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Expressions speaks louder than words is as valid as the saying that actions speaks louder than words. And we all know that communication through writing is dangerous because the meaning extracted from the words totally depends upon the receiver. In most cases, words without expressions lead to confusions because expressionless sentences often carry harsh tone. To overcome this problem, emoticons are there. They help us to communicate exactly what we want to say.

Now a days, we are used to communicate through emails, SMS, whatsapp and much more. All such means of communication need expressions in order to convey the essence of our feelings. So for your android device, a feature-packed free keyboard with tons of options, great themes and Emoji support, is as essential as other apps. Such keyboards offer a lot of different layout formats you can use, a lot of themes and typing with it is also quite fast.

In addition to convey your feelings exactly, emoticons help us to save our words like we don’t need words when a goofy-looking ghost with its tongue sticking out perfectly sums up what we are trying to say. It’s really a fun. Luckily, there are plenty of apps out there that are continuously expanding the collection of Emoji that help you better communicate. Once you start using these little pictures, you're just addicted to them.
Best Emoji Keyboard Apps for Android

Best Emoji Keyboard Apps for Android

Once you get use to such keyboards, you're going to love these for your Android phones so much, that you'll find your messages incomplete without Emoji. Here are some:

Emoji ++

If you are used to spent seconds upon seconds swiping through the various tabs on your keyboard to find where the snowman Emoji stands and just fed up with all that then this app is for you. All Emojis either snowman is in the tab with the flower on it. So you don’t need to tab one after another by the way. Emoji ++ make search easy for you, by putting all your favorite Emoji in one list.


Unicode has announced that it would be making more racially diverse Emoji. But people didn’t welcome this idea, as they didn't see themselves or people who looked like them in the currently available Emoji. Through this app, you can literally see yourself as an Emoji. You have to choose an image saved on your phone, edit it i.e. erase the parts you don't want to have in the Emoji, and that’s all. Your selfie or favorite photo of your pet are now immortalized as Emoji.

Emoticons Art & Cool Fonts Keyboard

As mentioned above that once you start using Emoji, you're just going to want more and more. So any heavy Emoji user should download such an app that expands his Emoji offerings. Emoji Free - Emoticons Art & Cool Fonts Keyboard is one of them. It includes animated Emoji, Emoji art and emoji fonts. Although this is for iPhone but there is a similar option for Android users i.e. Emoji CoolSymbols Keyboard, which you can also download from Google Play for free.

Emoji Type

To choose a right Emoji instead of words is one of the hardest things about using Emoji to communicate. Here Emoji Type comes in and helps us. Emoji Type functions exactly in the same way as auto dictionary does. This custom keyboard auto suggests Emoji as you're writing up a message. Like if you say, "Want to eat something?” it may suggest you a pizza to use in your message.


KeyMoji is also something that suggests you on how to translate your words into Emoji. This app is pretty good because you can see the phrase along with the Emoji and you know exactly for what this Emoji stands for. Using this app is like you can learn a whole new language just by sending text messages. This helps on the receiver end also. Sometimes we don’t understand exactly what the sender want to say just to look at Emoji, but by having phrase, receiver actually understands what you're saying.

Sliding Emoji Keyboard

Sometime your friend is on a different smartphone platform than you can have different problems. One of which is the fact that Emoji sent from an Android phone don't always appear the same on an iPhone. So solution is also there in form of Sliding Emoji Keyboard, it will let you preview that how your emoji from an Android phone will look like on an iPhone.
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