Sony PS6 Release Date, Specs and Price

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Learn all about Sony PS6 release Date, specs, features and price.

Like all other cloud based technologies, the upcoming PlayStation of Sony is also speculated as cloud based gaming service. The cloud based gaming console is expected to hit the UK market sometime in 2016. It is generally believed that physical consoles are a thing of the past.

Sony upcoming cloud-based gaming service allows you to play PS3 games on the PS4, PS Vita and Bravia TVs. It's a bit like Netflix, but for games rather than films. Although PS5 is under the process of development but people are already speculating about PS6. It is also the fact that the PS4 bring in a huge amount of profit. But will Sony continue with the same technology or not, it’s not sure as Sony boss Shuhei Yoshida said that the future of the PlayStation is up to developers.

By having a quick look on PS4, it can be concluded immediately that it was a immensely powerful design. But unlike the thousands of gaming PCs with which it competes, Sony's console doesn't benefit from the possibility of regular processor and graphics updates. In addition to this, it is expected that Sony will be able to keep customers happy by allowing them to continue using their PS4 games on a new PS5 as well as on PS6.

Sony PS6 Release Date, Specs and Price

Sony PlayStation 6 release date, price and specs

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Sony PS6 Specs and Features

We all are familiar with the fact that very little is known about the PS6's hardware. Because it really depends on developers that what kind of design they are going to introduce to amuse its fans. virtual reality is something that is being expected at a large scale.

This expectation is based on the statement of Project Morpheus. Project Morpheus is a virtual-reality system that works with PS4. They suggests that Sony is looking in this direction for future consoles. With such a technology, Sony fans will be able to use immersive game play, that will allow them to really feel as though they are physically present in the game.

In terms of hardware design , it is also possible that Sony will remove the optical drive. In this case, some sort of provision for offline gaming such as flash storage drive would be necessary. Because it is not necessary that everyone in the UK has constant access to super-fast broadband.

It is being suspected that PS6 will retain the black box with blue light theme. But it will be sleeker and more stylish than before. In addition , if Sony is able to let the discs away, it could even be more compact.

Sony PS6 release date

The first PlayStation was released before 20 years. While between the launches of the PS3 and PS4, there was a duration of seven years. It was the longest stretch by Sony because PS2 did come five years three months after the PS1, while the PS3 did come six years eight months after the PS2.By looking at this release pattern, it can be concluded that Sony doesn't follow a strict pattern in terms of play station release.

Games consoles are considered products with long-lifecycle. Customers are usually investing considerable expense in the platform as well as its proprietary titles. So it is pretty appropriate to take a bit longer before launching the next console. According to Sony officials, they are working on shorter timeframes between its PlayStation launches.

It is also said that Sony workers start thinking soon about what they'll do next as this is the culture of Sony. They have to do something that's bigger and better than what's already been done. But they are also conscious about the willingness and the appetite of users to pick up new technology.

It is also true that now a days, trends are really changed so now users will not wait for the next launch till 2020. So the fast-paced development of technology could mean the PS6 rears its head much sooner but could it really be as soon as 2016, and with the fact that PS5 is also not there.

It can be suspect that even if Sony is able to shorten the time between its PlayStation releases, users will have to wait until at least 2018 before the PS6 becomes a realistic option.

Sony PS6 price

Although it's impossible to accurately predict how much the PS6 will cost, as it is still unknown that what will actually the product offer. But by reviewing the price trend of the Sony play stations i.e. PS2 costing £300, the PS3 £425 and the PS4 £349, it can be assumed that PS6 will cost around the £400. After all, Sony has strong competition in terms of gaming console.
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