Is PrizeRebel Legitimate and Safe Website or not?

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PrizeRebel is a website where you get rewarded for performing various online activities, including filling out surveys, watching videos, signing up for trials (products or services and referring other people. It’s a pretty simple way to earn a few extra dollars in your down time.

PrizeRebeloperates on GPT (Get Paid To) model. It was established in 2007.Reward is associated with points, like you can redeem rewards with as low as 500 points. For these 500 points, you will get $5 PayPal within 24 hours. To get points, you will do different activities as mentioned above that are usually requested by partner websites and sponsors.The low earning requirement for redemption makes PrizeRebel an attractive site.

PrizeRebelis user friendly with a pleasant interface. In addition, you’ll have a clear guidance for each survey or offer you would choose to complete. A progress bar is there to let you knowabout how many points you earned for the day, downloading, trying out games, etc. To earn points can be fun if you’re into games, only a tip.
Is PrizeRebel Legitimate and Safe Website or not?

How PrizeRebel Works?

Like most survey sites, you can sign up for PrizeRebelonly if you are over 18 years, or have parental consent if you’re between 13 and 18 years old. After signing up, you’ll be immediately presented with different bonus offers. To have optimal experience, PrizeRebel recommends Chrome or Firefox. By disabling your ad blocker, you can access more parts of the website.

Although PrizeRebel is safe and its hype is quite positive but before signup, it’s always good to do some search about the site. You need to beware of people that claim they have hacked versions of the rewards sites that require no credit card from you. And then they give you a link with their referral number, so you go there and do an offer, expecting that you'll get a reward. But shockingly, nothing happens for you. However, their reward just got closer thanks to your referral.

To have the best experience possible on PrizeRebel, you need to be organized. Its best practice to have a valid email address dedicated just for PrizeRebel, because as you sign up for multiple offers, you’ll be hit with sponsored offers from advertisers.
If you have signed up for free trials, for a week or 30 days, than keep track of your dates and cancel your trial before the deadline. In his way, you can avoid your credit card getting charged automatically.

How to redeem your reward?

PrizeRebel offers different categories in terms of prizes, ranging from retail, online games, books, electronics, and prepaid cell minutes, and so forth. $1 is equivalent to 100 points, on PrizeRebel. In case, you want straight up cash, than PayPal is the best reward you can ask for. PayPal rewards range from $5 to $500. But 500 points are required to redeem a $5 PayPal amount.

There are different levels like bronze, silver and above. You start out as bronze level on PrizeRebel and get upgraded to silver after 1,000 points.The concept of cumulative is not valid, i.e. if you have earned 1,000 points and moved up from bronze to silver, theses points will not count for moving up from silver to gold. For that, you’d need additional 3,000 points.

Pros and Cons of PrizeRebel

Here are some pros and cons of PrizeRebel:

• User-friendly and pleasant interface.PrizeRebel can be said one of the nicest survey sites out there in terms of design.
• When you go to the “Offers” page, it spells out clearly what you need to do to complete an offer.
• After completing your daily challenge, you get extra points and a badge in order to motivate you to earn points faster.
• You won’t find too many complaints online about its legitimacy. Of course, some people will always complain and have bad experience with any survey site.

• Not only in case of PrizeRebel, infactfor every survey site, i.e. you can fill out 10 or more pre-survey questions just to be hit with “You don’t qualify for this survey.”
• After this message, you receive another to motivate you that by doing hard, you can qualify, simply frustrating.
• Some links to surveys or downloading games are broken, which can add to your frustration.
• Watching videos and doing tasks might not be worth your time, because you’re spending so much time for so little points.
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