Sony PS4 Backwards Compatibility to Play PS3 Games

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Since last few months, PS4 backwards compatibility has become a hot topic. The effortlessness of Xbox One backwards compatibility is also a reason behind it. It is also a fact that Sony has a few solutions to the PS4 backwards compatibility issue. These solutions are as elegant as Microsoft's slick and mostly are free.

Issue around PS4 backwards compatibility became more worse due to the fact that Microsoft has solved Xbox One backwards compatibility problem by creating an Xbox 360 emulator along with its latest console. By using this console, you can simply slide any supported Xbox 360 games into your Xbox One and can play straight away. In addition, you can also download digital titles from the Xbox Live store. The super thing is that all is for free.

Unlike PS3 games, PS2 game can be played easily. Sony has built an emulator that allows users to play on PS2 games on PS4 but it allows very selective titles. But there is a lot of potential to enhance the availability for PS2 titles on PS4 in the future.
Sony PS4 Backwards Compatibility to Play PS3 Games

Can I play PS3 Games on Sony PS4

Most frequently searched question on internet now a days. In one word the answer is “ NO”. Unfortunately you can't just play your old PS3 games on PS4, neither by inserting the disc or downloading them again from PSN. The reason is that both systems are fundamentally not compatible with each other.

Both systems use completely different system architectures. It means that the PS4 would need to emulate the PS3’s system in order to make the games work on it. It is said that while emulating, a system needs ten times the power at full speed.

Although Sony does claim that the PS4 fulfill this ‘ten times’ more powerful requirement, but producing a workable emulator also requires a whole lot of work when system is also complex such as PS3. It requires obviously healthy cash investment, too.

By considering all these facts, Sony decided not to do this. But it will be surly to the most common complaints about the new console. Because most of the people are assuming that they’ll be able to play their old PS3 games on the thing.

PlayStation Now, A Solution

But as it is said that there is always a key for a lock so for this problem, there is a solution named as called PlayStation Now. You can play PS3 on the PS4 via the streaming service PlayStation Now. Although it’s really expensive and also requires a solid internet connection to work. In addition, it won't take into account the fact that you already own a bunch of the available titles.

Release of PlayStation Now

On July 31, PlayStation Now was released as an Open Beta service in the US and Canada. Since then, the service has been launched in full with both rental price options as well as subscription tiers.

PlayStation Now did hit PS4 first before making its way to PS3 on May 12 2015. Eventually PS Now has spread to PS Vita and PS TV. It did even come to 2015 Sony Bravia TVs too along with select Sony Blu-ray players and the latest Samsung Smart TVs.

Price of PlayStation Now

In the US and Canada, one-month membership costs about $19.99 (£13.20). You can go for a three-month membership for $44.99 (£29.77). Rental prices range from $1.99 to $19.99 depending on the title and the duration of rental period, that can last for 4 hours, 7 days or 30 days.

In UK, you can access it via the PlayStation Store and use it to stream a tone of PS3 games. However, it’s pretty costly in UK because there is currently no membership options available there. In terms of rentals, two options are available i.e. games will either cost you £2.99 or £4.99 for a two-day rental and by using the other option, you will have to pay £5.99 or £7.99 for a 30-day rental period.

PlayStation Now helps the user a lot but all PS3 games are still not available through it. PlayStation Now is home to a growing collection of over 100 PS3 games. Following games are available:
• Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus
• Dead Space 3
• Ultra Street Fighter IV
• Godof War: Ascension
• The Wolf AmongUs
• Batman: Arkham Origins
• NBA 2K14
• Killzone 2
• Saints Row The Third
• Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Along with all these fairly high-profile releases, PlayStation Now includes some smaller, slightly more unusual games too.

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