Apple iPhone 6C/iPhone 5SE Release Date, Price and Specs

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According to a recent update, Apple might have changed the name of the upcoming phone once more to the iPhone SE. Last update suggested that the coming iPhone could be named as 6C, 5E or 5SE.But the current thinking is that Apple's new 4-incher will be called the iPhone SE, although, it's still very much up for debate. But whatever Apple is going to call the new device, it's likely readying the iPhone for next month.

On September 9, 2015, Apple hosted its annual iPhone launch and since then the main rumors suggesting that we'd see three iPhone models released this year. The iPhone 6C has been long rumored, ever since the launch of the original budget iPhone model in 2013. While the iPhone 5C was designed purely as a more affordable iPhone, the iPhone 6C or SE is likely to have more to differentiate it, with a smaller screen than either of the 6S models.

If you still want to have an iPhone with a 4-inch screen, then the only way to get is to buy the aged iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C, as a future iPhone C model would likely be aimed both at those who want to save some money as well as to save some pocket space. It is speculated that Apple may launch the iPhone 5SE alongside the Apple Watch 2 or some new bands, at an event in March. In our opinion, fans must ready to be surprised.
Apple iPhone 6C/iPhone 5SE Release Date, Price and Specs

iPhone 5SE Release Date, Price and Specs

Here you can find all rumors which are there, about upcoming phones.

iPhone 5SE Release Date

By having a look on previous track , it’s almost impossible for Apple to launch a new device before September but this time, speculations are saying something unusual. Most probably, Apple's event to unveil the phone is likely happening in 3rd week of March and the most speculated date is March 21, 2016. According to rumors, the iPhone 5SE is already in production and will launch this spring, so March is possible. So we can say that this spring may bring a new flower in Apple’s collection.

iPhone 5SE Price

Apple had designed the iPhone 5C to accommodate comparatively low income group but it wasn't. Even now isn't particularly affordable for a person with average income. By seeing this, fans are expecting to see the iPhone 5SE be truly affordable, with a mid-range price of around £400/$500.

iPhone 5SE Specs

It is being expected that iPhone 5SE may have a lot in common with the iPhone 5, like sporting a similar shape and design, albeit with rounder edges and Touch ID. If it comes with a plastic body then there's no doubt that it will be available at far less price than Apple's flagship phones. Following are the most speculated features of upcoming iPhone.

Touch ID

Touch ID is something that we are expecting since last iphone generation. Two years on it's unlikely that Apple would keep it out of the iPhone 5SE, but with such an advance feature, will it possible for Apple to positioned the upcoming phone as a budget alternative to the iPhone 6S. And if not then, it would severely limit the iPhone 5SE appeal.


Although it's expected that the iPhone 5SE will have a 4.0-inch screen, but the scene may different because if Apple only released one iPhone size, then most probably, it would be standard 4.7-inch model. But choice is always good. There are a lot of Apple fans who were disappointed by the move to larger screens, so a new model with a small screen would be much appreciated.

More Slimmer

iPhone 5SE will likely be more compact than the iPhone 6S. It would be great if Apple made it simmer and as pocket friendly as possible. We have seen that the iPhone 5C is 9mm thick, but it would be great to see the iPhone 5SE drop down to around 6.9mm thick like the iPhone 6.

More storage

The last device, i.e. iPhone 5C which was initially sold in several storage sizes, but later on available only in a near useless 8GB model. Now it is expected that iPhone 5SE will be available with a range of storage capacities with 32GB as the smallest. Major complain by the Apple fans is that it doesn't allow for expandable storage so to see an improvement in this regard will be pretty good.

Battery Life

iPhone 5SE is expected to have a longer life, as it is also a major issue that apple should consider. By having an iPhone, you will be first among your friends, who would say that battery is dead. It’s not impossible to launch a phone with long battery life, we have examples like Sony xperia, its battery last for almost two days.
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