How to take screenshots on Galaxy S4

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One of the cool things you can do with having a smartphone is being able to capture the current screen. There was a time when user had to use a third-party to have screenshot feature on phone. But now android handset manufacturers have added this sensible feature on new phone models. So you need not to install an application that can take a screenshot.

Screen shots have a variety of uses, including documenting important conversations, saving order numbers from purchases made on your phone or creating step-by-step instructions for how to use an app. Once saved, you can send your screen shot to contacts, upload the image to your social media accounts or view it in your gallery.From the time of the release of Samsung Galaxy S4 there seems numbers of people looking for the method on how to capture a screenshot with Galaxy S4.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 enables users to take a screen shot using either a button press or hand gesture to capture images of apps, Web pages or conversations. Taking a Galaxy S4 snapshot is easy and you might never know when you will need it. So if you want to share some interesting screenshot with your friends go through this article.Here in this article we have some easy techniques for you to follow, to capture screenshots from your Samsung Galaxy S4. You can capture screenshots with your Samsung Galaxy S4 two different ways.
How to take screenshots on Galaxy S4

How to take Screenshots from Samsung Galaxy S4

This is a very simple method of creating a screenshot that involves much standard procedure of immediate button pressing. This will work with any Samsung Galaxy S4 model, rooted / non-rooted for both Stock and Custom ROMs. And while taking screenshot make sure to press the buttons at the same time for the screenshot to be created.

1. Open the screen on Samsung Galaxy S4 that you wish to capture.
2. Press and Hold Power and Home buttons all together.
3. Hold the buttons pressed until you see a frame appearing on your screen along with the Shutter Sound.
4. Open the preview screenshot in the Notification panel of your Galaxy S4.
5. Use the Share button in gallery to send the captured screen.

In case this method fails at the first attempt, then repeat the actions again and again before you get it right.

How to take Screenshots with a hand swipe in Samsung Galaxy S4

This feature is present on all Samsung Galaxy S4 models.

1. Open the home screen of your Galaxy S4.
2. Go to Settings
3. Go to Motions and gestures.
4. Enable Palm Swipe to Capture.
5. Tick Capture Screen
6. Now you can take screenshots by swiping the palm of your hand over your screen that you wish to take a screenshot of.
7. Close the Settings menu.
8. Hold your hand vertically over the screen and then simply Swipe across it.
9. You will hear the camera shutter sound and a screenshot will always be saved in your photo Gallery.

As you can see that this procedure is quite straightforward and simple. Once you have captured Screen shots you can access them from the "Screenshots" folder in your Gallery app and are accessible for immediate use after being created. The Gallery allows you to attach photos to your text messages, upload files to photo sharing services or tag your friends and post directly to your favorite social media outlet directly from the Gallery. Screen shots are arranged in their folder by date, with the most recent photos first.

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