How to fix iPhone battery draining fast

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If you have an iPhone, there is a chance you run into battery problems at times you wish you had the battery life to take one more photo, look up the location or make an urgent phone call. But the more we use and rely on our smartphones, the more likely they are to run out of battery when we need them most.

For iPhone users, extending battery life is a constant struggle, but with a bit of awareness about how you use your iPhone and what apps you're using on it, you can control your iPhone's battery-draining trend. Battery life problem is an issue that seems to reoccur every time a new iOS update rolls out.

If you're concerned about your iPhone's battery life it's worth spending a few minutes to think about what you really need your phone to be doing.We'll take a look at what types of apps commonly drain battery power and look into ways to keep your iPhone battery last long. Even though the causes for drained battery life can be different, here are some useful tips to fix battery life issue in your iPhone.
How to fix iPhone battery draining fast

How to fix iPhone battery draining fast

Below are some tips that could be helpful to fix iPhone battery draining fast problem:

Shut down the battery draining apps

Do you use your phone to check Facebook or your email regularly? The biggest battery drain factors are the apps you're always using. Some apps keep running for information in the background, burning battery life even when you are not paying any attention to them.

So you need to check out what's really draining your battery by going to Settings > Battery. You can see the percentage of battery used in either the last 24 hours or 5 days by scroll down. You need to be cautious of apps that keep your screen active or put a strain on your iPhone internal processor. Video streaming apps and games might be fun, but they also cut sharply battery life.

For every app, you choose Allow Notifications to allow sounds if the alert appears on the lock screen. Each new notification uses battery power to pop up an alert and light up your lock screen. Another battery drain is regular downloads from the App and iTunes Stores. Under Settings > App and iTunes Stores, you can choose to have purchases and updates downloaded automatically, which may well drain your battery when you really need it, or manually. But can you choose those updates only happen over Wi-Fi only or over either Wi-Fi or cellular. So hampering those updates to Wi-Fi only is a good choice.

Dim the screen brightness

Turn down the display light. It can’t be possible to see anything clearly on screen but your battery may last bit longer. Moreover it is not that necessary to have optimal brightness while walking with your iPhone in handbag or pocket.
Keeping screen brightness turns on all the time result massive battery drain. Enable Auto-Brightness, which automatically alters screen brightness in response to existing lighting situation. Also reduce screen drain by setting your phone's screen lock to turn off as quickly as possible.

Keep location services turn off

Location services apps are convenient they provide useful, location-specific information. Keeping your iPhone's GPS running can drain battery power very quickly. If you'd like to save battery life, you have several options where location services are concerned. Close apps that provide you with location-based information, like Google Maps that use location services when you don't need them.

If you don't think an app needs access to location services, it's easy to disable it on an app-by-app basis. Just open Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

Disable Wi-Fi

If you are not using Wi-Fi, turn it off to avoid draining your battery in the process. You can disable Wi-Fi under Settings > Wi-Fi, and turn it on again when you need it. If you don't need any kind of data service you can save a lot of battery life by turning off Wi-Fi and cellular service. Swipe up from your home screen and click the Wi-Fi icon to disable Wi-Fi.

Disable Bluetooth

If you are not using Bluetooth, turn Bluetooth off under Settings > Bluetooth or swipe up from your home screen to bring up a mini settings menu, and turn off Bluetooth by using Bluetooth icon.

Cut down email checking

Many people use phones to check email accounts. The iPhone enables user set up new mail to be automatically pushed to your phone at certain intervals. Push mail means a constant connection, so you can get enhanced battery life by fetching mail at less frequent interval.

Apple is hopeful to find a lasting solution to fast battery drainage. But till then if you are experiencing battery problems with your iPhone or searching for tips to improve battery life you can follow the above methods and hope it works a lot.
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