy", one of the hottest events of the year 2012 taking place at Earls Court in London on Thursday May 3 2012.

New iPhone 5 Specification

Unlike the iPhone 4S, the new iPhone 5 will be a completely new design with major hardware improvements. In compitition with Galaxy S3 huge 4.6 inch screen, a new iPad like HD Retina Display is expected for the new Apple iPhone 5, which is rumored to be powered by the new A6 quad-core processors family. Apple iPhone 5 is also supposed to be loaded with an improved Sony CMOS sensors 8MP camera, 4G/LTE and NFC. It is thus quite interesting to see if the Samsung Galaxy S3 or the Apple iPhone smartphone wins the smartphone users hearts.

New Apple iPhone 5 Price

It is fairly much apprehended that the new iPhone 5 price will be around £500 for a 16GB / 32GB model and unless the iPhone 5 comes with some truly next generation technology that pricing model should hold steady.

New iPhone 5 Release Dates

Observing the Apple iPhone Releases pattern, it is expected that next-generation iPhone 5 will debut in mid to late year 2012. An Apple iPhone 5 glimpse is also likely to be shown off at Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in June 2012. June 2012 iPhone 5 Release Date rumors are supported by Apple manufacturer Foxconn moves to gear up for the month of June.
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