Highest Paying Adsense Alternatives

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A general thinking among new Bloggers is that Adsense is the only way to monetize their blogs. Sorry, but if you are also one of them, then you will sooner be disappointed when you may face rejection or get banned from Adsense. Because it often happens.

In addition to this, there might be other reasons that motivate you to look for alternative ad networks and other ways to monetize your sites. Like Google AdSense rejects many sites for not having enough content, getting a site approved for Google AdSense is now a days bit difficult, Google AdSense has a lot of rules and they monitor sites constantly. In case of breaking any rule, not only your site will bebanned but it won’t let you open a new AdSense account.

It’s true that adhering to Google AdSense rules, often leads to site design issues. Sometimes, you have to redesign your entire site just so you can use Google AdSense. Ad format plays also important role here. Other ad formats that Google AdSense does not support work better on many sites. Types of Ads will be discussed later in this article. You can also find below a list of best high paying Google Adsense alternative advertising networks.
Highest Paying Adsense Alternatives

HighestPayingAdsense Alternatives

There is a lot of Advertising Networks on internet, but only few are good. If you’re struggling to get an Adsense Approval or already got rejected from them, you can try the other ones that are listed below.


A perfect alternative to AdSense for the websites is Adsterra that have over 50K impressions per month. They work with website from all types of niches and have a great ad fill rate for all countries. It becomes one of the fastest growing premium ad networks in a short time. It currently serves over 10 billion geo-targeted ad impression per month.

They offer various popular ad formats for web as well as mobile devices such as popunders, standard banners, interstitial, sliders, pushups, and direct links. It is famous for on-time payments made bi-weekly via major payment systems.


Infolinks is also one of the Best Google Adsense Alternative in terms of money. It pays quite a good amount of money for their publishers. The best thing about Infolinks is, it’s quite easy to get approved, with easy terms and conditions. Infolink has always text-based ads that doesn’t require too many spaces. In addition, it shows in text or pop up ads. Following four types of Ads, you can expect from Infolinks
• In-Fold,
• In-text,
• In-Frame
• In-tag Ads.


Another best alternative for Adsense is Media.net. It is a contextual ad network from Yahoo! and Bing. The ads provided by Media.net are customized and will be shown in mobile phones and tablets.Media.net ads are highly customizable and in this way, user experience could be enhanced.

Media.net provide you easy access to high quality ads by connecting with all the major buyer networks. And the best thing is that Media.net is free. In addition to this, all ads displayed to your site’s visitors are context sensitive. This way your site visitors see ads that they will be more likely to click. You can get your payments via PayPal or check. Current minimum payout threshold is $50.


RevenueHits is a fairly new ad network. It has a really nice image. They offer a wide variety of ad types such as banner, pop-under, sliders, top and footer style banners. In addition, you can also expect buttons and interstitials. They offer both contextual and geo-targeted ads. They are a performance-based network, instead of CPC or CPM network.

As a result, you are paid when a visitor to your site takes specific actions instead of being paid when they click on an ad. Wire, PayPal and Payoneer are used to pay the clients. The current minimum payout is like Media.net i.e. $50.


PopAds is specialized in pop-under ad delivery. According to their officials, their average earnings for a site that receives 1000 unique visitors a day is $4.00 a day. By selecting the minimum bid you will accept from advertisers as well as setting the frequency with which the pop-under ads display to site visitors.

The most attractive offer that make people crazy is that you can request payment of your PopAds revenue anytime you want. If you are earning at least $5 a day, you can even make payment requests on a daily basis.Getting an account and site approvals is more easy with PopAds, as compare to any other.
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