iPod touch 6th generation Price and Specs Review

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Review of new iPod touch 6th generation price, specs and features. The new iPod 6 update was much awaited after iPod touch 5th generation.

Apple iPod touch is a device whose invention can be dated way back in 2001. Ever since, the device has been over time changed in structure, with every new iPod being slimmer but the major function has always remained similar.

iPod touch initially started as a media player. It was different from other media players because of the fact that it has a hard drive. The hard drive with the huge capacity of up to 60GB which can store countless music files. However, iPod is small in size making it very portable.

Other than playing music, the iPod touch can also be used to watch television shows and movies as well. It has features similar to those found in phones like calendars, to-do list, alarm clock, text reader, games, sleep timer and address book. A device which started up as a music player has evolved and is bringing up new features every day. It supports almost all the audio file formats, which include MP3, AAC and WAV.

Apple, which has for a long time been the leading company in the production of iPods, has impressed the iPod lovers with yet another big product in the market, the new iPod touch 6th generation.

iPod touch 6th generation Price and Specs Review

iPod touch 6th generation Price and Specs Review

The iPod 6 touch is the best and the latest iPod that this generation is about to experience. The announcement of its release sparked a great excitement among iPod lovers around the world. Its availability in the online AppStore has made it easier for people to purchase it and enjoy the countless benefits and features that it has to offer. July 14 was the release date of this amazing device.

iPod touch 6th generation Specs Reviewed

The iPod 6 touch is the best means to which one can carry the best and latest music files in the pocket. It contains the iTunes which is the best music catalog in the world. It is also the latest music cataloger in the world music market. It also contains apple music which offers one of the best music services in the world. Apple iPod touch has a huge collection of built-in apps which are able to edit the photos in the iPod photos app. Let's review the new iPod touch 6th generation specs in the following:
  • Colors
    The iPod6 has come with 3 colors: gold, bright blue. It also comes with fuschia color. Like the previous iPod touch 5, this iPod has a camera too.

  • Size
    The iPod has a height of 4.86 inches which is equivalent to 123.44 mm. Its width is 2.31 inches, same as 58.6mm. It has a depth of o.24 inch equal to 6.1mm. It is quite light, with a weight of 3.10 ounces which is equivalent to 88 grams.

  • Display
    The iPod 6th generation has a high-quality screen which is multi-touch. It is a 4 inch IPS wide-screen. It has an 1136*340 resolution. The contrast ratio of this retina display is 800:1. It has a good video recorder which does 1080 HP video recording.

  • Camera
    It’s a high-quality camera which is updated from the 5-megapixel rating in the previous iPod. The cameras are advanced since they are HD and iSight cameras. It has very popular features which in go a long way in enabling the iPod touch users to capture the best moments of their lives using the very modernized photos and videos.

  • Processor
    It has an A8 chip which has been seen before in the very popular iPhone 6. This gives the iPod users an opportunity to play games which are more interesting and go for many hours per.

  • Battery Life
    It has a very high battery life which can support those games for many hours. It has thousands of games which are metal optimized. All the game lovers around the globe now have a product that will fully satisfy their needs.

  • Storage
    The iPod has a storage capacity of up to 64 GB. The cameras have a backside illumination which gives a better view. The camera also has a timer mode which helps produce the best photos that require timing. These cameras will also produce the best selfies because of the improved face detection present in the cameras.

  • Connectivity
    The new iPod touch 6G has a very fast wifi which will enable the iPod touch users to keep in touch with friends, colleges, clients using the face time calls. It will also help them download the latest movies, music videos and TV shows which may be useful for future reference. The huge storage space will make all this possible since it can safely hold a lot of files.

  • Parents Control
    Parents can install ID apps for their children which enable the children to ask for parents’ permission before downloading some particular songs and videos which might be restrictive.

  • Fitness Apps
    It also has health and fitness apps which help the users to monitor their weight and other aspects of their health, improving their quality of life. Most of these apps can be shared among family members and friends.

  • iTunes
    This iPod touch has an AppStore which can be accessed in 155 countries. Using this, the iPod touch users can be able to access more than 1.5 million apps from a very wide category. The apps can meet the needs of all the iPod touch users around the globe.

iPod touch 6th generation Price

The new iPod touch 6th generation price is starting from $ 199. Prices for the different iPods varies with the internal storage capacity i.e. the 16 GB costs $199 and the 32 GB iPod touch 6 is going for $249. A higher capacity model is the 64 GB which goes for $299 and the iPod touch 6th generation with the highest capacity is the 128GB version which goes for $399.
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