Best Weather App for iPhone/iPad 2016

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One of the most visited app in our mobiles are weather app. In case of iPhone weather app, it’s very difficult to say, yes, this is the best one. Therefore picking the best one is very difficult. Usually we have one app for one particular task but in case of iPhone weather app are far more subjective i.e. one can have a couple dozen apps in device, sounds wired but the apps are actually super.

What should be the measuring criteria, if the given app is good enough or not. First and foremost thing for a weather app is that it shows the current conditions at first glance. As users don’t want to spend any time searching for the pertinent information. In addition to this, an app should offer a five-day forecast like given in iPad also, along with at least some kind of detailed information, such as radar, precipitation or wind speed. And above all, it should be accurate.

The weather apps are tailored towards the information you really want to have. Mostly such Apps provide complete details for your location. By having a weather app you can see daily and hourly forecasts, humidity, visibility, health information, and nearby webcams. In addition you can listen to the closest weather radio station and check active storms. With the help of radar, temperature, and satellite views, you can zoom in on the map.
Best Weather App for iPhone/iPad 2016

Best Weather App for iPhone/iPad 2016

Here is a brief review of best weather app available in iPhone/iPad.

Dark Sky

Dark sky is one of the most installed weather app. Dark Sky lets you literally scan the globe by swiping and pinching to find the most intense weather spots, instead of a map. It is always visible by way of a transparent layer which you can see just beneath the screen. It puts a whole new spin on weather apps by turning the radar into the forecast; Instead of five days, you get a 12-day span. By having this app, you can not only follow storms but also watch as they develop and dissipate.

Unlike every other weather apps which focuses on a few locales of your choosing, Dark Sky encourages you to explore parts of the world you’ll probably never visit. Wikipedia wormhole is a wonderful feature, once you start, you won’t want to stop. Dark Sky sports the most beautiful and mesmerizing radars that an iOS app did offered till today.

Accuweather Platinum

Although Accuweather is not the perfect one but it has continuously tweaked and refined its vision to deliver an app that’s both minimal and meticulous, drawing an utterly exhaustive picture of the sky above you. You can find a ton of information crammed into the app’s modular interface, but none of it become a hurdle in the way of the current temperature and conditions. Both things are clearly displayed against an animated representation of what’s going on outside your window.

All warnings or advisories are positioned at the top of the screen, you just need to scroll a bit down and you’ll find a wealth of customizable weather stats such as commonplace figures for visibility, pressure and dew point. In addition to these, there are some unique features like hourly precipitation forecasts to the phase of the moon.

Accuweather stands unique because of its MinuteCast. You can access this feature on the main screen, and can have a forensic look at the next two hours. Now you can tell to your partner the exact moment, when you’ll need an umbrella on your 30-minute walk.


Weathertron tells you a lot about the atmosphere, although it looks like a video game. So don’t be confused by looking at its appearance.It can be categorized as one of the most fascinating apps in the App Store, especially in terms of its beautiful design including its bars and gradients. It quickly show the temperature and a general overview of what’s going outside and an hourly breakdown of the day’s cloud cover and precipitation.

The Weather Channel

A terrific source with plenty of nice features is there as The Weather Channel. It tells you the current conditions along with an hourly, 36-hour, or 10-day forecast. In addition, you can review the UV index, humidity, visibility, dew point, and more from the main screen. Even the pollen forecast levels, a tropical update, and marine conditions are also available. You can also have access to videos for local and worldwide locations, a customizable radar map, and severe weather alerts.


This app has designed for the users who prefer viewing radar maps rather than reading weather details.You can have a quick local conditions that are displayed at the top along with temperature. In addition a brief view of the next two days is also there. You have to scroll down for the hourly and five-day forecasts along with other details including wind and pressure. It is available as paid as well as free version.
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