PS5, PS6, PS7, PS8 and PS9 Game Consoles being planned by Sony

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With a forecast of its sixth loss in seven years and struggling to keep its internal files out of the hacker hands , the only star product is gaming division.

After the sale of about 15 million PlayStation 4S in the year since its release, Sony knows the fact very well that gaming division is something they have to consider seriously. So they are preparing for a post-console world.

It should not be taken as rumor as company official says that buying servers and expanding its cloud networks to make sure it can reliably stream high-bandwidth games through PlayStation, has been one of the top priorities in recent years.

Users are excited about the fact that now they don’t need to own any Sony hardware beyond a game controller. The service relays its 200-odd titles directly from a data center to a player’s TV, which doesn’t have to be Sony-made.

By looking at user’s side, game consoles are considered as huge investments. Between the games, the accessories, and the subscriptions, its make people angry when every month, speculations of another console are there. Obviously people are protective of their investments, which results in kind of a hostile approach. But the fact that there is always space for something better and new, must also be considered.

PS5, PS6, PS7, PS8 and PS9 Game Consoles being planned by Sony

No, it’s not just exaggeration but Sony is really planning for a new game-console generation.

Sony PS5 Game Console

As PS4 makes fundamental improvements to basic network functionality. User can now join friends' games from friends list. The PS4 also introduces game-independent party chat for up to eight people, which avoid toxic public lobby audio.

Naturally, Sony Playstation 5 expectations for more functional improvements are not unjustified. Fans of play stations are expecting PS5 soon but it may not be possible. They have waited seven years for Sony to release the PS4, but that doesn’t seem like the case with PS5. A gaming console usually has a shelf life of about 6 years, and then there is need of new one.

The PS4 has been around for about 3 years now and there have already been speculations about the PS5. Nothing in detail can be said now because PS5 is expected as something different. Such as Sony might ditch the CD drive and go all Cloud based for the PS5. As a result the console will be lighter and slimmer.

To predict the Sony PS5 release date, it’s better to have a look on the past trend i.e. the PS2 came 5 years 3 months after the PS1 while the PS3 came 6 years 8 months after the PS2 and the PS4 came 7 years and 5 days after the PS3. So by following this trend, Sony PlayStation will be in our hands in 2020 or even later. Read more about Sony PS5 Release Date, PlayStation 5 Console Specs and Price.

Sony PS6 Game Console

Although the eyes of fans and competitors of Sony are on Play Station 5 but it is also more than just a rumor that Sony is planning to bring a new generation of Play Station consoles in market. According to speculations, user can expect 3D Stacked RAM in new generation of Playstations.

This rumor is supported by the fact that researchers at Rice University have discovered how to create 3D Stacked RAM in a fraction of the time and cost. Therfore, there are reason to believe that Sony is expected to grasp this opportunity and to use the technology in the 6th gen Sony PS6 game console. Read more about Sony PS6 Release Date, PlayStation 6 Console Specs and Price.

PS5, PS6, PS7, PS8 and PS9 Game Consoles being planned by Sony

PS7, PS8 and PS9 Future Gaming Consoles

Game are usually developed by innovative and creative people. If developers simply can't do what they want with the hardware available, then maybe we have to wait a bit longer for new generation of PlayStation. Rumors suggest also that Sony may use a streaming service like Netflix, as a testing ground to see if the public would support a cloud-based system, as well as to check out the demand.

In terms of hardware, such technology will require a large amount of power. So we can get more powerful, technologically advanced consoles, which will allow for more realistic graphics and bigger worlds. In addition to this, New consoles like Sony PS7, PS 8, PS9 will also be able to learn user preferences and tailor content according to it. These consoles can be so intelligent that they can even be able to detect your heartbeat.

As a NASA scientist already said about future video game consoles that at some point, they will even be self-aware. NASA JPL scientist Dr. Rich Terrile has also said that the PlayStation 8 would have conscious elements. So there’s this whole concept that we can simulate everything in the world in a computer. They are actually working very hard to make conscious elements in a computer, eventually they’ll be able to do it with PlayStations.

Sony PlayStation 8 and PlayStation 9 will even be able to generate thousands of digital people, according to Dr. Rich Terrile. Such consoles with conscious elements are expected to come around 2050.
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