iPhone 8S Release Date, Specs and Price

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Innovations and expectations indulge into a never ending imagination, when we are talking about Apple. Users are expecting more surprising features. Before the release of iPhone 6, a lot of speculations about its design was there , though some of the speculations were right but few features are still missing that users are expecting to see in iPhone 8S.

iPhone 8S which is scheduled to be released after iPhone 7, is expected as beyond the boundaries of thoughts, in terms of design as well as technical point of view. User’s technical expectations from iPhone which is World’s leading technological incubator, are not exaggeratedly. iPhone has ,from the very first day, fulfill the expectations of users.

After having iPhone 6 in hands, iPhone lovers have already started speculating about the features of the eighth generation of iPhone i.e. iPhone 8S. By looking at the excitement of iPhone fans , which are already going gaga about the sixth generation iPhone, it is pretty easy to assume that what will happen next. Beside all other speculations, it is pretty clear that there is still loads of time left before the eighth generation iPhone can be released.
iPhone 8S Release Date, Specs and Price

iPhone 8SS Release Date, Specs and Price

So here are features which we would like to see in iPhone 8S. In addition, speculation about expected release date and price of your upcoming phone, you can find as following:

iPhone 8S Spec

Some amazing features of iPhone 8S are:

Strong Gadget
The First and foremost that users are expecting from iPhone 8S is to be much more strong. It would be appreciated if iPhone 8S will be 100% water resistant. Not only resistant to water, but one step further ,to be sturdier so that it is not declared dead just after accidentally slipping from your hand only once.

Improved Battery Time
Battery time has been a serious issue of iPhone, or in other words, one of the biggest problem which the apple users face. User is just frustrated when the battery dies in the middle of the day. Competitors are there with excellent results in terms of battery time like LG android phones. So it becomes a must for Apple to improve the battery lifetime. It can be concluded that iPhone 8S will not only improve the battery time but also the charging time of phone. As there is an exciting talk around that Nanyang technological university could lead to a battery that can charge up to 70% in just 2 minutes. User are expecting this exciting feature in iphone 8S.

Environment Friendly Charging Options

Yes, in such an era of technological advancement, it is not beyond the reality to have a wireless charger for your Smartphone. Users are just sick of carrying those cables along with them always. Now they are expecting this feature in the latest iPhone. As we know that trapping solar energy to run various gadgets is in use for quite some time, so it is quite possible to get solar batteries in the next generation iPhone 8S.

Storage Capacity
iPhone 8S with more inbuilt storage capacity, is one of expected features. More in build storage is required due to the iOS 8, as Apple’s operating platform is quite huge. in addition, most of the update patches are also quite big. As a result, soon there would not remain enough storage capacity in the phone’s memory. At least 128GB inbuilt storage capacity along with provision for extending the memory with the help of SD Card, is expected in iPhone 8S.

Flexible Display
Flexible display is need of time for Apple now as Apple’s biggest rival Samsung is already planning to launch its next generation phones with flexible display. Experts are pretty sure that Apple can’t be left behind from the competition. So iPhone 8S is expected to come with a flexible display that will allow the users to easily carry it in their hand as well as pocket.

iPhone 8S Release Date

By having a look at past release trend of Apple , it can be concluded that Apple usually launches one flagship phone every year. In case of following the same trend, fans can expect iPhone 8S to be released in the year 2017, obviously in first quarter of year. However, if Apple is in mood to change the tradition then we might have to wait two more year as well.

iPhone 8S Price

In terms of price, iPhone 8S is expected to go up $1100 maximum and $850 minimum. But it is really early to say about price as it actually depends on the package that iPhone 8S will offer.

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