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Internet browsing is an exciting experience since it allows people to attain world information. People who surf the Internet often experience various threats and thus need to hide IP address for safety measures. The IP address (Internet Protocol address) is an exclusive numerical thread to identify information about an individual’s computer.

The Internet Protocol number holds information that can disclose an Internet service provider information (ISP) and individual location. Exposing one’s computer address may be dangerous because of the personal information that it can disclose.To hide or mask the system IP Address while it is connected to the Internet, IP Scrambler software are designed. These programs are great for the private Internet users but may be limited in use by corporate servers.

The most common reason for using IP Scrambler is for security motives. Since, general Internet public is able to see your IP Address it is good to hide it. Data sharing is one of the primary reasons to use the Internet so it should be safe to communicate whether it may be from any aspect. Using a VPN or a software program to hide your Internet IP Address is safe to exchange information. And your computer can also be protected from malware if your computer IP Address is hidden. So using IP Scrambler is a positive and legal way to increase your Internet security. Avoid data loss, such as passwords, and financial information by hiding your computers IP Address.
Free IP Address Scrambler Softwares

How IP scrambler work?

All computers connect to the Internet through the Internet Service Provider that you have signed up to use. Your computer IP Address identifies your computer, comprises numerical code is allocated by Internet Service Provider. It also carries information that it shares with websites and allow the website to communicate with your computer.

The computers IP Address is traceable, when your computers browser creates the Internet connection using the software contained within IP Scrambler. The IP Scrambler hides computer assigned IP Address and issues it a false IP Address that cannot be linked to your computer. That false IP Address contains necessary information needed by your computer to interact with the Internet, but it does not have the link back to computer that hackers and malware need.

The simple way to hide IP addresses is byusing software. You can use them to hide your IP address from others and use your internet connection secretly. If you want to know how to hide your IP address, there are several tools below you may be interested to use.


Spotflux is a wonderful IP Changer that works amazingly for the users. By using Spotflux free VPN you can have an improved and protected internet connection. It works not only on your desktop, but also on laptops, cell phones and tablets. Spotflux provides you a covered and safe surfing by hiding the identity and location of your internet connection and you are able to enjoy more unrestricted and unlimited surfing.

After downloading Spotflux from its official site, you need to install the tool to your system and then click on the icon to open it. After launch, it will automatically start getting “Enabled”. If you want to disconnect it, you just need to click the “Disable” button above the “enable” option.


Easy-Hide-IP is definitely the great IP Changer for the user. Using Easy-Hide-IP you can cover the present geographical location and IP address quite easily. You can try it 3 days free trial to check its service.

You need to download its trial version by providing your valid email address. You need to provide the key received on your email address to the given box to create your demo license. Click on connect button and connect with your desired IP address once it is created. Easy Hide IP facilitates users looking to hide their computer’s IP address.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is the ideal selection for you if you want to access the internet connection securely with privacy. The website provides you two types of Hotspot Shield tool. One is Hotspot Shield Free that can be downloaded without any cost. The other is Hotspot Shield Elite that is a paid and premium version. Hotspot Shield enables you to hide your IP address and gives you an anonymous browsing.

It gives you the freedom to access all of the sites you like though these sites are blocked for the people of your region. Moreover, if you are using Hotspot Shield paid version, you would be able to get a 100% sure faster net surfing and emailing and live chat facility for the English spoken countries only.

First download Hotspot Shield and install it to your system. Then an icon appears on your system. On click you will get it opened. Then click on the “Connect” button and it will start connecting. When the red icon on Notification part appears that means yours Hotspot Shield is not active. After red icon turns into green, it shows you have an active connection and you are successful in hiding your IP Address

Fast Hide IP

Fast Hide’s IP hiding software is another good application which cost users $28. This advance software changes and hides user IP addresses whereas also allowing users to make it appear as though they’re browsing in different countries. Fast Hide can also opened automatically or run manually. Although this software works well, it can drastically slow down internet speeds.

Mask Surf Pro

Mask Surf Pro an IP address hiding software that uses Tor technology costs $50. Tor can be multi-layered making it painstaking for advertisers or trackers to uncover a user’s IP address. Mask Surf Pro is very user friendly and extremely easy to install and set up.

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