iPhone 7S Release Date, Price, Specs and Features

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Although the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus models did recently hit the market and reached in the hands of customers, but rumors about iPhone7S are there. The web is full of speculation about new upcoming iPhone that Apple will launch. How will iPhone 7S look like? What iPhone7S can bring as its specs and features? When it is expected to be unveiled by apple and many more. And as usual, expectations are high.

We have speculations about the new season iPhone which all of you are looking forward to. Apple's is expected bringing a new design and new features. We can speculate that Apple will continue on its path of introducing more powerful, efficient as well as innovative devices that grow thinner with each design iteration. General expectations about iPhone7S are like size will be slightly larger than its predecessors along other ultra advanced technology such as new UI, smarter SIRI, ultra fast processor and improved camera for clicking sharper pictures.

Release of new iOS by Cupertino, California based tech giant before the launch of next generation iPhone has also an impact on the level of expectation which Apple fans have, as latest operation system is anticipated as one of the exciting features of iPhone7S. Improvement in the existing features like better hardware, better camera(14MP) and much more is expected. Despite all the facts, Apple is always successful in inspiring by making the difference and adding a huge number to its list of Apple addicts.

iPhone 7S release date, specs and price

iPhone 7S Release Date, Specs and Price

Below you can find rumors about iPhone specs and features from around the web as well as our own predictions based on what Apple has done in the past.

iPhone 7S Release Date

Apple is one of the tech companies that use to follow the yearly product release cycle. Therefore, iPhone 7S Release Date is expected in the Q3 of 2016, most probably in the month of October, 2016.

iPhone 7S Specs and Features

Let's have a look at iPhone 7S specs and features:

Dual version of handset

Firstly, Apple will probably continue releasing two versions of each iPhone, as we have seen in case of iphone 6 and 6 plus, so we may see an iPhone 7S and an iPhone 7S Plus in coming year.

iPhone 7S with an e-SIM

iPhone could come up with a feature that can eliminate the need of traditional SIM card, yes it can introduce an e-SIM card , an electronic SIM card which would replace the physical SIMs which are used today and instead will opt for a virtual embedded equivalent.

More slimmer version

It can be expected from iPhone that after identical iPhone6 generation , iphone7S will come up with new design. Physical redesign is not only helpful to give the product its own identification but customers want also slight change in design for new series. In spite of the fact that it’s too early to say something about the upcoming product design but it can be said that the new series of iPhone will be much thinner. It is expected that iPhone 7S will be of thickness between 6 to 6.5mm. this would be ever thinnest iPhone till yet.

Wireless built-in charging

iPhone 7S is largely expected to have an ability to charge itself wireless. The basic purpose why Apple has applied for a patent named as Inductive Power Transfer Using Acoustic or Haptic Devices, is to take advantage of the metal coils powering the speakers and the vibration engine inside the iPhone to transfer power over to the battery.

More water and even dust resistant

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus logic boards have tiny silicon seals on the cable connectors, which make them waterproof in a strict sense like it does allow the devices to survive accidental water exposure much more often. By experiencing it with iPhone 6, it is expected that iPhone 7S will continue the trend and perhaps even enhanced i.e. even dust resistance.

Glass-on-glass Touch panels as display technology

There are also rumors about iPhone 7S display technology. One of the two rumors is from Asian supply chain, they are suspecting that Apple will switch to glass-on-glass touch panels for the iPhone 7S, but the analyst Ming Chi Kuo from KGI Securities has disagreed with it and said that iPhone 7S would come up with the same technology what iPhone6 have i.e.in-cell panels.

No home button but 3D Touch

With the help of 3D Touch, Apple will be able to eliminate the home button on the iPhone7S. In this way, screen can be bigger as more space is available or device can be smaller. One problem that Apple can encounter in this way is the current integration of Touch ID into the home button. In order to introduce 3D touch and to eliminate home button, Apple would need to move the Touch ID reader to potentially the side of the phone

Battery time of iphone7S

It can’t be said surely that what kind of battery the iPhone 7S will use but at least there's now a Low Power Mode built into iOS 9 and that is helpful to last it even longer. It is expected that this will continue into an updated version of iOS also. Apple is currently in discussion with arch-rival Samsung and the topic of discussion is supply of OLED screens for its next phone. This would shift the display to a much more vibrant OLED screen.

iPhone 7S price

Such a high tech iPhone will not be easier on the wallet than past variants. According to expert’s opinion, the new iPhone will start at £539 for a 16GB model, as a result iPhone 6 will see an incremental drop in price. One can easily suspect that other models even with larger storage like 64GB and 128GB will be most likely to stick with the £619 and £699 prices respectively.
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