Apple iCar Release Date, Price, Features Rumors

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The Apple Car rumors are circulating into fourth gear from different outlets revealed that not only is the iCar project real, but Apple is trying to get it onto road by the end of the decade. Since now we have seen apple in the Gadgets world. It brings number of devices in the market like iPod Mini, iPod Shuffle, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad Air2, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and apple Watch etc. Its series was limited only to the gadgets. However for the first time apple is going to launch an innovative Car.

Release of iCar by Apple and its idea was not decided in the current year. It was a proposal from Steve Jobs and Apple developers has decided to release the Apple Car before his death. On few grounds this release was deferred and again after long time, the rumors are spreading again. The company is working on an Apple Car or an iCar. But the number of rumors about the iCar and the escalating evidence is starting to convince us that maybe an Apple Car really is being built.

The company is taking this as a "committed project" and plans to triple the amount of people working on it. The proposal, being called Project Titan, consists of 600 people. And it is also an assumption that Apple is working on a self-driving car.Here, we get you all of the rumors about the Apple Car, including iCar release date rumors, feature rumors and what the iCar may seems like.
Apple iCar Release Date, Price, Features Rumors

Apple iCar Release Date

We haven't come to a solid conclusion about an iCar release, but some reports have speculated about the vehicle's release date. Of course, there's nothing precise, but there is a speculation that the Car might arrive in 2020, and Apple will begin production of its own electric vehicle soon.

It tends to take automakers approximately five to seven years to develop a car. Although Apple is said to targeting a launch in 2019, probably we'll have to wait a little longer. It is also speculated that Apple's plan seems doubtful that whether company would be able to hit the deadline.

So those who are expecting to see an Apple-branded car on the roads in 2019 may have to wait bit longer, as Apple 'ship date' doesn't necessarily mean the date those customers can buy the iCar. Instead, it refers to the date that Project Titan engineers will sign off on the iCar's main features. It will still have to go through careful testing once these features have been signed off before going to consumer hands.

Apple iCar Price

Though no solid pricing has been declared, we can take a look at Tesla's latest car and speculate that the iCar would be a related price - as the two companies are actually now automotive industry competitors. Tech analysts from Jefferies & Co forecast the price of the Apple’s iCar suggesting that the iCar is expected to have a price of more or less $55,000, which translate to around £36,000.

Tesla's 2015 Model S, the company’s most recent electric car offering costs £67,980, something that we imagine an iCar would appear with as standard. If Tesla is the yardstick, then the iCar surely won't be cheap but will be an item of magnificence.

Apple iCar Features Rumors

There are numerous Apple Employees who are working for the Titan project. Apple has decided to release its Apple Car similar as BMW car. This new project is named as Titan according to The Wall Street Journal.

We can expect many features from this brand new Apple Car. We can look forward to most of the features like BMW. Hope this Titan project achieves success and also distinguishes Apple in the automobiles market too. The iCar design may draw people attention like other apple products doing.

Having journey so far it is speculated that Apple will aim for a mid-segment compact car, most likely a SUV or crossover. Apple seems to be particularly interested in the carbon-fibre-reinforced BMW i3 electric car. Access to the Apple electric car consider a finger-print-reading home button on the driver or front passenger door, and the car unlocked from the inside by swiping left to right – just like an iDevice and having advanced features like self-parking and traffic jam assist. The Apple car won’t be using any dirty, pollutant-emitting combustion engines.
You might be feeling pretty sure now that an Apple Car is in the work now and hope to see an Apple magnificent innovation.

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