Win8USB: Install Windows 8 from USB flash drive boot disk

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Microsoft Windows 8 will feature some of the basic advantages of Windows 7, and one of them is to offer a way to install Windows 8 from a USB flash drive boot disk, or another type of flash memory device that interface. The now classic USB tool for Windows 7 that Microsoft launched in time compatible with the ISO Consumer Preview Windows 8, but if you prefer to use a solution created by a third party, here is Win8USB.
Win8USB: Install Windows 8 from USB flash drive boot disk

Win8USB for Windows 8 Installation from USB flash drive

The convenience of installing an Microsoft Windows 8 operating system from a USB flash drive is great. If you have an installation disk, just enough to create an ISO image of the same hard disk, in order to preserve the original disc from scratches and dust. Linux distros have a good time supporting this kind of installation, but in the case of Windows, the process is"officially" in a certain way with Windows 7. Of course, there are different applications and guidelines that allow you to install other versions "pre-Windows 7" from a flash drive, but what really brings us here is the beta of Windows 8. The official Microsoft tool to transfer an image of Windows 7 to a USB flash drive is compatible with the image of Consumer Preview Windows 8, but if for some reason you encounter a problem using it, you can use Win8USB.Remember: The pendrive should be 4 GB or more

How to Install Windows 8 from Win8USB bootable flash drive

The program requires virtually no instructions, because the process is that simple. Insert the USB flash drive that will copy the image (must be 4 GB or more), run the application in administrator mode, the flash drive specifies the drive within the program, go get the picture by specifying your route, check the box to format the flash drive (as a precaution, we recommend) and then click Create. The time it takes the backup process depends on several factors including the overall computer speed and write speed on the stick, but after several minutes you will receive a message that is now the "bootcode", indicating that everything was right.Some antivirus do not like to see a autorun.inf on a stick. Temporarily disable it if you have problems.

Win8USB: Install Windows 8 from USB flash drive boot disk
As always in these cases, it is likely that some users need to disable their antivirus temporarily to allow the operation completed smoothly. Those using Avira can come to receive an alert for a autorun.inf on the flash drive (this is normal), and as default, Avira blocks access to the file. Win8USB may interpret this as an error and stop copying altogether. Beyond that, the program delivers what it promises , does not require installation and is very light. In case you want to try Windows 8 on a netbook, or you have run out optical drive overnight (can happen, as we know) , you know there are tools like Win8USB that can get you out of trouble.
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